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An overview of the build yourself a better blog in 31 days ebook by Darren Rowse the Problogger

The original 31 day blogging tips appeared on the Problogger blog. Those tips were fleshed out and published in an online ebook which gave tips to build a better blog inside one month. So here is the overview of this ebook and what it could mean for your blogging journey.

31 Days To Build A Better Blog

Improve Your Blogs Chances Of Getting Found Online

Build Yourself A Better Blog!

Building yourself a blog is one good thing about Darren Rowses Problogger blog and not just the only good thing. Not long ago Darren started the 31 Days To Build A Better Blog project. And in this highly useful blog project he wrote about a great blogging tip every day. And these expert tips were actual blogging exercises you could apply to your blog straight away or at specific times that you set aside. After following this great blogging project he released the downloadable PDF ebook which compiled all of this content with a few extra pages of blogging etiquette.

Building a better blog is something that any blogger can do. And something that should be done if you want people reading your blog for many years to come. The modules covered are basic to advanced blogging methods and they really are easy to follow to build your blogs traffic and earnings. Although the current recommendation is to set aside some time to do a couple of the modules in small blocks of allotted time to really focus centrally on a couple of tasks at one time.

From day one you are given a task to complete. But really these tasks can be done in any order you see fit to build your blog as a well read blog. Even such things as commenting on other blogs and interlinking your posts are explored here. I found this project compared to the last one Darren did even better with the addition of the downloadable ebook that is fairly cheap considering other products of this type of quality in the market today.

The valuable information that is contained within the pages of the 31 day blogger workbook are an excellent blogging resource. You will find yourself reading this daily until the tips stick in your mind. I often refer back to this ebook often myself. Like many other books of this type, it has experience within the content that makes it far more easier to read and understand. rather than have things presented in an instructional format. It is more of a learning resource that I'm sure will be on the school curriculum if only the worlds schools took notice. It's that good!

Get your copy of the only blogging ebook you should own.

Build your blog now

Problogger Book

If You Fancy Reading A Physical Blogging Book

If you are like me. Then you like to hold an actual book in your hands to read at your own convenience, And this book entitled "Problogger - Secrets Of A Six Figure Blogger" was one that I found really useful. Although again if you do your searching through the Problogger blog. You will find the information for free. The Problogger book is a good blogging resource now in it's second edition.

Problogger 2nd Edition Blogging Tips Book

Secrets Of A Six Figure Income Blogger
By Darren Rowse, Chris Garrett: ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income ...

$29.7  $39.4
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Jo_Murphy on 12/04/2023

I will do this. I need to really get cracking with my blog. Thanks for the intro

DerdriuMarriner on 12/02/2023

The third sentence in the first paragraph under the first subheading, 31 Days To Build A Better Blog Improve Your Blogs Chances Of Getting Found Online Build Yourself A Better Blog!, considers 31 days of daily blog-building tips.

How long might each tip take?

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