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by WhiteOak50

Wedding Invitations made from my photography is my newest project at Zazzle.

WhiteOak's Photography Wedding Invitations

Delicate Beauty
Delicate Beauty

Wedding Invitations Made From My Photography

I have written about this topic on several different sites and it seems I just cannot stop writing about it.  Long story short, I began this project by accident really.  I was taking some photos of roses and when I uploaded them they just had a Wedding Theme to them, so I decided to create a line of Wedding Invitations using my photography.

One of the reasons I became so interested in creating Wedding Invitations is not because I have taken some photos with pretty good Wedding Themes, but also because I believe a bride does not have to enter the marriage in debt because of all of the expenses of planning a wedding.  Somebody near and dear to my heart (you know who you are) made a very good comment:  “The wedding industry plays on the sentiments of young brides and forces them to begin their marriages in debt.” I totally agree with that.  But again, I am also known as a frugal person and always have been.

Invitation Information

At Zazzle they offer a pretty descent deal on all of their Wedding Stationary Items.  The invitations are printed on a high quality card stock, and the invitations measure out to be 5 x 7.  You can choose from six different paper types and nine different colors.  Each invitation comes with a plain white envelope and also in my collections I make  matching envelopes that coordinates with the whole Wedding Theme package.  So the choice would be yours.  The R.S.V.P. card measures to be 5 x 3 ½ and fits comfortably inside the Invitation envelope.

So far I have two different sets:  One is called “The Sacred Bond” and the other one is called “To Have and To Hold.”  I am working on a third set called “The Delicate Love of Marriage”.  As of this moment this what I have made and everything coordinates with everything.  I have made a Wedding Invitation, matching envelope, a R.S.V.P. Card, stickers and postage stamps.  I am creating Thank You Cards and also Reminder Bookmarks. 

A Wedding Book

I remember a conversation I had with my sister when she was getting married and she was asking me about “Wedding Favors”.  So as I was making the invitations I was thinking about that conversation and also thinking how wonderful it would be to have a Button, Magnet or Key-Ring as Wedding Favors with the Wedding Theme on it, so I created each of those items coordinating with the Wedding Stationary sets.

I am sorry, but one thing I believe every bride should have and that is a wedding book.  I was REALLY lucky when I found mine.  I was walking pass a Hallmark Store and they had a clearance table out and that Wedding Book was on the table.  I think I paid $5.00 for it!!!  Every anniversary my husband and I will get that book out and reminisce about the day we got married. So I created a Wedding Notebook that could be used for a Photo Album, all you have to do is purchase those plastic sheets of photo sleeves, and to paste memorable things in it, just add some construction paper.  The Notebook I created also coordinates with the whole Wedding Theme.

Books on Frugal Living

Saving Money is something that is very important
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In Closing

The main objective at every wedding is to be joined together in a sacred bond; two souls joining together to create one.  A marriage is not about how many thousands of dollars the wedding cost; it is about you joining together as husband and wife.   I hope that you like my designs as much as I enjoy taking the photos and creating them. If you are planning to be married an early Congratulations to you.  If you are thinking about renewing your vows, these designs would make really pretty invitations for that as well.   

Please keep checking back, I am known to always come up with different things all of the time and with this project, who knows what I will come up with next.

Wedding Invitations: How to Make, Monaco

Updated: 12/19/2014, WhiteOak50
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Sheri_Oz on 01/22/2012

I agree, that opening photo is stunning and so vibrant.

WhiteOak50 on 08/19/2011

Thank you so much Susan, the blushing rose is one of my favorites. When I seen that picture after I uploaded it, it just grabbed my heart. Thank you tssfacts and boutiqueshops for your comments, they are greatly appreciated.

boutiqueshops on 07/05/2011 favorites - roses! Absolutely gorgeous!

nightbear on 07/05/2011

Just beautiful. That white blushing rose may be my favorite and I didn't think anything would make me like it more than the pink hydrangea. Oh and I love your store too. Great job.

WhiteOak50 on 07/05/2011

Thank you so, so, much Marta. As I have mentioned before, working with pastel colors is sort of new for me-I always seem to lean more toward darker shades in my designs. I am currently trying my best to find a balance with these designs. Thanks for stopping by. (smiles)

Marta on 07/05/2011

Wowsers! These look so stunning. Hope you sell lots and lots of these products, as they are really beautiful!

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