Regrow Your Teeth Enamel And Protect Your Mouth With This Powerful Home Made Toothpaste POWERHOUSE

by Jerrico_Usher

Store Bought Toothpaste Is Outdated, Barely Useful, And Doesn't Contain What The Teeth Need To Remineralize, Repair, Or Protect.. Teeth Need Minerals, Calcium, Silicon, And More...

Teeth need minerals, calcium, silicon, and more not found in store bought toothpastes...

Are you ready to finally try something that will help you remineralize those teeth? You may be surprised just how easy it is to get rid of cavities, fill in missing enamel (with new grown enamel), and overall improving the health of your teeth and gums. Standard toothpaste is not only useless, it can cause more problems than it solves due to overwhelming your teeth with fluoride and other issues, and not getting enough of the other required components that keep teeth safe and strong- even remineralized! Healthy teeth and regrowing teeth requires a specific diet as well as not eating/consuming certain things, but it's also about giving the teeth what they need to regenerate.


You Should Be...

Remineralizing Toothpaste

What Causes Teeth NOT To Regenerate?

Most of the issues with teeth regeneration is bad diet, not enough raw materials the teeth need to remineralize, and overall health. With this home made remineralizing toothpaste you can even reverse cavities as it contains all the raw materials the body can use (along with minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and bacteria found in your mouth) to do what your body was designed to do- heal, regenerate, fight bacteria/acids and restore!





Tackling Diet, Health, And Lifestyle:

A Great Deal Of The Information In This Article And Much More Detail Can Be Found In This Book:

It's actually our modern diet, neglect, irresponsible lifestyles, and overall health that make it "seem" impossible to regrow/remineralize your teeth and fight cavities.

Without the right diet, your body doesn't possess enough of what the teeth need to regenerate.

Too much fluoride can weaken enamel and the acids in sodas and orange juice can make it worse.

One toothpaste on the market stands up to the rest using an innovative new concept called Novamin. This is Dr. Collins "Restore" toothpaste.

You can read more about that on my "Regrow Your Broken Or Missing Teeth” article where I go into much more detail about your options and even some high tech technology that's been proven to regrow teeth from root dentin!

I also give you many resources at the end to further your understandings.

In THIS article, however, I’m going to share with you a recipe me and my fiance' are testing out. It's one of the healthiest and potent toothpaste recipes I've come across (this based on my knowledge acquired from the powerful book "Cure Tooth Decay" (see the book to the right above)

That is the last book you will ever need to buy to learn about how diet, lifestyle, and the right toothpaste concoction can make what seemed impossible VERY POSSIBLE (regrowing teeth/regenerating/remineralizing teeth).

We use Dr. Collins Restore Toothpaste in cahoots with this recipe.

Restore has been proven to work, it's not a quick fix, nor is this toothpaste but in time you will see and notice a difference. We've been using it for a year and feel a dramatic difference in teeth sensitivity, overall feel, and a definite slowing of cavity activity. The Restore is great for this and can take time to work but using the remineralizing toothpaste (the recipe on this page) will speed up the process by giving the teeth what it needs to remineralize faster, and by sucking out the toxins that may be slowing progress as well.

We actually mix the restore and this recipe together (on the toothbrush not in the container). We put the Restore toothpaste on the toothbrush and put the powder mix (the remineralizer toothpaste recipe here) on top of it and brush. I would recommend you brush a second time with Restore to clear out the grainy toothpaste mix (and it has a way of making your teeth very slick and nice).

