Endless Possibilities with Paper.li (A Review of Curated Publishing)

by eumatthe

Much like Steve Rosenbaum’s Magnify.net, a video curation and publishing platform, Paper.li is a content curation service

Paper.li enables individuals to publish newspaper style web pages based on topics of their interest exposing their readers to fresh news, and content, daily. What is most useful is the ability to focus in on, and then specifically edit the content curation search for individualized topics and areas of interest. For example, a mycophagist (one who hunts for and harvests wild mushrooms for consumption) can point Paper.li content curation toward assembling topics of interest in the field of mycophagy. This information can be compiled and immediately forwarded to the individual’s email, or to their website on a weekly, daily, or twice-daily basis. Since the information sources are both targeted and current, the recipient is provided with some of the latest news available.

As a research tool, curation is an excellent resource for grabbing content off the net. Naturally, the information would need to be properly cited, sourced, and validated, but for the general researcher searching for place to start in data collection, curation is a good first step. In many ways it’s akin to access to a worldwide library of public information. The difference is that while actual libraries are more rigorous with regard to the publications they subscribe to, host, or share, the curation process bypasses several traditional gate-keeping functions.  What’s more, the information generated comes ready made with a live, functional URL that can be followed like breadcrumbs to the source document.

One of the ways in which Paper.li individualizes each “publisher” is through allowing the Paper language function, which can be used to aggregate curated information in any language, or limit it to one of the site default languages; Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, or Spanish.

Also Paper.li Publishers can individualize the general topics to be displayed for the reader by selecting the topic blocks as appropriate, including, politics, world, health, and technology. Each of the editing tools serve to provide a better reader experience, and allow the publisher to have a ‘cleaner’ look and feel for their paper.

Other uses for Paper.li include niche publishing, content marketing for sharing targeted content to specific user-groups or targeted industries; web monitoring of disciplines, trends, industry and world news; and site monetization. These functions could permit the online entrepreneur to effectively invest time, work effort, and resources in analyzing various niche opportunities before committing fully.

For more information, or to start your own Paper.li curated site, visit https://paper.li  


About the author

Mr. Eugene Matthews is an Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice at Lincoln University in Missouri. He has taught leadership workshops, and presented on various topics of interest. He is the author/owner of the Leadership, Coaching, and Mentoring website and has authored and published several books and articles on Leadership and Mentoring found in Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Nobles. His current list of projects include the re-release of his 2007 book of poetry, The World Through the Eyes of a Cop, and the third book in his leadership series dealing with Coaching. He can be reached through his website as well as his email for questions and comments [email protected]

Updated: 06/19/2013, eumatthe
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Rose on 01/05/2014

I've used paper.li to curate twitter feeds. As you say, it's great for all forms of curation

BrendaReeves on 07/29/2013

Great article! Welcome to Wizzley.

MikeRobbers on 06/19/2013

Interesting article and nice overview. Thanks for sharing.

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