Regrow Your Broken Or Damaged Teeth - What Dentist Don't Want You To Know! Comprehensive Info

by Jerrico_Usher

Regrowing Teeth Is Not Just An Anomaly, It's Actually Something Our Body Has Always Been Capable Of But Some Evolutionary Processes And Our Way Of Life Has Retarded This Ability

I know it sounds a bit science fiction like that a human being can regrow teeth far into their adult set, but the reality is this is actually not as uncommon as you may think.

Technology has evolved substantially over the past decade alone and although not mainstream knowledge yet, there are a plethora of devices, creams/toothpastes, and even ultrasonic technologies that can regenerate teeth and even bones! We'll talk about many of those in detail below.

It's been proven in laboratories and you can even buy a few of these things on the open market. One such marvel is Synsodyne repair and protect and Restore (my personal favorite) toothpaste which uses a powerful re-mineralizer called NovaMin, another is LIPUS. You may be surprised to find out that your dentist uses one of them every time they whiten and clean your teeth! I will go into each one in detail below.


Regrow Teeth And Enamel



At a Glance


  • Introduction
  • Some Backstory On This Article And New Developments Since It's Release In 2008
  • My Story - The Pulled Adult Molar That Grew Back
  • The body can do amazing things were just finding out now!
  • This is not an obscure concept, nor is it science fiction
  • Regrowing Teeth - Some Background
  • Tooth Rebuilder That Works!
  • NovaMin: The Hard Truth
  • More Technologies Coming That Researchers Claim Can Stimulate Growing Teeth
  • L.I.P.U.S. (Low-intensity pulsed ultrasound)
  • According To Sources/Research They Say It's
  • There is another area that requires no technology but does require lifestyle/diet changes
  • Part I: LIPUS/Pulsing Ultrasonic Massage In The 1-2 mHz Frequencies
  • Part II: Diet and Tooth Care
  • Keep 32 Molecule
  • More Resource Links:
Set of teeth on display at a dental show by Canadian scientists said they have created the first device able to re-grow teeth and bones
Set of teeth on display at a dental s...
tooth diagram





For over 100 years or more, scientists have been hard at work, including private and government grant funded research, to figure out how the people who've spontaneously regrown teeth did it but more so how it can be done on purpose. I discovered several incredible ways it can be done and will enlighten you in this article. You may be surprised just how easy it really is! 

At 12 years old I regenerated a back molar (adult tooth had been pulled 5 years prior) and this ignited my curiosity in my adult years to figure out what may have propagated it if anything, and if it's possible to regrow teeth on purpose. The resulting answer is it's very possible and has been proven. In the next 10 years you will likely see more and more of this technology coming to the mainstream- Two are already here. I don't know how I regenerated a lost adult molar but I do know how science has figured out many ways to do it on purpose- Prepare to have your mind blown...


Some Backstory On This Article And New Developments Since It's Release In 2008

This article has been updated in December 2012


I was sitting on my sofa discussing science topics with my then roommate as I watched a History channel special on Dinosaurs. In this episode they mentioned that many dinosaurs (and sharks today) had several rows of teeth and they would constantly grow back!

When a tooth would go dull it would fall out and the back row would move forward like a conveyor belt. I got to thinking why can't WE regrow teeth after two sets? If the second set "grows" in it has to come from somewhere right?

Until about 3 years ago when I originally wrote this article on HubPages I never really thought to research how teeth regrow or even that they could. I wasn't alone in the experience.

I lost a baby tooth, an adult tooth, and grew in a new tooth (all in the same spot) when I was 12 years old. It wasn't something that happened overnight.

The baby tooth and new adult tooth happened as it would with anyone else, but it took 5 years for that second adult tooth in the same spot to grow back!

I told my amazing story to friends for years. Some believed me (my real friends), others told me I was full of crap (closed minded individuals).

I think it was the bulk of people I told, telling me I was lying (not sure why I would like about this) that made me want to keep it to myself, I couldn't prove it, and I didn't need the hassle.

I still can't prove how my tooth regrew without me doing anything special, but I have A LOT more information now to back the concept of tooth regeneration- and what I found was staggering.


