Flashmob in the UK

by theraggededge

Flashmob has recently been described by the BBC as a new phenomenon. You might see that as the end call for flashmob.

Flash Mob in the UK

What is Flashmob?

A 'flashmob' or 'flash mob' is an event where members of a crowd start dancing or singing or both. It usually starts with one person and then others join in. Pretty soon nearby onlookers also become involved. It appears completely random and spontaneous but, in fact, is very organised and highly choreographed. Occasionally a flashmob will perform a seemingly pointless act for a few minutes and then participants will melt away into the crowd. There have been flashmob pillowfights and flashmob 'silent discos' where people dance to music on their headphones. A breastfeeding flashmob is scheduled for June 2011 in central London.


Photo courtesy of Jaec under the Creative Commons license.

Michael Jackson Flashmob
Michael Jackson Flashmob

Royal Flashmob

Flash Mob Gets Royal Approval

A recent 'surprise' flashmob occurred outside Buckingham Palace a few days after the Royal Wedding. Students from the University of East London began dancing, clapping and stamping their feet. The event was commissioned by Buckingham Palace officials, ahead of a royal reception that same evening to honour young people in the performing arts.

History of Flash Mob

Where Did Flashmob Start?

It's claimed that the first person to start flashmob is Bill Wasik, senior editor of Harpers. He gathered together 100 people in the rug department of Macey's. Wasik said that he wanted to show how people were willing to conform by participating in such events in the hope they would be in the first wave of 'the next Big Thing'. Ironically, it seemed that, for a while, flashmob become a badge of non-conformity.

Ever Taken Part in a Flash Mob?

Flashmob in the Media

Selling Flash Mob

Flashmob has been used in a number of movies and recent TV shows, such as Modern Family. In the UK, there have been a few 'epic' TV commercials by T-Mobile, showing flashmobs at Heathrow airport and Liverpool Street Station, London.

Future Flashmob

The Death Knell of Flash Mob?

As with many subversive movements, as soon as the mainstream media get hold of it, it is no longer subversive. A case in point is the grafitti artist, Banksy, who has become so mainstream that his name is a household word in the UK. When your kid crayons on the living room wall it's called 'doing a banksy'. There are rumblings and mutterings that flashmob, recently announced as a 'new phenomena' by the BBC, has already run its course, and is fizzling out with a whimper rather than a bang. It was good while it lasted.

Flashmob Links

More Info on Flash Mobs

Flashmob UK
Flashmob UK provides information about upcoming Flashmob events around the world.

Flash Mob on Wikipedia
"A flash mob (or flashmob)[1] is a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and sometimes seemingly pointless act for a brief time, then disperse, often for the purposes of entertainment and/or satire."

Teachers Get in the Flashmob Spirit
Teachers gave senior pupils a lunchtime surprise - with a flashmob dance in the school canteen. While pupils at Bell Baxter High School in Cupar, Fife, were eating lunch their tutors were waiting for their cue."

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What Do You Think of Flashmobs? Fun or Nuisance?

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WebaliciousGuides on 10/04/2011

Flashmobs sound like fun, but I've never taken part in one. It's funny the BBC have described them as a new phenomenon, as they've been happening for several years now.

sheilamarie on 08/30/2011

Wouldn't it be great if life were filled with really spontaneous flash mobs that just happened naturally -- in other words, not planned and choreographed ahead of time? I'd be up for that.

petunia on 08/29/2011

I think flashmobs are wonderful! A group of teachers at one school here performed a flash mob on the first day of school -- the children loved it, the teachers had a ball and the school year was off on a huge happy start!

TerriRexson on 06/15/2011

My Mum participated in a Flashmob in the UK. She had a lot of fun.

ohcaroline on 06/11/2011

I saw some really neat ones on youtube at Christmas. They were outstanding.

Ladymermaid on 06/09/2011

I love the flash mobs they were quite common during our recent election. Great topic and so nice to see you here to write it ;)

Guest on 06/08/2011

They look like fun. I'd like to see one in real life.

Liz Mackay on 06/05/2011

I saw clog dancers doing this on TV. It was great.

WebWriter on 06/02/2011

Looks like fun. I love watching the Flash Mob videos on YouTube.

Jewelsofawe on 06/01/2011

I have heard of these. It's strange. I am not sure what I think ...

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