Easymake Penny Lampshade

by psycheskinner

How to tp make a lampshade for a reading light using only pennies and glue.

Here is something to do with all those pennies you have lying around. Make a simple shade for a three watt lamp and transform it into a rustic reading light.

You will need:

  • A three watt lamp cord (including socket and plug)--You should be able to get one of these cheaply at any hardware store if you don't already have one.
  • Jet glue (or similar superglue with watery texture).
  • A plastic cup with a concave bottom, the larger size is better.
  • Pennies.

Turn over a large sized plastic cup with a slightly concave base. 

Place Five pennies in a circle as close together as possible.

Dab small amounts of Jet glue between the coins. But be sparing with the glue, you want the coins to stick to each other and not the cup.

Place one penny over the top of this circle, in the center. Then add five more pennies in a circle around this penny placing them over the gaps between the circle of pennies underneath.

You should now have an arrangement just like the picture below.

Add more dabs of glue between the pennies in the top row,

Leave to dry, and them remove from cup in one piece. (It can help if you loosen it a bit before it is fully dried).


Make a sixth petal but omit the center penny in the top layer. This will be the centerpiece of the "flower". 

If your socket is too small to fit through the center gap, make this piece around the cord by cutting a hole in the center of the cup and forming the pennies around the cord.


Place each petal face down so that the centers are slightly raised off the table.

Place the center face up. (If you make each piece with the pennies head-side-up it will be easier to tell which way up each piece is).

Slide the petals into place so that the coins overlap and the petals are evenly spaced. Because of the slightly domed shape of the pieces they should slide easily together.

Connect the petals to the centerpiece with Jet glue and leave to dry.

If you wish you can reinforce the back with another circle of pennies, just to be safe.  But if you use the right kind of glue the pennies should all be securely attached to each other.

finished lamp
finished lamp

Suspend the lamp from a stand or hanger.  And you're done! By adding more petals you can make larger flowers.

Updated: 07/17/2012, psycheskinner
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