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Thomas Kinkade, a world renowned author and painter known as the Painter of Light, has teamed up with The Mountain, a United States based maker of high quality, artistic t-shirts.

Thomas Kinkade, a world renowned author and painter known as the Painter of Light, has teamed up with The Mountain, a United States based maker of high quality, artistic t-shirts. The combination of the artwork of Thomas Kinkade with the beauty of The Mountain's t-shirts has culminated in a true piece of wearable artwork that is affordable and makes a perfect gift for Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays, and holidays.

Thomas Kinkade T-Shirts Make a Perfect Gift

Thomas Kinkade's paintings are imbued with a spirituality, and light that you can find in all of his work, and The Mountain has used their vibrant water based dyes and inks to bring Thomas Kinkade's paintings to life on their tees. The Mountain's tee shirts are dyed through the threads of the fabric so that the dyes do not fade, and then are inked through the threads as well. The dyes and inks they use are water based and free of harmful chemicals.

Thomas Kinkade's Personality is in Each T-Shirt

The Mountain Thomas Kinkade teeThomas Kinkade lends his personality and philosophy in his artwork, and for each shirt, he has explained where the artwork came from or what inspired him. 

About the Everett's Cottage t-shirt pictured here:

"Perhaps a family is like a garden; each child a delicate rose that with the nurturing of a gardener can flourish and bring beauty to the world. Our newest little 'bloom' is our daughter Everett. On her first birthday, I present this garden, and this cottage, in her honor." --Thomas Kinkade

Thomas Kinkade Everett's Cottage Tee

The Mountain Men's T Rex Tearing T-Shirt, Black, Small

Only $14.0

Thomas Kinkade LIght of Freedom T-Shirt

The Mountain Men's Glow Wolf Moon Shirt, Black, Large

Only $17.2

"Nature is God's Work" Thomas Kinkade

Thomas Kinkade's shows nature in all its glory in his art work, and how God's light shines through all that nature presents us.  His t-shirt The Light of Peace, show the light of God streaming through after a storm.

Here is Thomas Kinkade's description of this piece:

"Storms must end. God's glorious light streams through the clouds in brilliant beams. That moment, when peace returns to the land, sea, and sky is a wonderful affirmation. It is the inspiration for 'The Light of Peace,' third in my Seaside Memories collection." -- Thomas Kinkade

Man and Nature in God's Perfect Balance

Most of Thomas Kinkade's designs show the balance of man and nature, and the Cobblestone Bridge t-shirt is a beautiful interpretation of Kinkade's view of man and nature in balance.  Thomas Kinkade's belief in God's work is evident in all of his paintings, and even if you, yourself are not a believer, you have to appreciate the view through Kinkade's eyes.

"Recently Nanette and I explored a new corner of the British Isles: the Hampshire region in southwest England. As we walked it's quaint paths, I felt a longing for a time when rambling was a preferred mode of transportation. In the world of 'Cobblestone Bridge,' man and nature live in God's perfect balance." --Thomas Kinkade

Thomas Kinkade Cobblestone Bridge T-Shirt

The Mountain Rottweiler Face Adult T-Shirt, Black, Large
Only $27.95

Thomas Kinkade Touches People's Hearts

An inspired idealist, Thomas Kinkade believes art has the power to touch people's hearts and change their lives. Kinkade's artwork is an outgrowth of his deep faith in God, which he believes to be the foundation of his work.

"In my paintings I try to create worlds of tranquility, joy, and beauty." Thomas Kinkade's paintings have become visions of hope and comfort, a welcome haven from the pressures of modern life. His complex technique bears great kinship to a little known group of nineteenth century American painters known as the Luminists. As Kinkade puts it, "Like the Luminists, I strive for three visual aspects in my work: soft edges, a warm palette, and an overall sense of light."

Learn More About Thomas Kinkade Through His Works

Thomas Kinkade Studios 2024 Deluxe Wa...
$16.19  $14.75
NKJV, Lighting the Way Home Family Bi...
$28.49  $16.23
Thomas Kinkade Studios 2024 Deluxe Wa...
$16.19  $24.36

More T-Shirts by The Mountain

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The Mountain dragon tee shirts show off your inner dragon with high quality materials and artwork.
Hand dyed t-shirts are made with The Mountain's usual excellent quality water based inks that saturate each fiber of the shirt, so that they will not fade with washing.
If you are looking for the best t-shirt available for a good price that will last a long time, and that everyone will love, then you need to look at The Mountain Evolution tees.
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irenemaria on 11/28/2011

Lovely t-shirts! I do like Kinkades work

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