My Story - The Pulled Adult Molar That Grew Back



I had a tooth split in half on me after eating something that had a tiny bone or calcium deposit (not I'm the one on the far left (this is around 9 years old when my tooth grew back in)sure) in it and the excruciating searing pain of this warranted an immediate dentist visit. The dentist didn't pull the tooth, he capped it with a silver crown and sent me home. This worked and I was back to normal for about a year or two.

The crown eventually shook loose and came off. The dentist did a poor job of sealing the tooth and when the crown came out the pain I was in was unbearable. Back to the dentist. At the time I had already lost my baby tooth in that area so the split tooth was my adult tooth. He tried to save the tooth BECAUSE it was my adult tooth but it didn't work. The second trip to the dentist for this tooth the dentist was a little more competent and said we gotta get that thing outta there (his words) and after consulting my parents he pulled it out. I was left with a gaping hole in my mouth. Upon leaving the office, the novacaine wore off and I experienced amazing pain. I can still remember it clearly.

 The pain eventually subsided after 3 days to a weeks time, I held cotton in it for fear of air getting in (dry socket). For the next 5 years I'd have this hole in that area but I would play with it with my tongue A LOT, I couldn't help myself. Some say the tooth grew back because I stimulated the gums in much the same way you do when you eat or when food gets in there.

I had become pretty comfortable not having that tooth after 5 years but I was optimistic and believed one day it may regrow back. After about 5 years time I started to feel something in that hole that I didn't feel the rest of the time. It was a hard substance and I didn't know if something got jammed down there or if it was my jaw bone. I tried to fish it out and it wasn't coming out!

over the next year playing with it I started to notice it getting bigger. I couldn't see anything in the mirror but I sure felt it like a pointed hard piece. It took about 2 years for the tooth to fully come in but when it became visible my parents were absolutely floored. They couldn't believe it! Neither could I!

It eventually grew in and filled that space. It's likely that since I don't have wisdom teeth that this didn't cause my other teeth to slide forward to fill in the gap as expected but I really don't know how or why it happened. My belief was pretty strong but I don't know if that was enough.


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The body can do amazing things were just finding out now!



This happening to me really mystified me as to how it was possible, and made me wonder why doctors are so negative about teeth, regardless of what the past has taught them I just knew (now from experience) that it was possible.

The way I saw it was if the body could grow it once, it had to be capable of growing it again. Even if whatever was responsible for growing the tooth in the first place went dormant, or missing, the body is capable of much more than many realize...

Sharks Regenerate Their Teeth Too!
Sharks Regenerate Their Teeth Too!
(Backstory continued)


This is not an obscure concept, nor is it science fiction

(Back Story continued)


There are two parts to this story, one I'll explain here (ultrasonic stimulation technology) and the other which I'll point you to the book I read (Cure Tooth Decay Through Nutrition shown above the shark picture in the carousel of resources) that blew my mind, covering how you can regrow teeth indefinitely through nutrition.

It's an amazing read. In it you will learn a great deal about the foods you eat that you may have no clue about! You'll also figure out why YOU may not be able to regenerate your teeth consistently- and how diet is likely the culprit, at least in big part.

I'll also discuss how you can do a few things in that book as well as using ultrasonic devices readily available on the market.


Below you'll read about other cool things I found in my research including some devices that may hit the market in the next decade that can actually stimulate dentin (the pulp inside your tooth where everything else grows from), repair chipped teeth, and more. There are some devices now that the inventors claim can do some of that now.

In my research I couldn't find the actual LIPUS device used to, successfully, in lab research, regrow teeth but when you learn about how the technology works you may find something you can use.


Cure Tooth Decay: Heal and Prevent Cavities with Nutrition, 2nd Edition

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Regrowing Teeth - Some Background



If you've always thought re-growing teeth was impossible, then you should realize that you likely just believed what other people told you. Not only can you actually regrow teeth but you can even use your tooth root/dentin to repair chipped teeth (and even holes)!

No fillings needed. Speaking of fillings- There are experiments being done using crystals as "fillings" because they are said to contain calcium and the tooth, a living thing actually, uses it up to repair the tooth. Another product currently being found in Synsodyne toothpaste does virtually the same thing (although it takes longer)!

