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Over 20 million people expected,147 countries and organizations with Pavilions on the over 1 million sq.metre site, in beautiful Lombardy - this will be an EXPO to remember.

One hundred years ago Milan showcased the 1906 Expo which was partly in celebration of the opening of the tunnel that connected Italy to Switzerland. Even then, Milan was showing signs of becoming the driving force of Italy and was in the forefront of the industrial boom, It became Italy's capital of finance, and latterly an international centre of design and fashion to rival Paris, New York and London. One of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe, Milan has 191 foreign communities in the city and over 100 diplomatic representative offices.

Enquiry Office Expo 2015
Enquiry Office Expo 2015
Mari Nicholson

It's Not Just About Technology, Tourism, and Trends

The theme for EXPO is  "Feeding the Planet" and to this end millions of people will converge on Milan and other towns in Lombardy to enjoy a rich programme of events from May to October 2015.  From art exhibitions to scientific conferences, from sport to tourism, the events on show will cover everything that impinges on our planet.  Milan being the city of Leonardo, the artist's work will feature  in many events as will other iconic artists during this Expo 2015.

This will be an Expo to outdo the others that have gone before.  For a start, Cirque du Soleil has been selected to create a unique show to be presented nightly during the event.  Taking its cue from the theme, "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life" which embraces culture, tradition, technology, innovation and their relationship with food, the Cirque du Soleil has created a tale told through music and dance to explore and celebrate these elements. 

The choice of Cirque du Soleil to present the show, named "Allavita!" is an inspired one, as they are seen as representing a universality and are known for provoking emotions in people while using a language enjoyed by all.  Their productions, wherever they are seen, remain etched on the minds of their audiences.  Presented in Milan nightly from May 6th to August 23rd, "Allavita!" will have over 50 Italian and international artists in the cast who will perform in a spectacular Open Air Theatre during the event.


Central Station, Milan  Connections to rest of Italy from here.
Central Station, Milan Connections to rest of Italy from here.

The Site of Expo 2015

At over 1 million square metres the site obviously had to be somewhere outside the city of Milan, in this case just a few kilometres from the downtown area.  The Pavilions will be sited along and around a main axis, The Decumanus, which intersects with the Cardo, a horizontal and vertical road: several of the Exhibitions most important structures will be found at the four ends of this site - the reception areas, meeting points, entertainment venues, convention rooms, auditorium, Open Air Theatre, and the Lake Area which will host concerts, shows and events on floating stages.

Piazza Duomo is a Central Meeting Place for the people of Milano

No photographs are available at the time of going to press but they will be available soon in a follow-up article on this online magazine as well as the website of the event www.wonderfulexpo2015.info

This part of Northern Italy is the perfect candidate to produce Expo 2015.  Milan and Lombardy have over 60,000 prestigious production companies and over 20,000 businesses involved in food processing and nutrition, and the fertile Po Valley produces a vast variety of foodstuffs.  

The food from the region, as anyone who has visited and tasted it will agree, is food fit for the Gods, and the area has an abundance of Agro-Turismo establishments dedicated to growing and 

Cheese Production is Big in Milan

slow-cooking their own produce and sharing this with their visitors.   

Milan can also boast art, architecture and 

Copy of da Vinci's Last Supper

drama that will enrich the experience of those attending Expo 2015 - La Scala for opera and ballet, the Piccolo Theatre for drama, Da Vinci's Last Supper (only one of the many great works of art to be seen in the city but probably the most important), and the Pinacoteca di Brera Art Gallery, and the fantastic Duomo with it myriad spires.  

Magnificent Floor in the Galleria Emmanuel Shopping Centre
Magnificent Floor in the Galleria Emm...
Magnificent Floor in the Galleria Emm...

Five Thematic Areas in Expo 2015

Future Food District

Trends in innovation and technology for production, conservation and distribution of food, from local level to large-scale distribution.  This will also deal with sustainability and the growth of the slow-cooking movement.

Biodiversity Park

Set up to explore traditions, stories and experiences in cultivating and caring for the land all over the world.

Art and Food

An interesting concept here: to view the history of art through its relationship with food and nutrition as instruments for expressing emotions, ideals and identity.

Children's Park

Set up to encourage children and families to discover the meaning of sustainability in a light-hearted, playful way, approached through stimulations.

Pavilion Zero

A trip through thousands of years of the history of food, the significance of nutrition throughout history, and how this inpinges on the relationship of man and nature.


El Duomo, Famous Cathedral of Milan
El Duomo, Famous Cathedral of Milan
Mari Nicholson

Countries, Pavilions and Clusters

One of the more innovative ideas of Expo 2015 is Clusters, of which there are nine.  Clusters will accommodate a number of Countries having in common the production of a specific food or interest in developing a specific theme representing their land or tradition.  These clusters are linked within one architectural design.  They will interpret the theme and solutions to common challenges in the fields of agriculture, nutrition and well-being.  There will be "villages" within these clusters which will be used for activities.

There are 9 Clusters at Expo Milano 2015:

Agriculture and Nutrition in Arid Zones,

Islands: Sea and Food,

Bio-Mediterranean Health, Beauty, Harmony, 

Rice: Abundance and Security

Coffee:  The Engine of Ideas

Cocoa: Food of the God

Cereals and Tubers:  Old and new Cultivations

Fruit and Legumes

The World of Spices.


Getting Around Milan is Easy with the Yellow Bikes
Getting Around Milan is Easy with the...
Mari Nicholson

Expo Milan 2015 Tickets Online

Prices and How to Obtain Them

Buying online is quick and easy.  All one has to do is fill in the request and print out the ticket - what could be easier.  What's more, if purchased before the event, a discount of up to 20% is offered.

The maximum cost of one standard entrance ticket purchased before the event is 32 Euros, depending on the type of visitor, adult, student, child, family, group etc. and there are obvious discounts for seniors and the disabled, the duration of the visit (multi-day or single day) and the date (fixed date or valid anytime).  Children under 4 and carers and helpers of disabled visitors are allowed free entry (disabled entry 13 Euros for fixed date + complimentary ticket for helper, or 16 Euros for Open date).

Further information on all aspects of Expo 2015 at 


The official tourist website of Milan and Lombardy, (available both in B2B and B2C)

containing information, updates, descriptions, images and videos about the beauties of the area,

as well as a range of proposals of travel, accommodation and services offered by Lombardy to its visitors.




High Fashion Milano - Prada
High Fashion Milano - Prada
Mari Nicholson
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