Ezekiel Low Sodium Bread

by WhiteOak50

A very unique low sodium, all natural, organic bread.

Ezekiel 4:9 Bread

Ezekiel Bread
Ezekiel Bread

All Natural Low Sodium Bread

When I was first diagnosed with High Blood Pressure a few years back I had to do a lot of research because as much as I hate to admit it, I was dumb founded with the whole concept of what High Blood Pressure was. 

One of many things I had to research was foods that did not contain a high salt content and in that research is when I first heard about Ezekiel Bread.  But there are not a lot of places in my area that sells this bread and to travel a little ways to only purchase a loaf of $5 bread just did not make a lot of sense to me.   However, last weekend I was in a store that sold Ezekiel Breads and I purchased a load of the Low Sodium bread.  To my surprise, I can honestly say now I would now travel to just to get a loaf of this bread. The first slice I ate was really blah!! But the next morning when I made toast with it, something happened to the flavor (which I will explain in a little bit).

What is so special about Ezekiel Bread?

Ezekiel Bread is made with all natural ingredients and made with no preservatives and it is made with certified organic grains.  When I got home from the store and was reading the package it has a quote written on it from a passage in the Bible:  Ezekiel 4:9 "Take also unto thee wheat and barley and beans and lentils and millet and spelt and put them in one vessel and make bread of it." In my Bible it says:  “Also take for yourself wheat, barley, beans, lentils, millet, and spelt put them into one vessel, and make bread of them for yourself.  During the number of days that you lie on your side, three hundred and ninety days, you shall eat it." Okay, sorry I often do this; there is something in me that needs to double check things when scripture is involved.

Anyway, back to Ezekiel bread, the ingredients in this Low Sodium Bread is:  Organic sprouted wheat, filtered water, malted barley, organic sprouted millet, organic sprouted barley, organic sprouted lentils, organic sprouted soybeans, organic sprouted spelt and fresh yeast.  Food for Life products are made with filtered water and are kosher-certified.  They never use conditioners, additives, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives in their products.

Food for Life is the company that makes this bread.  They have been serving high quality sprouted grain bread and natural baked good for over 40 years.  Food for Life is a family owned and operated specialty bakery.  They originated in Glendale, California in a small neighborhood and the company has been in business for three generations making over 60 different kinds of specialty bread all natural.

Making Homemade Natural Bread

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It is true what they say

They say if you heat Ezekiel Bread up it brings out the nutty taste of the grains.  It is true.  I love using Ezekiel bread when I make a grill cheese or grill peanut-butter and jelly sandwich.  Or having toast with some strawberry jam on it.  Yummy!!

The best thing I really like about this bread is the fact it made with natural organic ingredients and I really like the texture of it.  It is more dense than soft white loaf bread.  

So have I written anything that may inspire you to at least try Ezekeil bread?  If you do, please come back and share your thoughts.  

Have you ever tasted Ezekiel Bread?


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Updated: 06/26/2011, WhiteOak50
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WhiteOak50 on 08/19/2011

Thank you for sharing your link. I know when I was told I had High Blood Pressure is when I became a faithful label reader in all of the food I eat. My husband does the same thing now. Your page is very informative, I appreciate you posting it here.

sara on 08/16/2011

Roti / chappati is a favorite in our house. We often ignore the sodium content in our children's food these days. Your readers may enjoy reading this : http://www.squidoo.com/sodiumintake

WhiteOak50 on 07/04/2011

YourFirstTime, if you decide to try the no-sodium bread, just remember at first it will taste blah because it does not have any salt in it. But as I have mentioned before, try it heated with a little butter I am sure you will enjoy it.

WhiteOak50 on 07/04/2011

Howcurecancer, I know this bread is really good heated up because it does bring out the nutty flavor of the grains. I also had to share this everyone, the other day I made a grilled chicken, swiss and avocado sandwich and OMG, it was great. Once I read how eats it with the turkey, I just could not get it out of my mind. Thanks for sharing that again Chef :0)

howcurecancer on 07/03/2011

This is for the very first time, I read about this type of bread. And I like what I read.

WhiteOak50 on 06/27/2011

tandemonimom I am new to Food for LIfe, but for now on I will be testing their other products for sure. I wonder if there are any coupons on line for their products? Hmm, I think I will look and post the link here. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

WhiteOak50 on 06/27/2011

I came close to purchasing the cinnamon raisin bread Tssfacts. I love that kind of bread in the mornings anyway. So you are saying it is good huh? (smiles) I agree, Chefkeem should invite us for lunch. Yummy... it still sounds good.

tandemonimom on 06/27/2011

We love the Food for Life breads, but our favorite around here is the 7 Sprouted Grains recipe.

WhiteOak50 on 06/27/2011

I understand what you are saying Michey. I too had a problem with the price. With me being the only one to eat it, it seems to be lasting. So just on that I will most likely purchase it again. Plus for me it helps to save electricity and using the oven for making my own bread in the summer months. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, it is greatly appreciated.

Michey on 06/26/2011

I know about ezekiel bread, but on my supermarket cost $5-$6 a loaf. So this is ridiculous, When the price will make sense I'll buy it!
Thanks for the post it is informative and useful.

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