I stumbled upon some fascinating information and technologies when I asked Google the question-


"Why can't human beings regrow teeth"


Some scientists discovered that human beings posses a gene or rather a gene is turned on in some people that allows for regenerating teeth. I don't know if I have my own gene turned on but possibly it was as a kid and bad diets caused it to go into hiding :).

Part of regeneration is the gene, belief, and another is our diet. Yet another is our lifestyle, the toxic world we live in, and many more variables.

Back to my own tooth regeneration, I discovered in the military dentist office- I have no wisdom teeth. I never had, never will. The dentist says 1 in something like 500 million people don't have or get them and I was lucky that I didn't.

I will never suffer the impacted wisdom teeth (that my fiance is now experiencing and many others I've know have too). I started to wonder if this anomaly was part of the reason I was able to regrow that tooth, possibly the special gene being turned on from birth may be why I never had wisdom teeth either, I don't know for sure but it begs me to research it! 


Tooth Rebuilder That Works!

One way that is currently on the market to regenerate tooth enamel is using toothpaste with NovaMin Namely Sensodyne Pro Repair and Protect; and Dr. Collins "Restore" Toothpaste.


NovaMin is the brand name of a particulate bioactive glass that is used in dental care products for Remineralisation of teeth. It was developed and patented by Novamin inc. The active ingredient is the inorganic chemical calcium sodium phosphosilicate. NovaMin delivers silica and ionic calcium, phosphorus, and sodium, which are necessary for bone and tooth mineralization.


Prepare to be amazed :) This is an interesting Group of NovaMin videos and education (with great graphics)


Incredible Technology- No Hype

(I Highly Recommend Dr. Collins Restore, this is the one I use, makes teeth slick!)



NovaMin Technology
NovaMin Technology
The Powerful Technology Behind Synsodyne Toothpastes Upgraded Formula


NovaMin: The Hard Truth

The Powerful Technology Behind Synsodyne Toothpastes Upgraded Formula


You can now repair your teeth using one of the most powerful innovations of the 20th century- NovaMin (brand name). This is a tasteless white powder. The NovaMin Tech. Company patented the technology. It wasn't originally developed to repair teeth but rather as a bone repair tonic for wounded soldiers. Somewhere in the late 90’s it was used by a scientist experimentally to treat sensitive teeth. This met with some success.

They soon discovered that NovaMin released ions responsible or helping to re-mineralizing teeth.

This showed such promise that it’s now being used in products used for caring for you teeth and re-mineralizing them. The active ingredient is calcium sodium phosphosilicate. This consists of silica, ionic calcium, phosphorus and sodium. These are very necessary ions used in the body for bone and tooth re-mineralization.

In 2010 the company sold the right for NovaMin (the product) for 135,000,000 dollars. The company that bought the rights was Glaxo Smith Kline, the inventor and proprietor of Sensodyne products.

Many of us have heard of the company as it makes dental/tooth products like toothpaste that help cure sensitive teeth. When they acquired the rights to NovaMin they reformulated their toothpaste products to create a new series for both dentists (only purchasable by dentists called NuPro) like the teeth whitening formula used in the dentist office, and they created a line of products for consumers (you can buy them at the store).

This breakthrough formulation created one, in particular, toothpaste that really does what it says called Synsodyne Repair & Protect (see product listed above). This is the first fluoride toothpaste to contain the powerful patented technology (NovaMin).



How NovaMin Works:

The Powerful Technology Behind Restore and Synsodyne R&P


Dentine is a porous layer of the inner (just past the enamel and in fact the enamels job is to protect it) tooth containing several tiny channels that run through to the nerves in the middle. When the outer layer of the tooth (enamel) is damaged, the dentin is exposed causing the tooth to become sensitive. By re-mineralizing the enamel the dentin is protected and sensitivity is returned to normal.

When NovaMin comes in contact with water and/or the saliva in your mouth it releases calcium and phosphate ions. This then forms a mineral layer covering the dentine. This mineral layer is structurally and chemically identical to tooth minerals. Brushing your teeth twice a day with a NovaMin infused product will repair the tooth one layer at a time. Over time it’s possible to completely patch the tooth in this way. It also protects the tooth from further damage as well.

