Energy Conservation: Human Indifferences and the Consequences

by blackspanielgallery

energy from fossil fuels may become difficult in the future. Finding alternatives takes time. Conservation buys that time.

Energy conservation is simple, and we can participate if we provide a little thought. But there are several impediments to conservation. Generally, these are the consequence of laziness, and of indifference to the effect on others. Simply put, human nature gets in the way.

People tend to do what is easy. In some cases, this is problematic. Another problem is that some people feel they have no responsibility to what happens to others. As morality declines these problems could become more severe. For many, laziness and indifference are not likely to go away just because a person learns more about the consequences of an action, but some with a moral code might simply need to see why little actions are important. Hopefully some are just uninformed, and they will change once having the problems pointed out.

If I Do Not Pay for Energy It Is Not Important Attitude

Some people have rental agreements whereby the landlord pays for energy.  This can also be the case with property owners in some condominiums.  All of the electricity flows through one meter.  So, it becomes impossible to determine which unit of a complex uses the energy.  A similar thing happens in traveling where payment for a room does not include energy being metered for the room.


I have witnessed such cases where walking from room to room does not include turning off a light.  Worse is when people leave lights on when going out.  Lights are left on with total disregard to how much electricity is being used.


The thought process is flawed, since the bill for that wasted electricity must be paid by someone.  For renters, it may influence the amount of rent being charged.  For travelers it is included in the room rates.  For others, it is part of the HOA fee, and thus is a cost being reflected back.  If everyone looks at the neighbors and decides the cost is being influenced by others, so why not do the same, the damage to the environment is cumulative. 

I am Old Enough That Energy Will Be There During My Lifetime Attitude

Nonrenewable fossil fuels will one day run out.  The day that happens the consequences will be dire.  Some people, especially those with no children, use fossil fuel in a wasteful manner.  This can include wasting electricity, or failure to plan a trip in a fuel-efficient manner.  As long as there will be enough fossil fuel for them, they are not concerned with wastefulness.

Status Attitude

Some people buy vehicles that are far from fuel-efficient.  This is often done for status.  There are enough fuel-efficient status vehicles to meet their demand, even though it is not a valid reason for choosing a vehicle.  But some seem to want to show that their positions in this world are such that the environment and fossil fuel conservation is not something they should concern themselves with.  Such thinking is seriously flawed.

Simple Things

All of us have the experience of approaching a store.  Look at the doors, and often some are automatic, others are not.  Doors, although automatic, do not operate without expending energy.  In addition, they allow air that has been cooled or warmed from inside the building to escape, making the energy used to attain a temperature partially wasted.  If we push the adjacent door, we can save energy, and it will close more quickly.  If one is in a wheelchair or otherwise impaired the automatic doors are for them.


Likewise, for those able to do so, walking up stairs saves energy over using an elevator, or even an escalator.  The greater the load on these devices, the more energy used.


The Consequences

Wasting electricity often means wasting fossil fuels.  So, whether it is using fossil fuel in a vehicle, or fuel at a power plant, the fuel used is not renewable.  It is gone once used.  And it can also contribute to global warming, another consequence.


When fossil fuel runs out, we will have problems with transportation, not only for ourselves but for the items we use getting to us, including food.  Our lights will go out.  Plastic will no longer be made.  Our world will cease to exist as we know it.

Will This Happen Anyway?

The research to find alternatives that can be made in sufficient amounts to replace fossil fuel consumption may provide the answer.  But we must buy time for the research.  Perhaps one day solar and wind energy will become feasible for even power plants to convert.  Ethanol may one day replace gasoline, but can we make enough ethanol?  But that still leaves plastic.  Before plastic we used glass.  Glass breaks, and the contents of a broken bottle are lost.  At best it is an expensive alternative to plastic, but if plastic is no longer feasible it will become the reality of the future.  That still leaves the quandary of how will we power vehicles, including those used to transport goods?


So, the people of this planet cannot afford to not conserve.  And there is no place for the indifference because only others are likely to be affected.

Nations May Hoard Energy

It is important to at least have a defensive force, which would require fuel.  As fossil fuels run out no nation can afford to be out of fuel before any other nation desiring to do it harm.  So, as fossil fuels run low, nations will be forced to hoard fuel for their military.  Jet and rocket fuel will probably never be from ethanol.  Military needs will have to take priority.  Thus, the impact on society might come before the last drop of oil is pulled from the ground.  And that poses the danger of unrest.


The examples given are just some of many.  There are so many ways people are indifferent, or arrogant, about the problem.  Feel free to add other examples in the comment section.

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Updated: 05/14/2019, blackspanielgallery
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blackspanielgallery on 09/02/2019

Businesses do what they decide to, often with no thought of consequences. I did not read the report mentioned.

DerdriuMarriner on 08/30/2019

blackspanielgallery, Thank you for the practical information and product lines.
Do you know why it is that businesses still use both after-hours lighting and intruder-alert systems for security?
Have you read the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report on farmland for food and for products such as corn for ethanol and on forests?

blackspanielgallery on 05/15/2019

Yes, it is the little things that are important. I have even seen signs on the highways operated by solar power.

Mira on 05/15/2019

I especially liked your comment about automatic doors. Little things like that or like solar-powered lamps in gardens can make a difference. I recently saw one such lamp on a billboard ad. It cost only $5. So many buildings which are illuminated at night could store solar energy during the day for that.

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