Easter Eggs - Origin and Types

by Angel

Easter Eggs are looked at as a symbol of new life just as Spring is time for renewal. Lets look at all things Easter Eggs including origin, games, and types.

What is the Easter Egg?

The Easter Egg is either a real hard boiled egg, plastic egg, or candy egg that is used for giving, game playing or coloring at Easter. The Easter Egg is looked at as a symbol of new life. Christians see it as a symbol of resurrection. A well known legend is that Mary Magdalene took a basket of hard boiled eggs to the tomb of Jesus Christ and they turned red once she found that he had risen. There are other cultures in Western Europe that actually dye their eggs red as a symbol of the blood of Christ.

There are many decorating techniques and many traditions when it comes to the Easter Egg. There are many things that have been and can be used to dye eggs. They have been dyed with roots of plants, flowers, fruits, coffee, tea, vegetables, and bark from trees. Ferns have even been used to wrap around eggs to create a unique design when coloring eggs. Western European cultures have become experts at creating unique designs and displaying eggs of vivid and vibrant colors.

Types of Easter Eggs

There are many different types of Colored, Dyed, or Decorated Easter Eggs. When growing up, we would hard boil our eggs and just use the colored dye tablets to make colored Easter Eggs. It was a fun thing to do and you knew you had to be careful with the eggs. Even though they were hard boiled, they were fragile.

Faberge' Easter Eggs

The most expensive type of all decorated Easter Eggs. The original Faberge' eggs came from a Russian jeweler named Peter Carl Faberge'. In the 1800's he created 57 eggs that were adorned in silver and gold with jewels. They are kept in museums now. Many recreate this type of egg with artificial gold, silver, and jewels. Many jewelry stores provide Faberge' type eggs during the Easter season.

Pysanky Easter Eggs

This is a Ukrainian type of egg.  They are known for their detailed designs that are drawn in wax on the eggs. Then the eggs are dyed many different bold and vibrant colors leaving a design where the wax is on the eggs.

Cutout / Carved Easter Eggs

The eggs have designs cut out in them where a portion of the egg shell is cut away. There are sometimes scenes inside the cutout portions. They are very detailed eggs.

Etched Easter Egg

This egg originates from Macedonia. The egg is first dyed, then wrapped in a layer of wax and then the color bleached off. This leaves only the wax areas of color.

Etched Easter Egg with Detailed Designs
Wikipedia Commons, ...
Cutout Easter Egg of Sleeping Beauty
Wikipedia Commons, ...

Jeweled Easter Eggs

These eggs are adorned in jewels, beads, and flowers on blown eggs or more commonly on hard boiled eggs.  Eggs can be jeweled with all sorts of jewelry and beads found at your local craft centers.


From the Pennsylvania Dutch, this egg is wrapped in binsegraas, which is a type of rush, and glued to the egg in coils.

Calico – Madras

This egg is wrapped in calico or madras cloth then boiled. This cloth will dye the egg once boiled. These are rarely made today and can not be eaten because the dye is poisonous.

Have Fun Decorating Your Easter Eggs This Year!

Most of these types of Easter Eggs involve long processes that are probably better suited for adult egg decorators. For children, the regular PAAS dyes work very well. If you want to spice it up a little then just visit your local craft center and get extra details such as jewels, beads, cling ons, ribbons, paint etc. There are so many different ways to decorate an egg if you just get a little creative. Easter Egg decorating makes for a lot of Easter fun.

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Angel on 03/13/2012

@brl - I do too. I love Easter and this time of year. Spring is so beautiful. Hiding Easter Eggs is a lot of fun too. I wish I could create some of these detailed designs... not sure I am that creative. Thanks for reading and commenting.

Angel on 02/21/2012

@pawpaw - The cut out ones are very neat. I love all of them. Easter is one of my favorite times of the year. Thanks for reading and commenting.

pawpaw on 02/21/2012

Loved the Faberge' eggs, but the cutout ones are pretty neat too.

Angel on 01/23/2012

It is fun isn't it? I love decorating Easter eggs! I am not sure I can etch any or do any of the elaborate designs shown. Looks very complicated. Thanks for reading and commenting.

fanfreluche on 01/23/2012

The Etched Easter Eggs are cute. I will decorate some eggs with my son for Easter. It's fun

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