Before NovaMin Application And After
Before NovaMin Application And After



Although some products are only available and sold through dental professionals, many are sold in stores or online. Some are sold in the European Union, the United States, and Canada. A few can even be found in India and Brazil.


Dr. Collins Restore Toothpaste 4oz, 3 Pack
Dr. Collins
Only $10.99


More Technologies Coming That Researchers Claim Can Stimulate Growing Teeth

Teeth Have the Ability to Heal, Repair itself, and Grow a new full tooth!



Current Home Remedies Available Now:

Cure Tooth Decay



(Low-intensity pulsed ultrasound)


Low-intensity pulsed ultrasound is a medical technology, generally using 1.5 MHz frequency pulses, with a pulse width of 200 μs, repeated at 1 kHz, at an intensity of 30 mW/cm2, 20 minutes/day. Applications of LIPUS include: * Promoting bone-fracture healing. * Treating orthodontically induced root resorption. * Regrow missing teeth. * Enhancing mandibular growth in children with hemifacial microsomia. * Promoting healing in various soft tissues such as cartilage, inter...


L.I.P.U.S. In The News:

All these years they've been telling us that teeth simply won't grow back after your adult set.

What they failed to mention was that 1 in 500,000 people have done it NATURALLY due to a specific gene that allows them to.

Doctors have been studying how to make teeth grow back for over a decade now and the research began with rats and rabbits, and then they moved over to human teeth.

What is shocking is how simple it is, and how this technology has actually worked on ALL test subjects!

It works by massaging the root.

(so I assume if you've had the whole tooth extracted then it won't work for you, but don't quote me on that)

Apparently they discovered that massaging the root would work to re-stimulate the dental material inside the tooth that allows everything to happen from the enamel growth/repair to the reformation of the tooth.

The solution was to send low-intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS) directly to the root to massage it. Since ultrasound penetrates all the way to the root of the tooth's center it can do the trick!

It's that simple. The first devices they made were pretty big and cumbersome and the test subjects had to hold it over their mouth for 20 minutes a day for a year.

They have since miniaturized the unit so it fits in the mouth hooked to braces or even integrated over a crown targeting the tooth beneath.

Imagine a crown you wear and activate via wireless remote unit for 20 minutes twice a day that would regrow your tooth in 6 moths!

The ultrahigh frequency pulses target the exact tooth and root with sonic surgical precision.

The device is smaller than a pea and if controlled by a a computer chip in the remote and within the in mouth device.

Hover over the image for a popup of the rest of the subtext
This is the actual first rough draft of the device miniaturized. It can be built more customized as well.
This is the actual first rough draft ...
This is the chip in the unit that does the work, focusing the sound, targeting the root, sending back data of progress etc.."This tiny chip could make the difference for dental patients looking to restore their smile. "
This is the chip in the unit that doe...
This is a simular technology using the same concepts and ultrasound technology to regrow teeth. It works on the same principal only this is for rejuevenating skin cells.
This is a simular technology using th...
Ultrasonic Device (shown above is the other side sketchup)
Ultrasonic Device (shown above is the...


"The wireless design of the ultrasound transducer means the miniscule device will be able to fit comfortably inside a patient's mouth while packed in bio-compatible materials. The unit will be easily mounted on an orthodontic or "braces" bracket or even a plastic removable crown. The team also designed an energy sensor that will ensure the LIPUS power is reaching the target area of the teeth roots within the bone."

Source (this site has more information on the device)


According To Sources/Research They Say It's:

Proven, patented, being tuned right now for retail use


They say that this technology works and is proven with proof you can actually touch (tangible results and duplicated successful and tractable/predictable results), but the teams are working on "tuning" the technology up before releasing it to the general public for safety. The actual device is ready to use and the inventor has used it for a year with success. The last report stated they are renting the device in the USA only, but I haven't been able to find out where or what the root site for the device is (if you find it please comment with the url).

This technology was invented in Canada and will soon be available world wide (when they figure out a way to package it for safety, it's likely it will be available to dentists to make sure it's used properly first and evolved later). It is a very inexpensive device although I'm sure it will upset many dentists and orthodontics as it will make fillings, and prosthetic teeth a thing of the past.

