Enjoy Fresh Herbs Year-Round

by blackspanielgallery

It is possible to enjoy fresh herbs year-round by growing your own. In many cases this can be done indoors. Imagine the taste of freshly picked herbs in your meals.

The best way to enjoy fresh herbs year-round is to grow them yourself. Whether you can grow herbs outdoors in your climate may make a difference in consideration of indoor or outdoor growing. Indoor gardening offers more than having the herbs survive winter, it makes tending the garden and harvesting easier. This is especially important on cold, damp days. But indoor gardening gives other challenges. Among them is having proper space for the herbs. Another is meeting the lighting requirements of your garden. And watering is necessary since it never rains indoors. Hence, this becomes a balancing act, and what is right for one person may not be right for another.

Which Herbs Should You Grow?

The first part of the answer is the herbs you will use.  Even if the herb is just occasionally used, it can be grown.  Then it will be fresh whenever you need it.  This keeps you from thinking about future meals.  And you can use as much or as little as needed.  If the herb is sold in too large of a quantity for your needs, picking your own home-grown herbs is the solution.


Another consideration is the space required.  Some herbs are easily grown indoors in small containers.  Some herbs get much too large for your indoor space.  When grown outdoors size may be less of an issue, but an indoor garden requires careful planning.  Large plants are not as adaptable to indoor space available.



The Advantages of Indoor Herb Gardening

Growing an indoor herb garden offers conveniences and other advantages.  The conveniences are self-evident, ease of picking regardless of the weather, and an easy assessment of what is available from your garden.  But there is so much more.


One advantage is plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen.  This improves the air quality of your home.


Another advantage is you are fully aware of any fertilizer used.  Pesticides should not be necessary under most conditions.  So, you can assure there are no unknown, dangerous chemicals lurking on your herbs.

Using a Greenhouse

A small greenhouse can offer most of the same advantages of an indoor garden if it is placed near a door.  It can also allow for natural light, something not as easily done indoors.  It can also allow for timed, automatic watering.  Of course, you do have to go out to the greenhouse and harvest.  Another issue might be temperature control in colder months, which may require a source of electricity or use of fuel.

More on Greenhouses

Greenhouses have a multitude of functions, and come in a variety of types. A greenhouse can enhance a garden, but must be matched to the needs of the gardener.

Simple Indoor Herb Gardens

No matter how small your indoor space, there is a possibility of having an indoor herb garden.  In some cases, several, compatible herbs can be grown in a single pot.  That pot of herbs can be used decoratively, and even placed as a centerpiece.


In other cases, small pots can be arranged in a single holder.  In this arrangement pots can be replanted, or even replaced, as the herbs are used without disturbing the root system of other plants.


Indoor Herb Garden Systems with Lights

Plants use light to grow.  Not just any light will do.  Placing your herbs near a window may work, but if that does not many indoor herb gardens come with lighting units.  The responsible choice is LED lighting with a timer.  This is environmentally friendly.  And LED lights put out the full spectrum of light, including the frequencies needed by plants, unlike tungsten filament lightbulbs.


More on Indoor Gardening

An indoor herb garden allows you to control what is added to your herbs in the growing process, and assures a freshness unmatched. And, there are other advantages as well.

Decorate with Herbs

Functionality Does Not Preclude Beauty

Whether you are using small containers, or you wish to make a statement with a vertical stand, herbs can make a nice display.  Another possibility is to alternate herbs with flowers.  This can bring about a delightful decorative piece.  Just be careful not to use flowers that have a poisonous aspect, especially if children or pets are present. 


And if you prefer, the hanging vertical pots are a nice variation, and take up very little space.



Grow herbs with hydroponics and avoid soil.  There are many hydroponic containers available to choose from.  Of course, you may need knowledge of hydroponic gardening.


Grow Herbs from Seed

It is likely a home herb garden is for home cooking.  Nice culinary herb variety seeds are often sold in groups.  This is a good way to hold expenses down.


For indoor herb gardening, since the pots do not look attractive when nothing is showing, you might start the seeds elsewhere and move them to your indoor garden.


Read and Learn

Herb gardening, like all gardening, requires a certain amount of knowledge.  Fortunately, there are books that can help you.



Growing Herbs at home is something that most people can do.  There are advantages to doing this.  Perhaps there are more advantages than one might have realized, and certainly more than I can present here.


Plan a garden.  The planning is itself a source of enjoyment.  And, you do not have to wait until spring to start the garden if it is to be an indoor garden.


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Updated: 09/05/2019, blackspanielgallery
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blackspanielgallery on 06/29/2020

Right from the garden is fresh. And fresh herbs or even vegetables taste much better.

Veronica on 06/29/2020


A lovely and very useful article.
My favourite fresh herbs are thyme, basil and tarragon. I grow those three in the garden.

In the evening i go out and snip them fresh gto put in my cooking. On Saturday...I made an omelette for breakfast and went out and snipped fresh basil to put into it. Delicious

blackspanielgallery on 06/22/2020

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

pateluday on 06/20/2020

Thanks For information. Herbs are very popular in India but people should read this article to reduce dependence upon the suppliers and increase availability.

blackspanielgallery on 09/06/2019

Thanks for the information, Frank. The advancements with lighted units and vertical display units since I wrote the Indoor Gardening article made it possible to write a whole second herb gardening article. .

frankbeswick on 09/06/2019

This was a good article. It is worth saying that herbs do not need much fertiliser, and they need soil that is not too heavy..

blackspanielgallery on 09/06/2019

We use rosemary and parsley. It is a mater of what you might use. As for flowers, if you use LEDs, which mimic sunlight, any flower easily grown in an appropriate size pot would work. Geraniums, begonias, petunias, and so on would work.

DerdriuMarriner on 09/05/2019

blackspanielgallery, Thank you for the practical information and for the product lines.
What are your preferred herbs to grow indoors? Do you have recommendations as to which flowers to alternate with which herbs?

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