Warning About Ingredients And Your Sink

Remineralizing Toothpaste Recipe



Ingredients For Remineralizing Tooth Powder:


1-2 Month Supply

  • Four TBSP "Bentonite" Clay
  • Three TBSP Calcium Magnesium Powder
  • One TBSP Baking Soda (optional)
  • One TBSP Cinnamon Powder 
  • One TSP Cloves (Powdered)
  • Essential oils can also be used/added for taste (Peppermint, Spearmint and Cinnamon for example)


Making The Powerful Home Made Tooth Powder/Paste


  • 1 Bowl or Mason Jar
  • Spoon/stir stick
  • Aforementioned ingredients
  • Mason Jar (or jar with lid for storage and use)

Add all of these ingredients to a small bowl (one pint should suffice). Mix very well (or since it’s mostly dry you can just shake it like your trying to mix Cinnamon and sugar for your toast) until you have a uniform tooth remineralizing concoction/toothpaste/powder.

Once mixed you can put this into (recommended) a mason jar for storage. Since you won’t be squeezing this out of a tube and likely will have everyone dipping their toothbrush into the jar to arm it with the remineralizing toothpaste, it’s probably a good idea to have a jar for each person in the family that they can use personally and exclusively.

This powder lasts pretty much indefinitely since it’s a dry powder mixture and most of the ingredients in it discourage bacterial growth (bacteria in turn consume sugar in your mouth then secrete an acid that causes cavities- controlling these bacteria is the key to stopping deterioration of your enamel. Adding ingredients to your saliva (brushing teeth) helps the teeth quickly absorb and use them to help restore your teeth. It’s not that we haven’t been able to regrow teeth or remineralize enamel; it’s that most people don’t have the ingredients required by the body/mouth to make it possible!

Tooth Remineralizing Formula


What This Recipe Makes

This makes approximately 3/4's of a cup of tooth remineralizer which for many lasts about a month maybe even two. Personally I would make a huge batch so I never have to think about it again for a while. You also save money purchasing the ingredients in small bulk so this makes it cheaper per brushing, as well as convenient.

You can scale the recipe based on the ingredients. If you want to make twice as much just double the recipe, then keep doubling it to your desired batch amount. Be sure to figure this out first and calculate the amount of each ingredient you need. You may also want to do your homework first and see what the best bulk prices are for each ingredient and create your batch size accordingly.

Also realize that there are no hard fast rules for how much of each ingredient you need. It will work in any configuration but the suggested amounts are what seems to work best overall. You can add more cinnamon, cloves, mint, essential oils, herbs or less to this and it will work the same. Just be sure not to skimp on the Main ingredient Bentonite!

Cloves, Mint, and Cinnamon are three powerful antibacterial and flavor ingredients so if you want a more powerful impact add more of these!

To Use This Tooth Powder Just Get Your ToothBrush Wet And Dip Into The Powder (or put some on the brush if you'd prefer to preserve your tooth powder recipe from getting lumpy.



Let's Break Down Those Ingredients By What They Do:


BENTONITE - Main Ingredient

At the top of our list is an ingredient so powerful ON ITS OWN that you don’t actually require any of the other ingredients in a pinch. The other ingredients do have their own use and importance in the tooth powder but aren't required for results. The beauty of this tooth powder is that it's also 100% active ingredients, not 10% of one ingredient and 90% "other".

Although Bentonite is the most powerful ingredient in this recipe, the others are very powerful as well and together the entire mix is phenomenal- especially when you compare results to store bought toothpaste brands. 

Bentonite Clay is a powerful clay capable of drawing out heavy metals and toxins then absorbing them into the clay's surface. Over time these toxins/metals slowly absorb all the way to the center where it's essentially encapsulated and discarded or flushed out of the body with the clay.

Bentonite clay It has a high alkaline and mineral content which both give the mouth some powerful tools/precursors for   remineralizing enamel and creating a much less cohesive environment for bacteria to run ramped or grow/survive. By preventing the problem (bacteria that create acids from sugars) and giving the mouth what it needs to restore the enamel- you in effect turn back on the power your body always had!

Safe To Digest

The great thing about this tooth powder also is that it’s 100% natural and safe if swallowed (in moderation). The ingredients infuse some powerful ingredients the mouth need consistently including calcium, magnesium, and silica. These ingredients nourish the teeth and give the mouth what it needs (when mixed with the ingredients in your saliva) to regenerate and protect its domain!