Healing time does take some time, apparently for a tooth to fully grow it takes 18 months to a year at 20 minutes a day. Since the device can go in like braces or a removable crown (temporary), it can be put in just before you go to bed and taken out 20 minutes later. There are implantable versions (temporary) as well.

This technology is said to also repair chipped teeth (re-growing the missing chunk area and even replacing the enamel) and can repair itself where one would normally require a filling.

The unit will run on a microchip (see image for actual chip blown up so you can see it) that will actually use artificial intelligence circuitry to make sure the right root areas are being stimulated. It will not be left to chance, the hand held wireless remote unit will receive information from the ultrasonic device in your mouth and can constantly fix, update, and refocus the "beam" for want of a better term.

Maybe there will be an iPhone app that will run it in the retail version, I wouldn't put it past them- those phones are powerful calculators and I can easily see it becoming the computer that feeds data to the chip in the device!

I don't want to regurgitate all the same data everyone else is so I'll leave it at that and give you the links to the best research I've found on this topic below so you can read it directly from them. It's all fascinating. If anyone finds a link to different information please leave the link URL in the comments box below.

One final note, they are also using this technology to regrow bone. Can you imagine re-growing a finger that was chopped off? Repairing bone density and regrowing limbs.. These are some things diabetic patients are getting excited about! There are already ultrasonic portable devices on the market for repairing bone and muscle pain, and even some for anti-aging concepts like wrinkles (tightening up the skin and rejuvenating cells from the inside).



Three Incredible Books- A Must Read

Cure Tooth Decay: Heal and Prevent Ca...
Golden Child Publishing
$26.12  $20.0
All Natural Dental Remedies: Herbs an...
Angela Kaelin
Only $2.99
Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye: A Do-It-Yo...
Greenleaf Book Group LLC
$21.25  $9.75


There is another area that requires no technology but does require lifestyle/diet changes:

Proven, patented, being tuned right now for retail use


Recently I started to research other ways to regrow teeth. Diet changes have been found by many to stimulate "switching back on" the gene that makes it possible to regenerate tooth enamel, dentin, bone, and more.

Our modern diet is causing part of the problem. I later found an amazing book on Amazon (see above to get your copy) called "Cure Tooth Decay: Heal and Prevent Cavities with Nutrition" that absolutely blew me away. The author goes into not only what foods to eat, what foods to avoid, but gives you everything you need to understand why, what they do, why certain foods cause teeth to decay from within the body not externally exclusively (i.e. as always thought the acidic foods, sugars etc...), and a lot more.

You get not only an education in a science very few even know about, but you learn about the foods and history of foods and how our diet is the culprit to our not being able to regrow teeth!

It's one of the most incredible books I've read in a long time! It's not an easy process, I'm not one to change my diet that drastically, but what I learned in that book did change how I view food and it fascinated me to no end what they teach. I'd have to write a long series of articles to cover what's in these books so I'll let you get them and learn from the masters themselves. The first one above is the most important and most amazing.


Part I: 

LIPUS/Pulsing Ultrasonic Massage In The 1-2 mHz Frequencies


The first one I found is by a company called Novasonic. I found this years ago but today when I went to look I didn’t see it. You may have better luck (and if you do please let me know in comments). This is the Novasonic Ultrasonic Massager. This device is capable of generating sound vibrations of 20,000 Hz or 2.0 Megahertz. This is not their standard massager and you will know it if you just barely touch the skin with it. You will feel it deeply penetrate the body according to the source.

The second is a device you can find on eBay. (see below ebay module which will do a search for “ultrasound massager”. They typically sell for $100-$150.00. They are more powerful than the Novasonic. What your looking for is an ultrasonic massager that has an output between 1 and 5 mHz (10,000 – 50,000 Hertz) frequency. You would do well to get one that is no more powerful than 1-2 mHz (megahertz).  Higher than 2 mHz won’t penetrate enough (bigger is not better but it does need to be around 1-2 mHz to be effective).

My source claims he simply puts the device to his teeth and gums for a few minutes every day and this penetrates deep into the dentin and gives your teeth a thorough massage. Massaging the gums with your fingers does help but it’s not nearly enough. Although I suspect this is how I regenerated my own tooth so between ultrasonic massages you may find this useful.

