Anti-microbial Soap? Just Say No!

by theraggededge

Sales of anti-bacterial soaps and cleaners are increasing. 75% of American households use these products. So what do they have in common with an elite training camp for terrorists?

Anti-bacterial = Anti-health

No to AntibacterialsSales of antibacterial soaps and household cleaners continue to rise, but using them may cause more harm than good. In fact, they can expose your family to disease, rather than preventing it. Recent reports have concluded that the main ingredients in antibacterial soap are ineffective against bacteria and even encourage their survival and promulgation.

So why is this and what can you do to keep your home and family safe?

 Image courtesy of trekkyandy under the Creative Commons license.

Fight the Enemy Bacteria

Triclosan - our bio-weapon of choice

We all want our kids healthy and free from infectious illnesses and other nasties. We stock our cleaning cabinet with all the necessary weapons to fight those dirty little germs, whose main purpose in life is to cause us horrible, lingering deaths. We are vigilent in our efforts to ward off bacteria, virii and anything else intent on human destruction. But what if you are actually helping the bugs achieve their aims? What if all your weapons of mass bacteria destruction are supplying the little devils with nothing less than an elite training camp? A training camp that weeds out the weak and encourages the strong. A training camp that only breeds the best in class. A training camp that.... wait a minute... how can this be so? After all the label states categorically that the product containes triclosan, which we all know kills 99.9% germs dead. Absolutely. Stone dead. It's so good at what it does that they even add it to chopping boards, matresses, refrigerators and your little soldier's school lunchbox. It's a miracle. Isn't it?

Well, no.

Triclosan Disadvantages

It's all about survival of the fittest

Here are the downsides. Triclosan does kill quite a lot of bacteria. Unfortunately, it only destroys the weaker ones, leaving the stronger sort to continue to wreak havoc. And to breed. And breed they do. All this survival of the fittest thing means that the bacteria are able to mutate, becoming even more resistant to not only triclosan but to other chemicals too, such as alcohol and chlorine (bleach).

Triclosan also slaughters your pet bacteria. Pet bacteria? Yes, your own friendly colonies that live in and on your body. The ones that help protect you against the baddies. Picture them, wagons circled and fires lit, rifles lifted - always ready to fight on your behalf, or rather on behalf on their preferred habitat, i.e. you. Without these pet bacteria, you are even more likely to catch something you'd rather not catch. Think of it this way - you clean your (or your child's) skin with the all-singing, all-dancing antibacterial, antimicrobial soap. There you go, all shiny, sparkling and gorgeous, out into the wild. The first thing that happens is that your exposed skin attracts microbes - bacteria, fungi or protozoans. "Mmm, lovely", they croon, "a new place just made for us. Lets celebrate, have a party and make love". And they do. Very much. Pretty soon (we're talking hours here) your body is host to many new residents and all their relatives... and some of them will be intent on harming you. So rally the troops, circle the wagons! We have protectors. Oh. No, we don't. We annihilated them in that cleansing anti-bacterial soapy shower, remember?

See my point?

Other delightful effects of triclosan are thyroid damage. Explain, please, how triclosan can damage my thyroid, after all, I don't eat the stuff.? Yes, well, you do. It's already in the water. Flushed down the drains, it heads straight for the sewage processing plant and back into the water system. You do know they recycle waste water, don't you? It may be in your nice new chopping board or even your swanky lunch box.

What else?

In a recent study  on rats, it was discovered that triclosan mimics the hormone, estrogen, bringing puberty on earlier. It was also found to alter testosterone levels, presumably detrimentally. You really don't want triclosan in your life - not on your skin, in your food, your body or in your kids.

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What steps should we take?

It's easy as 1, 2, 3

1.  Stop using and buying products that contain anWashing hands regularytibacterial anything but please don't throw them down the drain. Leave them locked up somewhere safe or take them to a waste disposal facility. We don't want them in the sewage/water system. Use wooden chopping boards; keep separate ones for raw meat, cooked meat and vegetables. Wooden chopping boards are natural bacteria inhibitors.

2. Use regular soap. The plain old ivory stuff. Do some research into environment-friendly household cleaners made from store-cupboard ingredients like sodium bicarbonate and vinegar. Also essential oils are naturally antimicrobial but don't overdo them.

3. Wash your hands often. A survey of over 7,000 people found that only around half, washed their hands after using the bathroom. People, please! It's fundamental stuff - surely your parents told you to wash your hands? Make sure you train your kids to do the same. Use the same old regular soap. The surfactants contained therein will help remove dirt and germs (not necessarily kill them) and maintain your skin at a healthy level.

Photo courtesy of Arlington County under the Creative Commons license.


Scientific American

Toxicological Sciences

Note: Anti-bacterials have their place in certain environments, such as hospitals and food preparation industries.

Updated: 08/11/2011, theraggededge
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Did You Wash Your Hands?

katiem2 on 06/04/2012

This makes very good sense, we never had antimicrobial soap growing up and took few if any antibiotics, we had strong immune systems as a result, great reminder thanks.

EmpressFelicity on 11/30/2011

I've always had my doubts about antibacterial soaps for the same reasons as you, but without thinking of the terrorist training camp analogy LOL. Great article.

graceonline on 08/22/2011

What boggles me is that half of us don't bother to wash our hands after using the rest room or before preparing food. So silly! It's the easiest way to prevent illness. What many people don't realize, including the health care professionals at my HMO, is that you have to rub those sanitizers vigorously for 21 seconds, the same as water, to get their full benefit. What's more, plain water is equally as effective.

On the other hand, when I'm out with the grandbabies, riding trains and buses and hitting lots of playgrounds, I keep a small bundle of wipes handy so we can all wash our hands, especially during cold and flu season. Too often, there is no water fountain available with a hand spigot. The non-anti-microbial diaper wipes are wettest and easiest to use.

Thank you for making this information available.

Holistic_Health on 08/21/2011

I totally agree about the antibacterial soaps. Just gives germs a way to build up immunity. Hot water and plain soap is all you need.

mulberry on 08/18/2011

Agreed! The word really needs to get out about the problems of using anti-microbial soap.

dustytoes on 08/18/2011

I always avoid anti-bacterial products if possible. And I did not know that wooden cutting boards are natural inhibitors of bacteria, in fact I always thought they held the bad stuff better.... hmmm. Great article.

barbarab on 08/17/2011

Yes!!! This old Nurse Kratchet is applauding loudly!!! Way to go!!

WordCustard on 08/17/2011

Oh dear, yes I washed them but with anti-bac soap. Thanks for re-educating me. I thought I was in safe hands but it appears it was a false sense of security.

kajohu on 08/12/2011

I agree whole-heartedly with this! I remember being frustrating that for awhile I couldn't find any non-anti-bacterial soft soap at our supermarket, except for some weird-smelling variety that I didn't like.

ohcaroline on 08/12/2011

Very interesting article. I'll be checking out the options next time I go to the store.

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