The Death of Me I See

by DebbieBrooks

An introduction and poem about a woman's continuing dreams and visions about a continuing out of body experience.

Remembering my dreams of long ago

This is about remembering my dreams of long ago, dreaming of dying or falling and seeing my body on the ground.  Embracing my dreams and or trying to understand what it is about.  Plus just imagine what it would be like to see the Angels coming to hold my hand to help me make the transition a little bit easier.  Then to see my Lord’s face, the excitement and the questions I might have.

Just to enlighten my world’s and my spirits just a little bit more with the possibilities of my dreams coming true and then not to be frighten what may lay ahead for me. My journey to heaven and the most pleasure that will come my way, and for the Lord to speak to my heart and for me to find the honor and love that I feel when I think about my Lord and seeing His face. As I bare my soul to my Lord I pray for His acceptance for this lowly servant that I am.

So Lord here I am, there YOU are.


Who is that I see?

Who is that over me?

My life is out on the ground

As my spirit lends restfully

I am in the near presence

Of the Lord I say?

As I float to and fro

Upon the beauty of the burning heart


As the suns sets in the east

And place the moon on the horizon

I see myself

I think it’s me

Or is it somebody else?

The clouds are coming on


To be weighed on scales of life

And the tongues of angels


To the heart of whispers

And floating over to and fro

Is the likes of me

Lord I say where is I?

Don’t let this earth capture me

Don’t let this earth capture me

When love knocks

On my door

And I will dwell


To the pursuit of your justice

Dear Lord I ask I say

Who is that on the ground?

The angels have sown the sky

With lips that speak so gently

To let me know your there

As I look upon my form

I reach for your grace this day

So Lord, is that me on the ground?

As I look upon?

Floating with the Angels as I watch above;

Just how HIGH AM I?


Ghost Dance - Cusco

Native American - Thunderstorm
Woman having an OBE
Woman having an OBE

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DebbieBrooks on 01/21/2013

Hi james so good to see you.. love your picture.. How are you? are 6you going to start writing here?

Debbie Brooks on 01/21/2013

James wow.. so good to see you my friend.. How are you?.. do you write here too? I love your picture..

DebbieBrooks on 06/18/2012

Thank you Victoria.. I have not really experienced all of that.. I talked to someone that had and I wrote about what they said.. I dream about my mom and sister in heaven.. I talk to them.. but I have never really died.

VictoriaLynn on 06/18/2012

Wow. Have you really experienced that? How very interesting and beautifully written!

DebbieBrooks on 06/15/2012

Thank you Colin.. really miss talking to you..

DebbieBrooks on 05/29/2012

thank you both

katiem2 on 05/29/2012

This makes me question if death is with us all the days of our living reminding us to enjoy each second, live in the moment as one day our friend death will take us with them. Great and moving poem, just beautiful

sandyspider on 05/29/2012

So beautifully written.

DebbieBrooks on 05/28/2012

Thank you Rahul.. You are so kind

Rahul Rakesh on 05/28/2012

Divine Poetry by none other than Debbie Brookes

TImeless and Flawless

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