Easter Games

by Angel

Easter games are played by children all around the world on Easter Sunday. This is a look at some of those games and where they came from.

Easter Sunday and Easter Egg Games

Easter Sunday involves spending time with family and friends and playing Easter games. All of the children are ready for Easter egg hunting in my family. The children are chomping at the bit to get outside and find all of the Easter eggs that  we have hidden. I can remember going on Easter egg hunts when I was a young child. It was so much fun. The big attraction in our family is to find the big Easter egg with the $5 bill inside. You have hit the jackpot if you find that. Unfortunately we did not have such a big prize to find when I was Easter egg hunting. We were lucky to get a chocolate egg and were happy to get it. It is amazing how times have changed. Over the years, some things may have changed except for all of the interesting Easter games that are played around the world on Easter Sunday.

Egg Roll Easter Game

This game is played on the White House lawn every year by children 12 and under. Back in the 19th century, Dolly Madison started this fun tradition and it has continued to this day. The wife of the President sponsors this event every year. The game is played on level ground and the eggs are pushed along with a spoon. In Scotland and England, the eggs are rolled down a steep hill. The rolling of the eggs symbolizes rolling away the rock at the tomb of Jesus Christ.


Egg Rolling on the White House Lawn
Wikipedia Commons, Public Domain

Egg Rolling with Spoon Games

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Egg Hunting Easter Game

This is the most popular of all Easter egg games. Easter eggs are hidden by adults and children run all over the place looking for as many eggs as they can find. The one who finds the most eggs wins. Sometimes there are plastic eggs with special treats inside for the children while other times the eggs are real dyed eggs or even chocolate eggs. It doesn't matter to the children as they have a blast looking for these eggs.

Egg Dance Easter Game

This game is very common in Germany and England. It is also called the Egg Hop instead of Egg Dance in some places. Eggs are laid on the ground and they are danced around. The object of the game is to not damage any of the eggs. In some cases, the player is blind folded.


Egg Tapping Easter Game

This game is pretty simple. Hard boiled eggs are handed out to players. Each player hits the other players egg with his/her egg. The object is to not break the egg. The last person holding the last intact egg wins the game.

Spend Your Easter Afternoon Playing Easter Games

All of these games are an exciting way to spend your Easter afternoon. Will you be rolling, hunting, dancing, or tapping your egg this year? Try one of these fun filled Easter games with your family and friends.

Enjoy a Good Book About Egg Hunting

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