So How Does Bentonite Work?

When this clay is hydrated its electric/molecular components quickly change configurations creating an electrical charge that has many beneficial properties as a vacuum cleaner for the mouth both when you brush and for hours after.

This charge gives it the ability to draw out (magnetically) the toxins and heavy metals (introduced into your body/saliva through the air, foods we eat, and more- that are highly toxic to our brain and body function) and to encapsulate them in the clay. Once this happens they are centralized and spit out. Every time you spit your removing toxins from your body through your mouth so brushing more is a good thing here! You can even ingest this clay to detox your body!

This clay is a wonderful facemask (removing toxins from your skin/face as well) and is gentle enough for kids (mild taste kids won’t mind so much as other tooth powder concoctions).

Now that you know the “core” ingredient here, let’s briefly go over the other ingredients and their place in the powder (and your mouth’s health!):


Supporting And ACTIVE Ingredients And Their Role In The Recipe

Baking soda

This is an alkaline. Baking Soda also contains a suite of minerals the body and mouth needs for building blocks in restoring enamel and maintaining healthy gums.

Baking Soda has also been known to remove coffee, tea, and other stains that develop on the teeth.

It's a gentle way to whiten teeth, but should be used very little as not to cause abrasions. The more you brush a day you should use less Baking Soda in your recipe.

I would even go so far as to say only use it half the time- it's that powerful.You can create a jar with and a jar without and alternate every day to one or the other.

Calcium magnesium powder

This is an important building block for enamel and overall whitening of the enamel.

This infuses the teeth with some powerful building block ingredients used to make enamel.

Clove Powder

This is an antibacterial that was one of the original versions of Novocain  typically used by dentists. The power behind cloves is that it can draw out and kill bacteria but it also has a pain reliever in it that soothes nerve endings and can stop teeth from hurting. It's often used in the form of clove essential oils. It adds a great taste to the mix (but alone isn't so delicious!).


Cinnamon is not only a delicious tasting and smelling ingredient often used to add flavor to toast and other dishes (mixed with sugar), but did you know that it also has powerful antibacterial qualities as well? Anything that discourages bacteria growth is always a good thing- the added taste enhancing is just a bonus!


Mint also has a great taste (standalone) but also helps to sooth the gums and overall bring a "fresh" taste to the mouth that lasts after you brush freshening breath and letting you know the tooth remineralizing powder is still working!


This is what they put in Dentine Gum that has that powerful effect of making it impossible for bacteria to grow or stick around.

When introduced to the mouth for a minute or so it tends to stick around long after brushing or chewing gum infused with it.

This ingredient is a powerful antibacterial agent but has an amazing capacity to bring a sugar like sweetness to the mouth without adding sugar at all.

This natural sweetener/antibacterial ingredient is optional but definitely recommended. You can add more or less to your taste preference  You can buy all of these on Amazon in bulk or as individual retail products.


For Even More Cavity Fighting Power...

Some Pre-Brushing...


This section is completely optional and separate from the recipe completely. A few things you can add to your routine are activated charcoal powder brushing (very nasty but effective) and for use during or after brushing with the remineralizer tooth powder recipe above a great addition is an oil blend by Orawellness.


Activated Charcoal Powder

One great way to prepare your mouth for what the tooth powder is going to empower it with is to first do an eliminate and rinse detox. It can only help to detoxify your mouth before starting so the powder is working harder at handing off the nutrients and building blocks and less hard at fighting bacteria and toxins that try to slow it down.

You would use this a lot like the tooth powder, dip a wet toothbrush in it or sprinkle some on top and brush your teeth fully as the dentist and all those people over the years told us to in school. Don't do this daily- use this as a 2-3 times a week thing to assist in detoxing the mouth of those hard to get toxin villains.

Rinse and repeat if needed then move on to the tooth powder (which will drastically be a better experience).

