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How to upcycle and recycle items from junk laying around your house. This magazine will entertain you, and make you think "I wish I had thought of that!"

If you like to read, build things, and enjoy tinkering around with tools, then Farm Show Magazine is the perfect magazine for you! I've been subscribing to it for the past 9 years, and find it to be quite an interesting - and entertaining - read! It's not just for farmers, and believe it or not, it's not just for men. It's for anyone who enjoys learning what other have created from items around their house!

Because I enjoy Farm Show Magazine so much, I've given subscriptions as a gift to my father, my father-in-law, and my brother. After reading each issue, I also re-gift it to a friend. My brother always asks "Are you going to renew my subscription?" a few months before his subscription expires. I guess he enjoys it as well!

Magazine Contents

Farm Show Magazine contains mostly contributions from people who have found a better way of doing a task, or information about something they have invented. These things range from tractors and ATVs, to fencing, windmills, remodeling, garden plots, greenhouses, and other projects around your house or yard.

Other sections of the magazine include:

  • Money-making ideas - things to make, sell or do to create additional income from home
  • Best and worse buys - readers contribute information on things they have purchased, outlining the good, bad and ugly.
  • Money-saving repairs and maintenance shortcuts - articles on alternative ways to fix things around your house
  • Reader recipes - great homemade recipes for anything from jams & jellies to cake, casseroles, pasta, and even lip gloss!
  • Editor's Notebook - News from around the world, "Liberty" quotes, and jokes. One of the best sections of this magazine, in my humble opinion!
  • Reader letters - these can be in the format of "Letter to the Editor", or just short notes about discoveries, inventions, or a better way to do things

Sample Articles

I've actually requested information on a number of items I've read in Farm Show articles over the years. I've learned about Kool Coat, which is a paint-like substance you apply to your roof to keep the temperatures down. I've purchased the "Dandelion Dobber", which is a pole-like tool that applies vinegar or weed killer directly to the plant I want to eliminate. I've requested catalogs from a couple of home-based companies that make low-cost adult clothing.

Public Domain

I've also clipped recipes from this magazine for several desserts that were of interest. I've yet to make them, but they sound delicious! And finally, I've saved information from Farm Show on a few home-based business ideas, in order to supplement my income.

Mini-Baler for grass clippings

Here is just one example of the many things that readers contribute to Farm Show Magazine.

Subscription Information

Farm Show Magazine is published 7 times each year. Six of the issues are the regular magazine. The seventh issue is called "Best of Farm Show", and contains all the best articles that were printed over the year.

It comes in a newspaper format, and contains 40-50 pages. There is no advertising in the magazine, other than the articles that are written by contributors and readers. This is great if you have something you have invented, and wish to share or sell. All you have to do is submit your article, photographs and contact information, and the opportunity to sell your invention is free!

Ready to subscribe?  Simply visit to start receiving your subscription!

More Farm Show Publications

If you'd rather get a digest of articles from Farm Show Magazine, rather than individual copies, the magazine publishes several magazine chock full of articles by topics:

Just For Kicks

In the center of every issue of Farm Show is the jokes, recipes and quotes section. The best stories from these sections is published altogether in one great edition.

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Energy Saving Ideas

If you'd like to "go green" and save on energy costs, you'll learn how to turn water into gasoline; use windmills, and tips for turning ordinary items into alternative fuels...

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