Cure Tooth Decay Ramiel Nagel And Dr. Weston Price's Nutrition and Physical Regeneration Books

by Jerrico_Usher

Ramiel Nagel Wrote The Powerful Reference Cure Tooth Decay Based Mainly On Work By Dr. Weston Price... We'll explore the two main books these authors wrote that changed everything!

If you’re like the rest of the world, you probably always assumed that tooth decay, cavities, corroded enamel, and all those visits to your dentist were the only way you could deal with the problem. Many believe that there is no cure for these things, that enamel doesn't grow back, and that our body is incapable of regenerating teeth (even though it can practically repair any other part of the body, why not the teeth? It’s made of the same ingredients as bones and other parts so why not?).

Between Dr. Price's work and Ramiel's latest second edition of Cure Tooth Decay, you get a powerful education about how the body works, regenerates, and how nutrition has a hell of a lot to do with it! This will mainly cover Ramiel's book in review but I will touch on and show you Dr. Price's Book as well below. Between these two books you won't need any more research on this concept! It's truly mind blowing stuff.

Cure Tooth Decay
The Reality About Regenerating Enamel And Other Parts Of The Teeth

Ready To Discover The Truth About Regeneration?

Ramiel Nagel and Dr. Weston Price Know... And Have Books To Explain It To You In Detail (and Layman terms)

What Causes Teeth -NOT- To Regenerate? The brutal reality is that the problem isn't the cavities or that we cannot regenerate enamel- the problem is misinformation, lack of information, or those that would work hard to protect the dentistry profession (even at the expense of the patients) and the many products sold through them (at hospital prices at that). Too many people have been brainwashed for centuries about the realities of the teeth and the so called 'miracles' the body can do. Miracle in the sense that due to our ignorance of the realities of the body's ability to regrow teeth, we think anything that can is "magical" when in reality it's just biology and nutrition that make or break this "ability" WE ALL HAVE if we just tap into it correctly. 

Teeth can regenerate, regrow from the root, and they are even finding ways to regenerate the dentin and root to make way for regrowing a whole new tooth (with ultrasonic stimulation and nutrients; see first article listed to the right of this article) - even a pulled tooth!

Two Books Cover It ALL!

Listen to Ramiel Himself Explain It To You (45 minute videos packed with it's own review from the man himself; and hear actual testimonials of people who've used this book to regenerate teeth) Then get the books below

Get These Powerful Books On Amazon Here

If your teeth are important to you this will be the most eye opening book you've ever read!
Cure Tooth Decay: Heal and Prevent Ca...Nutrition and Physical Degeneration


Cure Tooth Decay - Ramiel Nagel Book Review

Introduction To Review

This book is called “Cure Tooth Decay” by Ramiel Nagel and is, at the time of this writing, in its second edition.

This book comes in all formats from kindle to hard cover on Amazon.

It’s one of the most powerful books I've ever read on the subject and in one book Ramiel covers so much information and research, common sense and awareness you won’t find anywhere else- that you don’t really need to read anything else (unless you want to go deeper down the rabbit hole and read Dr. Price's book too).

Old Book Cover




What Drove Ramiel To Find The Cure And Write..

"Cure Tooth Decay?"



His One Year Old Daughter With Persistent Oral Problem

Ramiel Nagel spent years trying to help his daughter and his tireless research has led to a powerful book that opens your eyes to the realities of cavities and tooth and enamel regeneration. Nagel's daughter was afflicted with a severe form of tooth decay at just under two years of age that threatened her life and livelihood.

Desperate to find a cure, Ramiel sought out information and actually found what he was looking for.

Today he teaches seminars (see two videos above; 45 minutes each covering this books contents in some detail), continues to update his books, and his research also continues.

His daughter, you’ll be glad to know, has benefited a great deal from his passion to find the cure but this like every other medical desperation that leads to a cure, has not just helped his daughter- it woke the world up and helped millions (and continues to do so).

A lot of what he discovered came from the work of one other man who had a great deal more invested in the research than even Ramiel!

That man was Dr. Price. Weston Price, who wrote the book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, has brought an amazing collaboration that yielded Ramiel's powerful book (Cure Tooth Decay).

Weston Price dds

Nagel worked hard and had a strong belief that there was some wool over everyone’s eyes and that the truth was out there. After reading cure tooth decay you will also be convinced that there is indeed a wool over our eyes, but many are learning to tear it off! It's nutritionally related!

