Facial Flex Natural DIY Face Lift Tool

by katiem2

Do it yourself face lift at home recaptures the facial contours of youth produce significant results in 60 days tones uplifts and redefines the face chin and neck delivers results

The best news to date about aging and beauty is the knowledge we can create and or maintain a youthful look preventing wrinkles and sagging skin using advanced technology. The need for surgery is easily avoided by making faces. You know the very thing you were told not to do as a kid. Caution, there are faces that aid in a youthful and toned face and others that do the opposite. You must learn the proper things to do and those to avoid to enjoy the benefits of mechanical face lifts. The market is swimming with many beneficial facial exercises, face yoga and the like that all tone and lift the muscles of the face keeping things where you want. The benefits of a face lift are just that, to lift the structure of the face taking away the sagging skin attached to muscle tissue. Secret is you have two choices; a mechanical face lift you do yourself at home or the surgical type that is an entirely different story in its self. I went with the mechanical face lift, saved a fortune and enjoy real results without invasive procedures.

Do It Yourself Face Lift

Facial Exercise Verses Face Lift

Just like most everything we have learned about optimal beauty, prevention is king.

You no doubt have heard all the chatter about facial exercises and yet don't really know how to do it correctly or perhaps haven't given it a go period.

It is for this reason the flex ultra-device was created.  The FLD correctly guides you through the facial toning techniques needed to prevent muscle lose and facial sagging.

The simple device is held between each cheek from which you flex, tension is created to work the muscles of your face and neck toning and lifting these areas. 

Anti Aging Facial Toning Device

Do Facial Exercises Really Work?

Facial exercise, yoga and toning can all dramatically improve the way you look all while maintaining the youthful glow we all desire.

I began facial exercise years ago and can attest to its success. It just makes common sense, our faces are comprised of muscles and skin. We tend to think of the skin more so than any other aspect of our faces using potions, lotions and oils to eliminate the signs of aging.  

All the creams and lotions in the world will not firm and tone the underlying muscle, the cause of sagging and flabby tissue dragging skin down with it.

No, You must work the muscle attached to the skin to reverse the aging.

The device to your right is a wonderful method in terms of maintaining the lift of the facial muscles attached to the skin, aka your face! In order to keep your face lifted naturally you must exercise the face in a particular manner to tone and lift the muscles therefore lifting the face itself or rather the skin. 

Anti-Aging Tools for Facial Toning

The Proper Way to Exercise the Face

The advancement in anti-aging provides us with the perfect tool to insure the perfect facial exercises.

The battle against aging has millions of women seeking the perfect fix.

In all reality you must do two things, take care of the skins condition and the muscle holding it all together.

You have got to use a good skin care product and stick to it on a daily basis.

You must also exercise the muscles of the face to keep it lifted to a youthful position avoiding the signs of aging.

Just like your body sags and becomes soft when it’s out of shape so does the face. 

Facial Flex Natural Face Lift

Anti-Aging Facial Exercises

How to Exercise Your Face and Look Younger

While it may be tricky to do the correct facial exercises the Flex Ultra Device makes it simple.

Anti-Aging Facial Exercises 

Just as you use dumb bells to work the muscles of the body you can now do the same for the face.

The principle of dynamic resistance used in physical fitness training is put to work with the Flex Ultra Facial Workout Device or tool.

This tool tones and shapes the face, chin and neck the areas that sag and create the old appearance we do not want.

Check out the many fabulous reviews and why women have been buying it and swear by it for years.  They simply won't be without a Flex Ultra Device anti aging facial tool.

Updated: 11/09/2018, katiem2
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katiem2 on 03/09/2017

DerdriuMarriner, Yoga in itself is the best medicine for the entire body.

DerdriuMarriner on 03/07/2017

katiem2, What a wonderful article! That natural face lift tool looks excruciatingly -- ;-D -- helpful even though I have a set of natural and yoga exercises that I go through daily.

katiem2 on 01/02/2015

WriterArtist, You are correct facial exercise works just like body exercise and is far over looked.

WriterArtist on 12/12/2014

We are so much engrossed with our body that we often forget to exercise our face, this looks like an amazing tool for face lifts.

katiem2 on 07/04/2013

Brenda, lol the results far out weigh the small pain you feel which by the weigh fades in time. Follow my advice and check out the face lift article above to the right it has a video with examples of face yoga you will love.

BrendaReeves on 07/04/2013

Thanks Katie. I'm thinking seriously of buying that torture looking device. lol

katiem2 on 07/04/2013

Brenda, It comes with instructions, I confess I have one. people have always guessed me to be many years younger than I am and so as I age I'm keen on continuing to look young, I've always been careful not to make faces that cause lines and wrinkles but instead exercise to maintain a firm and lifted face. I bought one of these and love Love LOVE it! I've bought many such devices but this is simple and to the point. I also do face yoga. Go to my face lift article to the right and see the yoga and facial exercises, start there and then work your way up. Your face will actually be sore just as any muscles that are out of shape. The muscles of your face will tone, tighten and get firm, smaller and lift just as any muscle of the body. Get on it girl.

BrendaReeves on 07/03/2013

Katie, How the heck do you use that device? I want one.

katiem2 on 04/12/2013

ologsinquito, You make all sorts of facial gestures everyday and most of which are not helpful in terms of toning your face. The many faces we make, frowns, squints and such make line and saggy areas, it's important to do something to counter all the little gestures we do to age our faces and keep them tone.

ologsinquito on 04/12/2013

I have no idea how to exercise my face, or that I even needed to. Very useful information.

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