Face Body Acne Treatment

by Julon

Acne is disgusting and yucky. What is it and how to get rid of it.

Acne is disgusting and yucky. Which is why people can be talked into spending huge amounts of cash and even risking their health to get rid of it or to just control it.

Stick with me and I will show you some simple solutions for acne control and the acne elimination.

How to get rid of face and body infestations, acne.

Acne Is Contagious

Acne Is Contagious

Your immune system is out of whack and toxic. Putting more poisons or toxins on your skin will only add more poison or toxins to your already toxic body. Believe me Prescriptions are poisons. A prescription must be a poison or it can not be a prescription.

Acne is contagious IF the next person is also toxic and their immune systems are out of whack.

Your pillowcase will reinfect you ever time you put your head on it. Your bedsheets will reinfect you every time you lay down on them and every time you cover up with them. Your wash rag and towels will reinfect you every time you use them.

To control acne you must change your pillowcases, bedsheets, wash rags and towels every day.

But this will only slow down the acne reinfection.

Bed mites, dust mites and etc are found in ALL mattresses and pillows that have been used at least once. This is natural, so do not panic about.them. But you must take measures to reduce their numbers, if you are having skin infestations.

Acne is skin infestations brought about by a toxic body. These infestations are, for the most part, normal parasites that live on healthy skin, that have over bred. Bed mites eat dead skin cells etc. They also pick up and carry the acne infestations.

#1 Vacuum your pillow and mattress.
#2 Dust your pillow and mattress with powdered garlic. Do not freak, the smell will rapidly dissipate.

Vacuuming the pillow and the mattress will drastically reduce the mites. The garlic will kill some of the mites and infestations and drive the others deeper into the pillow or mattress. You will find your breathing improving. Mites are the leading cause of respiratory distress.

Once you are healed up and strong again once a week vacuuming and garlic-ling should keep the mites to a reasonable amount.

Healing Clays

If you need a general body detox you will want to get enough clay to take the baths. Wait until you see what it does to your skin! Age reduction! ! !
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Best Acne Soap

The best all around, generally non-toxic, soap to use for your body, hair, dishes, clothes etc is dawn dish soap. This soap is concentrated, so use a small jar put in one teaspoon of the liquid dish soap and then add one cup of good water. Shake and pour a small amount on your wet wash rag. Gently but completely wash your face, throat and shoulders. Use this soap for all of your bathing.

For body acne a soaking bath is the only real way to get the soap onto your skin infestations.

You don’t need a lot of this soap but a quick rinse will remove the excess. And there are virtually no skin reactions to this soap.

By doing the already mentioned things you will control the acne. Now lets work on detoxing your skin and body, so that your body can kill back the infestations to a normal level.

A Gentle, Cheap and SAFE Detox

First stop poisoning yourself.

GM foods such as GM corn, soy etc are engineered to take up ag poisons and to feed these poisons directly to you.

Municipal water supplies are deliberately poisoned with bleaches, aluminums, florides etc, these poison you.

Sealed homes trap gases radon, formaldehydes, natural radio active gases, etc. These poison you.

Do not get all freaked out, just reduce the poisons or toxins where and how you can.

A gentle, cheap and SAFE detox for you is…….TA TA DA!!

Clay, Healing Clays or even a Natural Clay Deposit

Yes! Clay.

If you are lucky enough to have a unpolluted clay deposit near you, go and scoop up a few gallons of the solid clay. Or just buy some uncontaminated “healing clay”already nicely powdered with all of the gravel removed. (I have some advertised below)

After you have washed your face and body, mix up one teaspoon of clay to one cup of warm water, rinse your face and acne areas with this thin slip. You don’t even need to rinse it off.

Did you know you can wash everything with clay water and it will come clean? Now, a clay smear is stubborn.

For a really great detox, and this will even help reduce and eventually eliminate acne scarring, is to fix a warm bath add two cups of clay and mix it into the water. What I did is mix the clay with water in a pan, using a whisk. Then add the clay water to the bath water. Sit in this bath for one hour, you can add extra hot water on occasion.

This bath works miracles with all toxic people, especially autistic children poisoned with mercuries from vaccinations.

During a acne outbreak you may need to soak every night for a week or so until all sign of the acne is gone. Then soak once a week to remove more toxins. For acne scars, you will want to soak daily. The reduction in the scars will make you feel so great you will want to continue to be rid of the scars entirely.

Updated: 09/30/2014, Julon
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Telesto on 10/02/2014

Yes the money was painful but hey. You're right, there can be lots of causes. I'd advise people to try one of your remedies first, they make sense.

Julon on 10/01/2014

ouch... ouch for the money you had to spend, and ouch for hard cheese...love hard cheeses.

This is what we need...all information that leads to cureS. It is the pits that there is not one simple answer, one simple cure.

...shucks, for you it was hard cheese... you had to give up something.

So many people suffer from not understanding the basics above... (Rats, hard cheese) ( Glad that did not effect me.)

Caught mine during a period of high stress and an ex-boyfriend. Have not had an outbreak in more than a decade.

Telesto on 10/01/2014

I used to have a really problem with acne on my face. Do you know what was causing it? hard cheese (like cheddar). I only discovered it when I had to go into hospital and was going to be housebound for a while afterwards so I didn't buy anything perishable. Amazing, since I had spent literally thousands of pounds trying to find a cure.

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