by DebbieBrooks

A poem with introductory story of a young woman pondering the love that left her and her desire for him.

The beauty of the night

The beauty of the night, looking for solace here and there,

Wanting only love, wanting only new;

Needing the security of his handsome arms,

But fleeing for her life;

She being so beautiful and looking like an angel.

Beautiful Dark Woman

She sat thinking

What it was to be a lover

She prayed for soft scents

But she had a hollow heart

And an empty stomach

Her chest ache

Her arms so lonely

What is like living in a dramatic whirl!

Has she loved the unloved at fifteen?

Her spirit was too old

So she settled

Sleeping in his empty arms

Wanting to run for her life;

What she never understood

Is what her parents would deny

Her spell was a curse

In a new world where

When You're In Love With a Beautiful Woman

Her own ship has sailed.

Her own ship has sailed.

In rooms of old memories

Wanting the kiss

But not now

The kiss of death

Not life.

Past hurts had rotted the foundation

Not meant to last

A night mare of a

Free dream-smell of the air;

Fragile bonding, vulnerable

To the slightest pleasure

Where did the sun go?

Then it was a winter miracle

As the years rolled by

Being with the white light cast

Through the varicolored, painted glass,

Emerging from a self-same essence;

Then came the blow

She’s been slipping astray

Death came between them

And took him away;

How will she live?

Why couldn’t he stay?

So stead and unwavering                                                                  

Is her love

So what is it like to be a lover?

So tender and new!

So beautiful dark woman

Your beauty knows no bounds.

Your heart beats for him

With each unique and holy dance

Unites In scared whole

As it is enhanced

And merge together here once more.

Beautiful pure dark woman,

Your loneness means so much

Disturbing calm

Chilling and moaning

In a deep shadow

That caught her suddenly

Now as the light glows

From afar this night

In its blue dim of the only haven

Ivy green as mighty

That carves out a twisted path road

To her heart;

Like a hallowed spot

The light rips open crazy clouds

She stares at the moon

At the Iron Gate;

Powerful and lean was he

Her hand stretched to his

As he disappeared into the dewy night;

To be adored are you

Of life’s exhaling breath;

With luminous fibers within

That is so you

Beautiful precious Dark Woman.


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DebbieBrooks on 01/05/2013

Thank you Theresa n so good to see my best friend

debbiebrooks37 on 01/05/2013

Thank you sweet Theresa so good to see you

Theresa Davis on 01/05/2013

Amazingly beautiful, dark woman! You are a very gifted writer Debbie!!!

VictoriaLynn on 08/02/2012

Beautiful, dark woman! Love this. Well done, Debbie!

debbiebrooks37 on 07/20/2012

thank you so much..

Tolovaj on 07/20/2012

Pure beauty...

DebbieBrooks on 06/21/2012

Anamika.. thank you so much

Anamika on 06/21/2012

Lovely Poem Debbie! I wish I could write like you. Voted up!

JuliannaEvans on 05/07/2012

Oh Debbie, A gift you have and poems that always touch us to our inner core. Loved it! :)

DebbieBrooks on 02/29/2012

Thank you Katiem..

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