Ecology of the Earth: Promoting Awareness

by blackspanielgallery

Ecology, whether it is climate concerns, ozone depletion, clean air, clean water, or another concern, can benefit from both action and awareness by promotion of an idea.

One question that we can all ask is what can I do to promote awareness of the issues of ecology? Ecology takes many forms. Clean air, clean water, global warming, ozone depletion, landfills, and so on. Not every aspect of ecology is isolated from the others, and sometimes we have to decide which problem outweighs the other. But, in many cases a clear decision is apparent.

Yes, we can all do little things, like planning driving so as to minimize our miles driven, recycle, reuse, and turning off unneeded lights. But, how can we get the message out that the Earth is everyone’s responsibility? Can we proactively do more than our little part?

Provide Information

It Is Free, and may Pay

Writing is a good way to promote a good idea.  And Wizzley gives us a platform to launch our information to the world.  Write, and people will get your message.  Write in a way to make things understandable by the readers of the work is the most effective form of writing.  Write not to an audience of scientists, but take the concepts you are trying to convey and write in ordinary language.


But this is only a start of what you can do.

Advertise Your Message

Ecological Concerns Are Easily Presented

Advertise your ideas.  Have your message positioned so it can be read by many people.  No, you do not need to buy advertising time to do this.  Instead use your creativity.  Make Zazzle and CafePress products that have your message prominently displayed.  Certain products are better than others for getting a message out.  Below are some products that can readily convey a message.


I will concentrate on Zazzle here since there is a Zazzle module on Wizzley.


If you are not that creative, become an affiliate of Amazon and Zazzle and sell other people’s products for a profit.

Shirts Can Advertise Ecology Awareness

Design shirts with your message.  Whether you add an image or not, make the lettering large.  People see your shirt as they walk by, and a long message with small lettering is not going to be read.  Use just a few words, and make the lettering large.  And use simple fonts or the lettering will be too difficult to read.  Remember, your shirt is made of material, and there usually is some distortion in the letters due to slight wrinkles in the material as you move about. 


Ecological concerns can be worded concisely and added to a shirt.  It is an inexpensive way to get the word out.  And can even be profitable.

Mugs Can Send Messages

A coffee mug on a desk can serve as a holder of coffee as intended, but it can also be the place your message is viewed.  If you have a message to be displayed at work you must conform to the rules, and this might require careful wording.  But, if messages are allowed you can advertise concerns for the ecology on a coffee mug.


Design your own coffee mug using Zazzle.  And, just as with shirts there are many already there to sell.

Reusable Bags

Reusable bags are becoming important since many stores are no longer handing out plastic or paper bags with groceries.  If stores do use bags they sometimes charge for them to discourage using paper or plastic.  Paper comes from trees, which remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and plastic comes from oil, a resource of limited amount which has to be refined.


The surface of a reusable bag can be used to advertise concerns for the Earth.  And, if carefully chosen, the bag itself might be made from recycled material.


Reusable bags with ecological messages are available on Zazzle.

Let Others Spread the Message of Concern for the Climate

Zazzle products can be offered for sale, and when someone buys a product with the message regarding concern for the climate that person adds to the reach of your advertising.  You also get a royalty from the sale of your product.  So, using Zazzle enlists others to assist with advertising and you get paid for allowing them to do so!

This article contains links to Zazzle and Amazon products, which use cookies for the purpose of giving proper credit through the affiliate program.


Updated: 04/08/2016, blackspanielgallery
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blackspanielgallery on 03/12/2016

Thanks. Zazzle allows people to use their own images and own writing, What I used was a sample of my own products. It is nice, since you do not have to inventory anything, or even send anything out. Zazzle does it and sends you the royalty. Creation of products and promotion are all one needs to do, and promotion is optional. I find promotion on Pinterest worthwhile. And if you use your own images there is no copyright issue. It is a good passive income for anyone with a digital camera.

frankbeswick on 03/12/2016

This is an original article that promotes a strong message,which I appreciate. The suggestions are all good. Thanks!

I don't sell Zazzle products, but I try to promote the safe future of the Earth by promoting gardening and by selling books on the subject.

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