Ramiel's book Cure Tooth Decay essentially covers the entire system of taking specific and consistent supplementation as well as focusing deeply on nutrition- the very catalyst missing from most people’s bodies that makes it possible or not.

Unhealthy eating, and ignorance of true nutrition (that even the nutrition experts may not have gotten around to yet), is 80% of the problem and why dentists can charge ridiculous rates for simple or unneeded procedures (that don’t even have to happen!).

For A More Complete Background Price's Book Is Where Ramiel Got A Lot Of Starts and Information
Nutrition and Physical Degeneration
Cure Tooth Decay: Heal and Prevent Cavities with Nutrition, 2nd Edi...

With the right foods, understanding those foods and why they are beneficial both to health and the regeneration of teeth or prevention of tooth decay, you can regrow your teeth and even prevent cavities all together.

It takes vitamins and minerals (often void in bottled water where most of us get our minerals) to make it work, often we’re just missing the nutrition- the body is and always has been capable of regeneration but without this knowledge and especially putting it into practice, the status quo is set (that you can’t regenerate teeth- but it’s a lie).

Nagel also covers in depth children’s oral health as well. One of the most valuable things you can give your child for their oral health is an education, getting them used to eating things they need to accomplish this (and by proxy better health too!) and making it common place in the house. Just letting your kids read this book (when they are ready to absorb the information) can do amazing things for their ambitions in this area.

At the very least I believe everyone should be exposed to this information so they can make an educated decision and even make decisions based on having all the facts void in most literature. What’s even cooler is he talks about how to take care of your baby in utero. A child's oral health actually starts long before the child is born- it starts in the womb. Ramiel has even figured out how a mother can start with this information and use it to give your children a powerful healthy start. He's created a whole other book around this concept that is a great companion to the other two (cure tooth decay and Dr. Price's book).

Ramiel details many techniques and overall educates you about every little thing he brings up. He gives you a holistic view on the problem and solution in comprehensive detail (that is written for the layman). One such thing is the limiting of or elimination from your diet of foods made of grains, any types of sugar (including aspartame and other artificial sweeteners  Agave ok), foods in the beans group, and some nuts. While healing (using other techniques in the book) he recommends you avoid these because they can get in the way of the healing process in many ways (which he explains as well!).

Instead, he recommends taking coconut oil, grass fed meats fruits, vegetables  and pastured products (dairy, real butter, etc..) and especially a lot of vegetables to speed up the healing.

I found the information in this book incredibly inspirational and there were so many aha moments I had to walk away mid chapter sometimes, to do my own research (because I was totally intrigued). When I returned to the book to read more I would find what I learned after painstaking research on a topic in the book, was already in the book, just further along. His systematic approach is very easy to follow.

One of the concepts covered is “why are fat soluble vitamins absolutely necessary for the health of your teeth?”. In his explanation he covers this in great detail and will really make you ponder your vitamin and fatty intake! You will even question white flour more! He covers a lot about foods that you don’t know (most don’t) and how food directly impacts regeneration or lack there-of.

He also covers how the gums health can impact regeneration and cavity reversal in some detail.

Did you know that modern dentistry could be causing you problems you don't need? That they could be doing much more harm than they're doing good? Did you know that those silver mercury fillings may be causing even a healthy person doing all the right things to not regenerate teeth or cure cavities? This poison has even been said by the FDA to be dangerous but for some odd reason dentists continue to embed poison in our teeth!

Did you know too that many orthodontics often affect the health of your teeth and gums? TMJ can stunt the growth or regeneration of new enamel as well as cause other issues affecting the entire oral ecosystem. That the way you breathe can affect regeneration too?

Your intrigued now aren't you? I know I was- but this is just the pin needle tip of the iceberg I’m telling you here… I'd love to tell you all of the great things I learned but you'll have to get the book(s) to see for yourself.

Let’s Talk About The “Nutrition Protocol”:

This focuses mainly on nutrition and supplements. It’s not that easy unfortunately, as some of the required foods are downright nasty but can be taken in capsules! (Like Cod Oil).

In the beginning stages of healing, when the mouth has what it needs but the body isn't yet ready to integrate it fully until it is; this protocol states you should limit or avoid any foods that have high Phytic acid content.

