The Sweet Meadows of My Life

by DebbieBrooks

A poem of memory about love and life.

She Was Always Wondering About Love

She was always wondering about Love, as she strolled through the meadow that day. Why was it always so cruel? She did not know or understand.

She was getting close to the down town and it was getting dark and the trains were running she realized. A street car, wonderfully modeled, shot off the tracks racing through intersections; it was wheeling out into the forest and back into town. Was love on the streetcar? Was he there?

She was finally on Oak Street and it was real dark by now, you could hear the whispering fall of individual pine needles as they dropped in the woods.

Then she saw him as she neared her home, she felt herself suck in her breath. She thought is this a dream or a nightmare?

He started towards her; she wondered why he is here? All she wanted to do was run and hide. She didn’t want him to hurt her any more.  She did not want to hear his lies. Or feel the back of his hand.

She stopped in her tracks as he approached her. She dropped her packages and turned to run, but at last he could run faster. He let her go. He did not pursue her. She looked back thinking he is not there, when out of nowhere there he was with his hands around her throat. Hurting her and laughing at her. How could she have ever thought she loved this man? How could he want to hurt her like this? Her man was gone again after leaving her to die.


Adele - Someone like you

(OFFICIAL VIDEO LYRICS) HD Live from Brit Awards 2011

Love you are unforgiving

And unkind you are

Love you are cruel

And frugal

Withholding my blessings

Love you promised me the world

You were going to be gentle

And unconditional

Instead you took

The sweet meadows of my life

And made it rain.

Shroud in mists

Across the straits where lovers cry

Flanks smooth as silk

As love smiled and called my name

My hair loosely pulled back

I brought up one graceful arm

As my fingers danced over your sweet skin

And our twin hearts

Poured out the songs

Of the swaying strings

And smiled and called his name.

Summer has come and gone.

I writhe to free myself from

His grasp

I lift my face to the sun

With the warm rays of life giving skin

I cry

And search my soul for you

Holding fast and

Creeps in like thick oozing clay

A drug of memories for you

I say.

As the sweet meadows of my life


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DebbieBrooks on 05/27/2012

Sheilamaria.. thank you so good to meet you here and on Facebook..

DebbieBrooks on 05/27/2012

Sheilamaria.. thank you so good to meet you here and on Facebook..

sheilamarie on 05/25/2012

Debbie, you share your heart generously in posting your poems. I look forward to reading more.

DebbieBrooks on 05/04/2012

thank you maria

Maria on 05/04/2012


Thank you for sharing this so I could be led to more of your beautiful, powerful and heartfelt writing. Your feelings pour onto the page like a tranquil waterfall.

Hope you have a restful weekend. Thinking of you. hugs, Maria

DebbieBrooks on 03/30/2012

Hi Flora so good to see you here.. I missed you tonight in Music and cinema.. thanks for reading my poem.

FloraBreenRobison on 03/30/2012

Beautiful poem. I don't know why this is, but I tend to fall for men who have no interest in me that way. So I can relate to the narrator.

DebbieBrooks on 03/03/2012

Thank you Katiem... Your words are so awesome..

katiem2 on 03/03/2012

What a moving and touching poem, nice story I enjoy the stage you create. I love Adele, great video :)

DebbieBrooks on 01/27/2012

2uesday. Thank you for a wonderful compliment. It is good to see you on Wizzley....Debbie.

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