Thump. Looking For True Love

by Jerrico_Usher

I wrote this poem years ago when I was single, it was my plea to the universe for love... it came...

This is A poem I wrote years ago While searching for my true love. It's about the hearts journey to find love but only being able to feel it from a distance but one day knowing it will be true and happy. Love is the joining of two minds and the sharing of ones self with another, but it's also a yearning you both share to feel life and enjoy it more.

Love Is Out There

"Thump" The clock is ticking



I wonder what would happen if I fell in love

I wonder who the girl that I'd be thinking of

I wonder if I'd feel the insanity

That comes with knowing that she thinks of me

I wonder what my life would be

How it would improve and grow instinctively

I wonder where and when and why I'd be

If I fell in love and she fell in love with me

I yearn for her touch although I just don't know

If she's coming or is she here I sometimes think its so

I have these pent up voids riding on top of me

I think about her always but have no concept she

Her voice it vibrates my very spine

I don't know if she's their thinking of me this time

They say that love is meant to be and automatically

When the time is right you will just know and see

But I can't shake this feeling that she's out their now

Feeling lonely and lost I want to help her somehow

My clock is ticking and I'm growing impatiently;

I think of her a lot but does she think of me?

I don't know where my heart wants to be

But thumping in my chest it wants to be set free

I have this compass growing inside my ego now

It's telling me she loves me but is not sure how

It tells me she don't know and I don't know for now

But be patient and move fast and love will begin to plow

Begin to plow the soils right for a garden of love

What does it all mean I ask my compass again

Don't worry you will know when it begins

I'm so confused but I think I know whats up

I just feel so excited that my heart just won't shut up

Sometimes I feel she right their and I don't know how

Is it a mirage or real and the time is just not now

Cryptic signs and minds unwind, I feel her there

Her smile keeps me going although her voice so rare

Her smile keeps me going when I can't see it; feel it though

Her energy know the truth and will one day begin to row

The ship the boat the way that life works

The currents outside our control, but the illusion of control flirts

Patience they say is a vurtue, unwind the poetry of cryptic bliss

Find my love

Don't miss.

by Jerrico blusher :)

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Updated: 11/01/2015, Jerrico_Usher
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Jerrico_Usher on 02/21/2015

We just had our 5.2 year anniversary (November 16, 2009) and I JUST read this to her tonight when I found it in my archives (was looking for other poems I wrote to use in my project), she's the one I was talking about, fo sho :)

Digby_Adams on 02/21/2015

That warmed my heart on a frigid night. I'm also glad you found your true love.

WriterArtist on 02/20/2015

Beautiful poem from the heart. Glad that you found the true love,

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