Faux Windows: Art with an Added Purpose

by blackspanielgallery

Faux windows are pieces of art that give the illusion of having windows where none exist. They can brighten up otherwise stark spaces.

Faux windows solve a decorating problem in a space with no windows. Yes, normal wall art can spruce up a room, but cannot add the ambience of having a spectacular view from a window.

Several years ago the college I was teaching at moved several miles to a new campus. While many were excited to have a new building, there soon was an outcry because the faculty offices were to have no windows. Soon, a few of my colleagues discovered art designed to have the appearance of windows. In some sense a faux window can be better than a true window in that one can choose the image. Even better is one can change the wall art, thus giving the appearance of a totally different setting. One can have a beach view for a period of time, then a mountain view.

Stained Glass Windows

As time goes by things evolve.  The simple art pieces of bygone years are still available, but now it is possible to find faux stained glass windows.  These are less common, but the evolution has gone past a poster of stained glass, it has reached the level of backlit posters that allow light to pass through. 

Choose Landscapes

What image you choose should be something that might be seen when looking at a window.  Nature is great as a subject, and natural settings can transport you and your guests in a sense to landscapes you are not likely to find in your area. 


I live in a swampy area, and seeing swamps by traveling just a few miles is normal.  Mountains and mountain streams do not exist in this area.  But it is possible to give the illusion that there is a mountain, or a mountain stream, just outside. 


It is equally possible to give the illusion that there is a beach outside.  And the mountain view can change to a beach view by changing the faux window.

Choose the Season

Snowy days are rare where I live, but it is possible to give the illusion of snow on the ground.  Spectacular fall colors are not found this far south, but I can make it appear a grove of colorful trees is just feet away. 

Choose a Cityscape

Use a faux window of a city’s skyline to give the illusion of an unobstructed view, even though the city is on a different continent.  This is a wonderful way for those who have relocated to be reminded of their original home.

Start with Zazzle

Take a nice image and make a poster.  Perhaps a nice garden image would work well.  Below is an image at this stage of development.  Then add the framing of a window.  You choose the color of the wood, the width, and how many panels your window will have.  Look at the above images for a finished product.

Additional Touches

If you add curtains and a valance the illusion will be more complete. 


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The intro image is our Zazzle product using an image.

Updated: 05/27/2021, blackspanielgallery
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blackspanielgallery on 06/02/2021

I first found these in AllPosters. They are not as universally known as they should be.

Veronica on 06/02/2021

I love these faux windows. I had never heard of them so thank you for posting this. Very good .
the stained glass and Paris skyline are particularly good .

blackspanielgallery on 06/01/2021

The offices had no skylights. There was but one small window in the door which allowed one to see who knocked. And the hall lights were on motion sensors, so often they went out.

DerdriuMarriner on 06/01/2021

blackspanielgallery, Thank you for pictures, practicalities and products.
Do the offices not even have skylights?
In particular, I find the posters with the open windows quite welcoming, and of course I like the stained glass presentations. Also, it really sounds quite charming, comforting, realistic and reassuring with the additions of curtains and valances.

blackspanielgallery on 05/29/2021

I only oncluded the nice ones. Some are scary with monsters for Halloween. I left those off, but they serve another purpose.

WriterArtist on 05/29/2021

Faux windows give an illusion of opening up to outdoors in beautiful art forms. I loved the selections of hummingbirds and spring flowers. The colors are very vibrant. The landscapes are very attractive too, they sure will brighten the empty walls.

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