Chore Wars: Making Housework Fun

by JoHarrington

Want to inspire the whole family to help around the house? Or to establish for once and for all who actually does all the chores? A really fun PC game can help!

Who does all the work in our house? I can tell you that it's me.

I can prove it, categorically and without question, because I have the Chore Wars hiscores sitting right in front of me. (And we'll ignore for the moment the fact that I've been the only person in the house, since the game kicked off.)

Dusting, cleaning and all the rest might be necessary, but nobody enjoys them. Chore Wars changes that. With this free PC game, household chores are fun!

Image: Merch Gwyar (aka JoHarrington) owns the hiscores.
Image: Merch Gwyar (aka JoHarrington) owns the hiscores.

Chore Wars: A Free Computer Game for all the Family

These aren't pixels which are being chased around a computer screen. The tasks are being undertaken in real life. That's an actual duster in my flesh and blood hand earning me 25xp.

All Chore Wars really does is log these happenings and assigns virtual rewards. It's up to those playing whether that translates into something more tangible, than bragging rights and a clean house.

For example, does the kid with the highest weekly score get an extra cookie?  If your partner has amassed the greatest amount of virtual coins, can they trade them in? Maybe 100 Chore Wars coins buys the right to choose what movie your family is watching tonight.

Things like this inspire the will to do housework. It makes the whole necessary ordeal a lot more co-operative, as everyone is encouraged to pull their weight.

Chore Wars: Household RPG

In the comments to this YouTube video, Cupcakebeauty97 informed us that she gets $20 off her Mum for every 500 Chore Wars points.

A Game to Encourage Household Chores

It is very easy to create a Chore Wars gaming party, and to edit the fine detail of the available adventures.

Everyone makes their avatar. A click of a button opens up a self-explanatory area for hosting your housework party.  Invite all in your home with the link supplied, and watch their avatars join the game.

You could even take this further afield. Nothing is preventing you pitting your household against your neighbors, or each friend - in their own real world citadels - taking up their dusters for the epic Battle of the Spring Cleaners.

The beauty of this is how well the game can be customized to fit your family and friends. The adventures (formerly known as household chores) can all be created from scratch, or you could opt to fill the board with the most common tasks.

As a good way to begin, I recommend the latter. The adventures produced are fairly universal (washing up, emptying the bins etc). Plus it can be edited. You simply delete or add chores, until the board is a perfect fit.

Don't overlook your ability to edit the rewards! Chore Wars becomes fabulously personal and much more fun with a few choice additions there.

The Chore Wars Adventure Board Personalized for my Family

Image: Tasks and rewards in Chore Wars
Image: Tasks and rewards in Chore Wars

Worthy Game Rewards for Doing Household Chores

Chore Wars rewards are randomly assigned. They maintain an element of surprise, which is great when what pops up has been tailored to amuse or delight the adventurer.

Look at the Adventure Board above. The sitting room is my domain. I will be the only person reasonably expected to ever tidy it up. What thrills me most of all?  A Glastonbury Festival ticket in my hand!

Ok, it's not real.  But if that popped up after I claimed my adventure (did my chores), then it would inspire lovely day-dreams about past festivals. A worthy reward indeed.

Check out the potential treasure hiding in the bathroom.  There's a family in-joke there. A thorough sort out in there once produced a hoard of twelve hair removal spatulas and fourteen contact lens cases.

If either of those popped up, then it would amuse the player. Plus it actually could be real treasure found in our bathroom! The precedent is there.

Completing your chores with the giggles, or musing on a fond memory, isn't a bad result. 

Who does all the work in this household?
Who does all the work in this household?

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Seelyon on 06/20/2015

Love the idea behind this game

JoHarrington on 11/04/2014

We were having fun with it here on Wizzley too. It's a great inducement to get gamers doing chores.

JoHarrington on 08/04/2013

Then it shall happen!

Sam on 08/04/2013

Looking forward to it! It could be a great motivational tool ;-)

JoHarrington on 08/04/2013

Ooops! Nope! I'll do it for my 500th article. :)

Sam on 08/04/2013

And? Have you done it?

JoHarrington on 07/04/2013

Sam - I like your thinking! I should do that!

JoHarrington on 07/04/2013

Wournos - Your cat is so losing XP there.

JoHarrington on 07/04/2013

Mira - There's no choice on the honesty. If you say that you've done the washing up, and the washing up is still there, you lose your points.

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