Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

by Duel1st

Skyrim is an RPG game made by Bethesda Softworks. The full title of the game: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is the fifth part of very famous TES series.

200 years had passed since Oblivion times. It is 201 year (“Fourth Era”). The king of skyrim was killed and country is faced with perspective of civil war. But it is not the worst that can happen. Alduin, the dragon and god of destruction, is coming…

You will start your game as a prisoner. Sudden dragon’s attack helps you to escape. You start your way here…

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

What’s new in Skyrim?

Skyrim has a very interesting combat system. A player can take different weapons in both hands. You can take a sword and a shield, two swords, sword and magic or you can equip magic in both hands (your magic attacks will be stronger). It is a new system never used in other games. You can combine magic and swords as you wish. You can create a strong combat mage or even a paladin. Every combination of skills is playable and strong. Game is balanced very well and a true mage is as strong as a warrior.

Dragon shouts

The other interesting feature is dragon shouts. You can learn different shouts and use them during the fight. They are very helpful against strong enemies. To learn a definite shout you will need a Dragon Soul. A hero absorbs dragon souls after killing dragons. All dragons are rather strong and fights with them are always spectacular and interesting.



Skyrim leveling system is similar to other Elder Scrolls games. The more you use definite skill the better you know it. If you always use destruction magic you will be able to become an expert. It is interesting that you can use all skills you wish. There are no restrictions. For example any warrior can have good alchemist skills. Everything is possible in TES V.


Skyrim Graphics

Skyrim is powered by Bethesda's own Creation Engine. The graphics in the game is awesome. If you have a modern computer you will see the great sights. Mountains and trees look like real. The game is worth seeing. Any structure or item in the game creates its shadow. TES Dynamic lighting technology allows this. Weather effects are also great. The world looks very attractive. 


Music and soundtracks

Skyrim music was written by  Jeremy Soule(he was an author of music for Morrowind and Oblivion). A song “Dragonborn” was composed by him and was recorded with a choir of 30 people. They were singing in the game world’s special dragon language. The music in the game is great. All music is atmospheric and high quality.

Graphics Example
Graphics Example
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