This means avoid grain or grain derivative foods, lower or eliminate all types of beans. Drastically lower or eliminate nuts and nutty foods, seeds, and so on. You should also (as mentioned above) consume higher amounts of the fat soluble vitamins as well as fats from coconut oils, fermented cod liver oil, grass fed organic diary including and especially REAL butter (not country crock!). Seafood is a good choice as well as (and one of the best things to consume during the initial stages, bone broths (chicken, beef, etc...).

He also recommends you eat more organic cooked veggies every day, especially mixed into soups with the aforementioned ingredients i.e. bone broth, meats, etc… Leveling your sugar levels in the bloodstream is vital as well. An unbalanced level of sweeteners/sugar in the body can make it hard to absorb calcium and phosphorus of which both are vital for oral health! Get in some (as described in the book) meats that help with organ and gland health to boost your endocrine system. Liver is a great source of fat soluble vitamins and can be taken as a supplement (to avoid that nasty taste).


Some Supplements Mentioned In Detail In The Book

Ramiel Nagel systematically guides you through the foods and how they affect you, the history, and fascinating information about how these foods became common place when they shouldn't be edible and how they are affecting or even blocking regeneration! He then works into the foods, supplements, vitamins/minerals that support your tooth/teeth remineralization process.

Let’s talk about a few of those supplements:


Fermented Cod Liver Oil:

You ready for this? Fermented Cod Liver Oil is the most powerful supplement for supporting tooth remineralization.

They are even calling it the Holy Grail to teeth regeneration. It’s packed with fat soluble vitamins the body and teeth need (vitamins A, D, & K) that the teeth, gums, and overall mouth uses to create that gorgeous porcelain like enamel as well as the entire tooth.

(less the root in this case, with no root this won’t work but technologies are being created that help with that)

Magnesium/Bone Broth/Gelatin:

This mineral does a lot of things in the body but most people are deficient of it. Magnesium effectively assists and is required for the body to effectively process/use calcium. Phosphorus also requires Magnesium.

Bone broth is the best way to get this (other than straight up supplements for Magnesium but natural sources absorb and are used more efficiently), however you can also use Gelatin.

Gelatin is good for the body’s digestion but also plays a key role in nutrient absorption by the body.

Many people have found the information in this book not only priceless but highly valuable.

Nowhere else are all these powerful pieces of information consolidated so neatly and so easy to understand than in this book.

If you got a lot out of this article or just a taste (as a taste is all that’s here) then you should take a look at the book.

I'm sure you would agree that it's packed with more information than you could even use, but has all the information you need to learn how to regenerate teeth through nutritional health and lifestyle changes cohesive to regeneration.

Another Ramiel book covering more of the in utero concepts- protecting your baby's immune system and regeneration powers

Healing Our Children!

Ramiel has come out with a second book "Healing Our Children", covering some of the same health conscious issues for regenerating teeth but pointed specifically at the expecting mother, father, and overall health of the child.

Imagine giving your child the gift of regeneration (teeth) and natural cavity fighting simply by disciplining yourself for years before and years after you conceive! (you will not want to change at that point anyway but this will give the baby the best chance of being powerful in this respect.

Under construction
Under construction

All life begins in the mother's womb. As does life need nutrition to function and survive after birth, so does the baby need it from the time the first cells split. This awareness can help you to birth a baby that can effectively take on the world with a powerful immune system and regenerative quality including teeth and enamel. What your trying to do now can be a precursor for your baby's ability to do it naturally without having to back track! He/she will have to maintain the diet/lifestyle as nutrition is the key, but if raised on it they will be less prone to bad nutritional decisions later in life!

In Ramiel's latest book he shows you how important it is for both parents to be healthy and to follow the steps in the cure your tooth decay book just to maintain powerful health. This health at the conception of your baby is a snapshot into half the baby's life. It is important not only to regrowing teeth and fighting cavities, but for overall health. If your health is great it gives the baby a better chance because he/she will share in that health and it will effect how fast they develop how powerful they become and more.

His eye opening book is just as amazing as the cure your tooth decay book, and if you're planning to have kids someday this book should be on your shelf (and read).

But this is another review. I've placed the book widget (amazon) below if you want to check it out.


Dying for More? I have 3 more great articles for you:

Summary Of The Rest Of This Series ...

Introduction To The Other 3 Articles In This Series Covering This Topic In Detail

These three books are incredible and packed with innovative research and dietary information you won't find anywhere else. Since reading these books years ago (I'm waiting for my healing the children to come in the mail from amazon) I wrote 4 articles (this being the 4th here) surrounding "regrowing teeth" and "remineralizing teeth" and they include a great deal of good information to further your research here.