The researchers in Canada (where LIPUS was invented) figured this out by accident (see above video of the inventor). Ultrasonic frequencies penetrate right through the bones, joints, and hard tissues while a normal massage is only topical stimulation. The healing has to start in the dentin to be effective (and you don’t want to finger massage raw exposed dentin!).


Devices That Could Possibly Work: (for LIPUS)

LIPUS/Pulsing Ultrasonic Massage In The 1-2 mHz Frequencies


No-Brush Ultrasonic Toothbrush- Penetrates deep into tissue (may help regenerate teeth with daily use!)
Emmi-dent 6 100% Ultrasonic Toothbrush
Emmi-Tech Inc.
$189.00  $183.51


Photon Light Green+Blue+Red And 3Mhz Ultrasound Face Massager

Photon energy irradiation - uses the ability of the body structures (chromophores) react to light. This BIO light stimulation causes specific chemical reactions inside cell's to...

NEW SPA contract manufacturer  / Only $79.00

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3Mhz Ultrasonic Galvanic Spa Photon Therapy Skin Care 3-in-1 Massager + Limited Time Only: Free B...

Ultrasonic Massager: Ultrasonic waves can permeate into deep tissues, radiating heat to stimulate and invigorate; the micro vibration stimulate cells, sparking re-growth and an ...

US Advanced Healthcare  / Only $96.99

View on Amazon

Toning Infrared Body Massager with Ultrasound 1MHZ function

Toning (faradic) massage is kind of stimulation massage which re-educated the body muscles. Toning (faradic) electrical impulses have the ability to stimulate muscle tissues and...

Handsome H.K.  / Only $89.00

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Ultrasonic Massager - HS3006 -- Pure Ultrasound Therapy: Portable, Affordable & FDA Approved

ENGINEERED TO PUT QUALITY ULTRASOUND THERAPY RIGHT IN YOUR HAND * generates deep heat through a piezo-electric crystal soundhead * treatment duration is determined by the medica...

Ultrasonic Massager  / Only $229.00

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BriteLeafs Ultrasonic Massager - 3-in-1 Ultrasonic Infrared massager Pain Therapy System

This is a high quality 3-in-1 Body Facial Massager. It features: 1. An effective Ultrasonic Facial and Body Beautifying Massager. 2. A skin rejuvenation Infrared Heat Therapy De...

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Part II: 

Diet and Tooth Care


Next you need to make sure your diet/nutrition is in check. Your teeth can heal themselves with the help of ultrasonic massages but if your body doesn’t have enough of the right nutrients present for the body to use as raw materials, nothing will happen. The stimulation is just part of the equation, more importantly is having the ingredients the Ultrasonic device will stimulate in the healing process.

Calcium is important but this isn’t the main jest of what I’m about to say. Your hair, nails, and teeth rely on a mineral called Silica (Silicon). Most people don’t have enough of this mineral in their daily diet. Taking a lot of calcium and brushing often simply won’t cut it.

There is a product called G5 Organic Silica that you can take that will help the body acquire this valuable mineral but that will also jump start more calcium production and use in the body. Most calcium tablets like Tums end up passing right through you or settling at the bottom of your stomach. G5 will help the body to absorb it better. You can find this in Spain, but there is a local slightly less effective product you may be able to find in your area called Biosil made by Natrol.

Next, and in addition to the aforementioned, you need a good trace multi-mineral formula. Most people’s diets, again, are deficient in trace minerals. Most bottled waters people think are better for them than tap water have filtered out the most important ingredients- Minerals. We also don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables which also contain them, but worse, most agricultural produce is often devoid of them due to the overworked land/dirt leaving much needed minerals to go missing. Getting a multi-mineral supplement will help replace it and give your body what it needs to regenerate teeth.

One of the best resources for finding the 72 colloidal mineral supplements is on eBay

You also need to take good care of your teeth to make sure these things have the best chance of working. If you don’t brush your teeth or you take in too many acidic or sugary/starchy foods your teeth will deteriorate faster than it can be repaired. Most toothpastes on the market are useless for taking care of your teeth (although better than nothing), but Sensodyne is a good one as it contains NovaMin.

Another powerful toothpaste with NovaMin is Dr. Bronner’s Tooth Soap (see below). One source said a friend of his had a filling fall out because the tooth had grown in pushing the alien hardware out…. That sounds amazing doesn’t it?




