Fantastic Pegasus Gifts

by jptanabe

Pegasus, the flying horse, is an inspiring character from Greek mythology. Here is a whole stable full of gifts modeled after Pegasus!

Pegasus is an amazing creature of Greek mythology. He's one of those inspiring mythical creatures that make us all want to be heroes. A gorgeous horse with amazing wings - who wouldn't want to have Pegasus in their stable!

Even though most of us probably won't get to ride Pegasus, or even meet one, there are plenty of artist impressions and gifts featuring Pegasus. If you're a Pegasus fan, or looking for a gift for one, you've come to the right place!

Who is Pegasus?


First off, Pegasus is not a unicorn! That would be a horse with a single horn - no wings.

Pegasus is the winged horse of Greek mythology who helped Bellerophon, the tragic Greek hero, to defeat the fearsome chimera by letting him ride on his back.


A True Pegasus

Doesn't need any horn to be amazing!
Glass Baron Celestial Pegasus

Pegasus is often depicted as a beautiful white flying horse, and so rather resembles the white unicorn. In fact, many artists portray a combination of the two - a white flying horse with a single spiral horn!

I'm a purist when it comes to mythical creatures though, so I like to keep my unicorns and Pegasus separate. And it certainly gives Pegasus great style when it comes to figurines and jewelry!

Look at those wings - now that's style!

Glass Figurine

This just may be my favorite Pegasus figurine!

This beautiful glass Pegasus figurine is hand crafted by San Diego glass artist Kevin Prochaska. It is made from borosilicate crystal. Gold applied to the glass while still molten creates the beautiful colors.

Figurine measures approximately 4.5 inches long and 4.5 inches tall. 

Pegasus Jewelry

From the stunning flying Pegasus in sterling silver to the cute, colored fantasy creature, there are numerous beautiful pieces of jewelry featuring Pegasus. Now these are perfect gifts for a fan!

Pegasus can be Cute

Especially a Pegasus foal!

Not all Pegasuses (or are they Pegasi?) need to live in Greece at the time of the myths and legends. Artists can create a Pegasus wherever they want. And even a baby Pegasus, like this one enjoying the flowers protected by Mamma Pegasus!

Of course he may grow up to be a great warrior Pegasus and carry heroes to defeat evil monsters. But for now, just look at those cute baby wings!

Cute Pegasus

Since we have decided Pegasus can be cute, let's look at some cute Pegasus gifts!

Of course, a plush Pegasus is guaranteed a level of cuteness, and Melissa & Doug giant Pegasus is soft and huggable. Really cute, although being a giant plush it stands over 3 feet tall!!

When it comes to a cute plush Pegasus there's no rule that he has to be white. When you want a brightly colored cutie, this 7 inch Tutti Frutti Pegasus is just perfect!

The Story of Pegasus

Pegasus by Marianna Mayer is a magnificent picture book that tells the story of Pegasus and Bellerophon.

Written for young readers with the compelling cast of characters found in Greek mythology, this heroic tale will encourage further investigation of other myths and heroes.

Featuring glorious paintings by Kinuko Y. Craft this is a magnificent edition of a timeless Greek classic.

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