Below I'll list them (on the right, just click any picture or link to go to the article) and summarize the rest of this series. I highly recommend getting these books to start your journey, but reading my articles will only help to push you further down the road to excitement about this concept (and they are free).

Covering This Topic In Detail...
Regrowing Teeth Is Not Just An Anomaly, It's Actually Something Our Body Has Always Been Capable Of But Some Evolutionary Processes And Our Way Of Life Has Retarded This Ability
The Keep 32 molecule anyalates the bacteria called "S-Mutant" that metabolizes sugar and spits out lactic acid which lowers the PH balance causing enamel to deteriorate
Store Bought Toothpaste Is Outdated, Barely Useful, And Doesn't Contain What The Teeth Need To Remineralize, Repair, Or Protect.. Teeth Need Minerals, Calcium, Silicon, And More...

Summary Of Each Article

  • The first “Regrow Your Broken Teeth…” covers the powerful technologies and intriguing information you may not have even realized existed.
  • In The “Keep 32 (as in all your teeth)” article I discuss a powerful new innovation, a molecule (being called keep 32) that can be added to foods that can literally remove the bacteria that cause cavities. I discuss how cavities are formed and how this powerful molecule does things many would think of as magic.
  • In the “Toothpaste” article I show you how to make your own toothpaste recipe at home so that can put the whole thing into motion and bring back your teeth.
  • In THIS ARTICLE I'm going to review the book that started all of my research and the information all of the aforementioned articles were based on (and some online research and experience as well).

The first article is comprehensive and covers a great deal of information overall. The second covers a way we may be able to eat candy to actually prevent cavities (in much the same way we now chew Trident to prevent cavities but this one works a million times better)!

The third shows you how to make a homeopathic toothpaste that melts the competition (store brands so called toothpaste) because it actually works and does what it's supposed to- help the teeth in every way- including regeneration/repair/cavity reversal.

If you think about it, the toothpaste companies are highly in cahoots with the dental industry- a lot of people get referrals  buy products through their dentist, and although this is good business it's likely also a reason why store bought toothpaste is useless unless you just want to "polish" your teeth not empower them.

Most toothpaste is archaic in technology and uses nothing that wasn't there in the first years of commercially available toothpaste. 99% of store bought toothpaste is useless. Restore by Dr. Collins is made with Novamin so it's actually a contender against the tooth powder recipe because Novamin does essentially what this recipe does. Unfortunately you can't buy this in stores (that I've seen), but it's readily available on Amazon (I've put some amazon widgets on this page if you want to take advantage of this remarkable toothpaste (that I use with the toothpaste mix).

In this 4th installment in the “series” (what you just read on this page above) I review more specifically the books I read that started this entire journey a few years ago when I realized I had regrown a tooth and didn't know how- I had to find out!

It talks about how the body processes nutrients, how exercise and diet, and even lifestyle (including stress, dirty air, quality of the water you drink i.e. most bottled water is void of actual minerals you NEED to regenerate teeth!) can create or hinder you from creating change that allows for teeth regeneration or at the very least cavity prevention and even reversal. Dentists would love you to think a cavity can't be reversed, but I've seen it happen a few times so I know it's possible.


Overall I found these 3 books very exciting although I'm partial because I have an undying need to know why things work or don't. Telling me you can't regrow a tooth then doing it accidentally just makes me want to figure it out. (that happened to me, I regrew an adult tooth that was pulled).

Just like Ramiel, I started down the road to learning how this may have happened and luckily- He'd already done the research, wrote a highly potent book, and even pointed me (as I did you here) to Price's book as well as his new book for doing all of this BEFORE, WHILE, and After you're pregnant!

I hope you find what you're searching for here if not I hope this gives you a new step on your journey and helps you figure it out. I recommend reading the other articles and getting these books to really nail things down. It's not just a book it seems, it's an encyclopedia of fascinating information you didn't know existed!

Comments always welcome!

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jptanabe on 09/15/2013

Wow that's some great information! It certainly seems that by eating the wrong things we make ourselves unhealthy, and by eating the right things our bodies heal themselves, even teeth!

dustytoes on 09/14/2013

Fascinating information Jerrico. I always wonder what the medical establishment is hiding from us. We must be informed and this page does a great job of doing that about dental health.

Holistic_Health on 09/12/2013

I've got fermented cod liver oil on my list of things to try. I've ready both books and try to model my diet after their advice.

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