Keep 32 Molecule

A New Cavity Crime Figher Molecule Is Coming To A Toothpaste Near You


Read about this new marvel in this article by yours truly:

The Keep 32 molecule anyalates the bacteria called "S-Mutant" that metabolizes sugar and spits out lactic acid which lowers the PH balance causing enamel to deteriorate


More Resource Links:

(where I found some of my research and reader contributed resources will be updated to this box so if you have any cool sites let us see them (moderated) in the comments box!


Other ways dentists are regrowing teeth NOW:

Reader Submitted Links:

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Jerrico_Usher on 08/02/2017

I don't know, I wrote this 5 years ago and haven't followed it anymore, but do some google searches, that's how I researched all this.

Bill on 08/02/2017

Any clinical trials going on? I am on the verge of full mouth extractions and dentures (broken molars and cavities at gum line due to anti-biotics, opiate medications, and improper care while I was hospitalized recovering from a nearly fatal auto accident).

Lotus on 11/13/2016

Anybody here use LIPUS device?
Dr. Collins Restore Toothpaste contain glycerine, and I am not sure about is.

Shalini on 07/16/2016

Hi I have a question .i fell today and little bit of my fron teeth got there any way to regrow it . So that it looks not odd

Karen on 07/16/2016

The middle of my wisdom tooth broke off about 4 years ago and left a gaping hole. I treated it by applying comfrey nightly and made a homemade tooth paste which includes coral calcium, sea salt, black walnut, sage, peelu powder and baking soda. Over several years I could feel my tooth or gum grow or swell (there was always movement). Eventually parts of my tooth broke off. Now, today I noticed a new tooth emerging on the side of my gum and the hole is decreasing in size. Wow! I believe my diet has helped greatly with this development.

pixeldust on 05/21/2016

I'm here with a warning about Green Pastures fermented cod liver oil.

I read Cure Tooth Decay and everything I could find about Weston Price on the internet. What I took away from this is that cod liver oil is a major component of natural tooth healing and that Green Pastures fermented cod liver oil is the only cod liver oil made the old fashioned way, and therefore the only oil that would work. The stuff gets great reviews and it's mentioned all sorts of places.

So I chocked down 5 or 6 bottles of their oil/butter mix over the course of a year. I sort of thought I saw minor improvements during this time, but looking back, it was just wishful thinking.

Recently, I found a blog by someone who actually sent Green Pastures cod liver oil to a lab to have the nutritional content analyzed. Basically, it turned out to be rancid pollock oil with very little vitamin D.

There are many, many posts on this blog about her experience with Green Pastures... I really wish I hadn't wasted my time and money. If you're thinking about taking this product, do yourself a favor and read the blog. The ebook advertised on the blog, Hook Line and Stinker, is free and contains the laboratory data.

[email protected] on 04/25/2016

Another aspect that needs to be considered is the recently discovered importance of the vitamin K2. This vitamin is vital for directing calcium to relevant areas. This is crucial.

BaldwinDPB on 02/27/2016

Does anyone know of any new technology that will be able to repair artificial tooth fillings with natural grown tooth fillings made from your own teeth?

K Pipkin on 11/26/2015

Guada, I've also read that glycerin coats your teeth, but I think that's just one of those internet rumors that get repeated and takes on a life of its own. Glycerin is water soluble so I don't see how it could stick to anything in the mouth for very long. You can google "is glycerin water soluble" and see for yourself.

Guada on 08/22/2015

Wow, this is incredibly informative, thank you so much for taking the time to write and update this Jerrico.
I started to investigate a few months ago about this topics, because after braces removal, the dentist "polished" my teeth, and she over did it so she hurt my front teeth enamel!!! Whem I realized I was furiuos and sad, but posts like yours bring hope :) .
I read a lot about the diet changed, I bought a remineralization tooth gel, it doesn't contain novamin, but lots of minerals and xilitol.
I've read a theory that states that glycerin in most toothpastes covers the teeth and stops the from regenerating, and if you use tooth soap instead, the tooth enamel will grow new layers.
Do you know anything about this?? I would like to learn more about this
This is a link from the soap info:


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