OraWellness HealThy Mouth Blend

This is an oil blend that has been known to heal teeth and gums and is a great addition to this regimen. Once you've brushed with activated charcoal powder and are ready to use the tooth remineralizer recipe, brush as normal with this but add a few drops of the OraWellness blend on top of the powder (use with it simultaneously). This will enhance the power of the tooth powder recipe!

The activated charcoal and OraWellness blend are completely optional but if your serious about getting those teeth healthy and remineralizing that enamel- use it all- but heed the warnings (i.e. don't use the charcoal daily- only every other day and in moderation).

When you're completely done brushing and rinsing and are ready to move on with your day- take a few drops of the OraWellness blend and put it on your finger rubbing it into your whole mouth. This stuff tastes pretty good (but don't swallow right away- you want it to get into all those great hiding places bacteria are hiding in!) and discourages new bacterial growth for hours after you brush. You can put this on as needed too i.e. if you're not home and ate a lot of sugar you can rub this on your teeth, tongue, gums, etc... to kill all the bacteria that would turn that sugar into fuel for acid production (what causes cavities!).


That's it! Brush with activated charcoal a few days a week, use the recipe tooth remineralizer powder 2-3 times daily and optionally (highly recommended) the OraWellness oil in-cahoots with the recipe in this article and Restore (Dr. Collins) toothpaste as directed here.

Don't expect some overnight success- this isn't a fast food option, rather a change in how you brush, what you use, and restoring the body's own ability to regenerate enamel and fight cavities. Although you will likely see some great results in 6 months don't get discouraged. Depending on your health (i.e. the amount of raw nutritional building blocks available in your body)and your diet (what you put into your body that could make regeneration hard, and what you put into your body that assists in the process) this can work faster or slower.

The best way to tackle this is to get enough exercise, water (especially), eat nutritionally, and use this recipe to help the teeth do their thing faster!

We'd love to hear your comments below!

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Myra on 09/19/2015

Definitely going to try this. I got a huge filling in one tooth and do NOT want a crown. Want my tooth back!

Jerrico_Usher on 08/21/2015

use a fine grinder on those ingredients, get everything grinded down as fine as possible you can also not use certain ingredients, they are just networks of what has been proven to work against various things, omitting ingredients is a matter of taste and they do all do something but many are redundant. The only ingredient you want in there no matter what is the main ingredient, the clay. I ONLY use that myself, it's effective all by itself just doesn't taste very good.

Trudi on 07/11/2015

Would it work to replace the clove & cinnamon powder with clove & cinnamon EO or would it be too many wet ingredients? I have made this powder before and don't mind the taste, but I seemed to always have specks of cinnamon or clove in my teeth after brushing which I could do without. Everything else seemed to rinse away just fine.

Always-Writing on 02/01/2015

How is it going, with the re-mineralization of your teeth? Did you get good results?

AngelaJohnson on 09/19/2014

How interesting! I need to try this.

Jerrico_Usher on 03/10/2013

You have to play with the ingredients to get it to taste, the recipe is just a base and the most important is the Bentonite so the other ingredients are highly adjustable to suit. I find mixing in the Dr. Collins Restore toothpaste (with the base recipe) (50/50) helps the taste and improves the experience (not mixing the ingredients with Restore but rather putting the restore toothpaste on first then sprinkling the tooth powder on top to about the same amount (also helps the powder stick to the toothbrush/converts it into a paste. Also Restore alone is a great way to start, I had very sensitive teeth about 5 months ago and have been using it that long and now don't have the hot cold issues anymore... Restore essentially does what this does but this recipe is much more potent and powerful than just using Restore.

Ragtimelil on 03/10/2013

Very interesting. I might try this when I can get the ingredients.

AbbyFitz on 03/10/2013

Wow, I really need to try this. I buy natural toothpaste already but now I can make my own!

BrendaReeves on 03/10/2013

Wow! Jerrico, this sounds like a professional ad campaign. Great job! I've lost a lot of enamel on my teeth from drinking too many diet cokes. I should give this a try.

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