Easy-Make Kindle Cover

by psycheskinner

How to make a kindle cover without a sewing machine.

Here is a Kindle cover you can make in less than an hour and without any complicated equipment. It may not be the prettiest cover on the block but it will protect your kindle and display your personal style.

If you have a kindle you probably like to carry it around so you can read on the go. But you need to protect your device, especially the delicate screen.  Fortunately making a rugged kindle cover is very easy, and you don't need any complicated equipment--not even a sewing machine.

You will need:

  • 1 sheet sticky felt
  • Equal amount of a non-fraying fabric (shown here: pleather)
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Optional: buttons (for decoration)
  • Optional: fastening device (shown here, magnetic catch and chain)


Apply the sticky felt to the back side of the pleather. Cut the fabric to the same size.

Remember that it doesn't need to be perfect. This projects is for fun and so long as it keeps your kindle safe, it's a success!

Pleather is a good choice of fabric because it is hardly and quite thick.  It will protect your kindle and also resist spills and stains. But any fabric that does not fray easily will work (e.g. fleece, felt, fake fur).

cut and sew
cut and sew

Fold into an envelope of your kindle. 

Sew one side closed.

Trim to the correct length, leaving enough to sew close.

Sew other side.

Don't be too worried about tidy stitching, this is more of a 'shabby chic' kind of project. Just be sure to use a strong thread like doubled over cotton thread or linen thread. I used a simple over and under pattern but blanket stitch would also work and you could use a contrasting thread color.

decorative flowers
decorative flowers

Optional Embellishments

Create and add an embellishment or decoration and apply it at this stage. 

Shown here: flowers created using a similar method to the pouch, with the addition of buttons.

But you could use anything you fancy. Perhaps embroidery, enamel paint, or patterns of punched holes?


You will need some kind of catch to keep the flap closed. There are many options such as Velcro, a ribbon or a button flap.  But illustrated here is an option with chain, slip-rings and a magnetic fastener.

finished product
finished product

As you can see, the basic design here is a very simple envelope sewn on two sides.  What makes it very easy to do is the use of the sticky felt as a lining and a non-fraying fabric that does not need to be hemmed.

So you can take this project in ant direction by using difference fabrics, embellishments and fasteners. Just remember to have fun!

Updated: 06/19/2012, psycheskinner
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