Eight Fun Office Gadgets To Kill Time

by KimberleyLaws

Here are some interesting gadgets to keep yourself and everyone else in the office entertained!

Think about this for a moment. You spend most of your life at work. Whether you are trapped within a cubicle or you enjoy a private office with a view, it amounts to the same thing. For the majority of your waking hours—unless you are an insomniac—you are focused on the drudgery that is your job.

What if there was a way that you could while away your time, throwing punches, firing missiles, and punishing mug-thieves without ever having to leave your desk? It can be done—and here are the tools you need.

Flip the bird without raising a finger.

Is your cubicle surrounded by idiots with annoying habits?  Try engaging in a little negative reinforcement.  Every time the constant throat clearer conjures up an “ahem,” hit them with a flying chicken.  This plush, sling-shot piece of poultry won’t hurt your neighbors, but it will definitely make them re-think some of their aggravating quirks.  

The Slingshot Flying Chicken even blurts out a few loud chicken calls in flight, sending your co-workers in all directions leaping for cover.  What could be more fun than that?

Pound the snot out of something.

Stress Buster

Great stress relief for the home or office.Heavy duty spring bounces back for more punishment.Durable to withstand any amount of executive venting.Pump Included.Great Gift Idea....

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Every employee has experienced the urge to punch something.  Humans punch back and walls are hard.  There is a safer option—the desktop Swearing Punching Bag.  

Yup, just wind up your fist and give it a wallop.  Not only does it bounce back for another whack, but it also swears on your behalf.  This handy little number comes equipped with a full repertoire of choice expletives.  And don’t worry about being censored for using foul language.  This thing curses in a cute Muppet-like voice that no one would mistake for your own.

Spin Your Wheels

iSuper Ferrari Car Controlled with iPhone iPod iPad and Android Phones/Tablets

This iSuper Ferrari Car Controled with iPhone iPad and Android Phones/Tablets is the world's first with proportional speed control. It is controlled through bluetooth technology...

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Do your four-wheeling office buddies tease you about your Vespa?  Don’t sweat it.  They can keep their stodgy minivans and sedans.  You can dazzle them with your flashy red Ferrari Enzo.  They’ll be so impressed with its tricky maneuvers that they’ll soon forget its demure size and the fact that it runs on batteries.

Get in a mug shot.

No One Will Take Your Cup! Plug Coffee Mug / Cup, Novelty Office Gift

Sometimes it starts as an innocent mistake, shall we say a case of mistaken identity. You go to make your morning coffee, and your beloved mug is not where it should be. The fol...

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Every office has a mug hog—a person who repeatedly uses someone else’s mug, never cleans it, and throws it in the sink to get chipped and dinged.  And every respectable mug owner dreams of exacting revenge.
Introducing the “plug mug”—the perfect solution for all of your mug-lugging needs.  This baby comes equipped with a hole in it that can only be corked with a master plug—one that you can keep out of the mug thug’s reach.  Store it on your key chain.  Heck, tuck it in your bra.  One thing is certain—your mug will always be waiting for you when need it. 

Give yourself a raise.

Make Money Rubber Stamps Kit

If your kids love to 'play shop', why not get them creative and producing their own play money too! This kit includes paper, ink and rubber stamps to create your own fake money ...

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Are you feeling overworked and underpaid?  Thanks to the Make Money Rubber Stamp Set, you no longer need to grovel on bended knee for a measly raise.  You can supplement your paycheck yourself.  Going on a vacation to lands far away?  Whittle away your remaining workdays by creating your own foreign currency.  In fact, you now have the ability to create an entirely new office economy—one in which you are king.  If only you could get the darn vending machine to accept it.

Bring a friend to work.

USB Pet Rock

Simply plug the USB cable into a free port and let the fun begin. The USB Pet Rock will instantly begin to work its magic. People will stop by and ask you what your USB Pet Rock...

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Sometimes you simply need to know that someone is on your side—no matter what.  And what could be more loyal than a pet rock?  It doesn’t demand attention during those times when you need to focus on your work—the moments when you aren’t flinging chickens, racing little cars, and forging money.  

Plus, it will raise a few eyebrows—or “eyebrow” singular in the case of that uni-browed freak two cubicles down.  The truth is the USB Pet Rock does absolutely nothing.  And, in comparison, you will look like a flurry of activity.  Thanks Rock. 

Skate circles around them.

Simtec Fun Slides Carpet Skates - Silver

Just like socks on a hardwood floor FunSlides give you that same fun-powered-glide on carpet. When an indoor activity is needed, children will forget about the rainy day and str...

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Everyone needs to escape their cubicle from time to time.  Why not navigate your way around the office corral with a little finesse?  Strap on a pair of carpet skates and enthrall your coworkers with your dazzling dexterity. With a little practice you could be doing triple Lutz’s and landing Salchow’s in no time. 

Remind yourself that things could be worse.

Accoutrements Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

Every town has a Crazy Cat Lady. She's the one who lives in a tiny house full of feral felines. This hard vinyl Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure has a wild look in her eye and comes...

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If you ever find yourself wondering what it would be like to work from the comfort of your own home, take out your Crazy Cat Lady action figure.  Yes, she serves as a constant reminder of the fact that the grass isn’t always greener in a pair of pyjamas. You may even come to appreciate the annoying throat-clearing dude.  He’s got to be better than a dozen cats.

With a little imagination and a few well-chosen office toys, you can turn your humdrum cubicle into the playhouse of your dreams.  You may never want to go home again. 

What is your favorite office toy? 

Updated: 05/04/2013, KimberleyLaws
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KimberleyLaws on 05/06/2013

Hi Belinda! Hm...could you perhaps sneak up on someone else's office and launch a covert chicken attack? Congrats on the "large office all to yourself," by the way! Maybe you need a pair of carpet skates...with all that extra space and all.
Thanks for your comment!!

belinda342 on 05/05/2013

I love the flying chickens! Unfortunately I have a large office all to myself, so I'd have no one to use as targets!

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