Easy Ways to Teach Kids Multiplication

by katiem2

The key to teaching a child the multiplication table can be found in a modern and new age way. Learn the super easy no stress way to teach kids the times table.

When it comes to learning the multiplication table the days of flash cards seem to be the least effective way for kids to get it.

Why is it so different and what does it take for my kids to learn multiplication. Times have changed and our children are far more savvy and advanced in the area of technology than we ever were.

The key to teaching a child the multiplication table can be found in a modern and new age way. It's something they relate to and odds are you will learn it better than ever yourself.

Learn the hard to grasp Algebra and Trigonometry basics from inspiring math teachers who use rap videos to engage and teach students math confidence in basic concepts.

Free Resources for Learning

The best tools for learning the multiplication table are often free.

Today we have many different and diverse methods of teaching and learning. Take advantage of these resources and experiment with your child finding the method that works best for them. They may in fact enjoy learning from more than one method!

The Power of YouTube

YouTube is packed with professional tutorials

  1. There are many varieties one or more sure to meet your kid's learning needs
  2. Watch a few of the examples I've included on this page, I've picked out of many. 

Patterns and Routines for Learning Math

Kids get things like the times table through repetition and continued exposure.

Don't feel bad if your child turns running every time you break out the flash cards, while they may work for some children they no longer prove to for many. This is due in part to the tech savvy kids of today with the high tech video games and multi sensory learning. So lets look further into the future for more methods to learn the times table.

Make Learning Fun

Any subject kids find difficult is best when made to be fun.

This takes the stress out of the picture, all kids learn best when there is no stress involved. The bottom line is that if you make learning fun is always the most memorable option. It's all about the memory skills. One of the most important messages you can send your child is there is no one way to get math. Many kids struggle with math and feel horrible when they don't get it in the class room. Remind your child learning math takes practice and there is more than one way to get it making the class room instruction easier.

Use very fun videos like this school house multiplication rock video. Playing this video on a routine basis helps kids become familiar with and memorize the multiplication table. Using this in conjunction with the other skills and math facts included here today gives your child what they need to both get it and build on accumulative math skills. Math can be fun and stress free we only need to provide our kids with the tools to make it work for them.

Happy Learning

Updated: 10/09/2012, katiem2
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katiem2 on 09/08/2012

Scott, Very good point, I completely agree with you. :)K

Scott on 09/08/2012

anything that helps kids learn math is great. If a child isn't getting math its because they're missing something, need to review, this is a great way to make sure kids get what they missed that has them performing poorly in math. Another great and helpful article Miss Katiem2, Thanks, Scott

katiem2 on 09/02/2012

cheryloine, thanks it's amazing how much this process helps children get math. There's no reason not to share and spread the word. Thanks you'll be helping many kids learn math.

cherylone on 08/31/2012

Great article and I intend to share like crazy!

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