Educational Toy for Five-Year-Olds

by blackspanielgallery

Choose age appropriate toys for children. A five-year old graduating from kindergarten will learn much from a well chosen toy during the summer and beyond.

Children often celebrate a kindergarten graduation. This is a time for giving a child a gift. Of course there are other gift giving occasions. So, what should a child receive as a gift?

As a child is about to go through summer, a time away from school, it is important to keep the child’s brain stimulated. An active brain is less likely to regress during the time away from school. Yet, many children will want to break from school, and resist anything that resembles learning. The solution is an educational toy that is fun to play with. There is no need to tell the child the toy promotes learning, simply let the child play with it.

Choose an Age Appropriate Toy

Toys designed for older children might be too complex, and become the source of frustration.  Toys from a year or two earlier might not be challenging enough.  Choose a toy for a five-year old. 


One consideration here is that the toy not impose a danger to a younger sibling who might pick it up.  If there are younger children in the home watch for small pieces. 


Building Toys

Building things can offer skills in following directions, or if the child discards the directions can promote creativity.  There is a myriad of building toys.  But the toy must be fun.


Laser Pegs are an alternative to Legos.  But, they have those lights that add to the experience.  The idea is to have the child pick up and use the toy.  Provide the attention grabbing toy and the child will react in a positive manner.

Three Dimensional Puzzles

A sphere or cube puzzle will entertain for hours.  There is an entire set of puzzles being marketed that will entertain for hours, and keep the creativity going full speed.  These are simpler that the Rubik cube, a difficult object for a five-year old to manage, but work on the same idea.

Grow Plants and Learn

Small, window sill plant planting sets are a good way to have the child begin to understand plant growth.  They also help provide knowledge of what a plant needs, and proper care of plants.  This can serve as a prelude to a small garden.  And watching the plants can capture a child’s interest.

A Microscope Opens a New World

An inexpensive microscope allows a child to see things that can not otherwise be seen.  Examining cells and other small detailed objects can open a new interest. A small piece of onion skin can be viewed with amazement.


Because of the danger of looking at the sun I would avoid binoculars, unless the child is responsible enough to follow a warning.


Musical Instruments

Before buying an expensive musical instrument, see if the child is interested in music.  Small, inexpensive alternatives to real musical instruments are a good place to start.  If the child’s interest lies elsewhere there is no large investment wasted, but if the child interacts in a manner that indicates a real instrument is warranted the investment can be made.

Alphabet and Number Toys

There are toys that involve numbers and the alphabet, but remember that these will resemble school.  Unless the child expresses an interest in such a toy, or if refreshing school knowledge is warranted, I would avoid these.

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Updated: 04/21/2017, blackspanielgallery
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frankbeswick on 04/21/2017

Google forbids clicking on your own and your friends' adverts, but the ban is hard to enforce. I don't think that Google forbids genuine attempts to purchase goods, but it wants to avoid manipulation of the figures by cynical clicking of adverts. I rarely click on an advert, but I have purchased occasionally

blackspanielgallery on 04/21/2017

I realize that as you also write on Wizzley you are not allowed to click on the products I show, but if you so a search for educational toys for 5 year olds on Amazon you get 20 pages and can search. You can substitute any year you wish. This year was easiest to associate with a graduation.

Veronica on 04/21/2017

Ty. He is eager to learn, observant and sharp. His memory skills are remarkable so I feel he will do well at school despite only being 4 when he starts in September.

He LOVES his fairy garden, a tiny, little plot that his mum has let him have free rein with. He plants things and has ornaments for the fairies to sit on and drink from. A gift for this is a great idea. TY.

blackspanielgallery on 04/21/2017

Thanks for the comment. I chose the items I thought would work best, although they were not all at the top f the list. And, I believe none of them are gender based.
You should enjoy the graduation, and congratulate him. I wish him well.

Veronica on 04/21/2017

By amazing coincidence, I was looking for something for when my four old grandson graduates from Nursery School in July this summer.

I taught little children for 30 years of course and I think your ideas are excellent. Looking at them, I think my grandson would like something for his own little "fairy garden " in his own back garden at home. This indeed will keep him active and outdoors weather permitting. His garden and a microscope. Spot on!

I applaud the idea that an active brain doesn't regress over the summer holiday.

Thank you for posting this. Excellent.

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