Feather Hair Extensions Kit

by sciencestudent

Feather hair extensions are the hottest new trend -- and you don’t have to spend a lot of money having a salon install them if you have your own feather hair extension kit.

In the summer of 2011, Aerosmith’s frontman Steven Tyler wore feather hair extensions on the stage of American Idol and took a trend which had been circulating in the exclusive niche circles of high-level fashion on the West Coast, and pushed it into the forefront of must-have fashion.

Now you can purchase feather extensions pretty much anywhere. But how do you install them? Thankfully they are really easy to install, but its a lot easier if you have a feather hair extension kit.

Why You Need A Feather Hair Extensions Kit

When you are installing feather hair extensions, you really only need a pair of pliers and some fishing line to cheaply install your extensions.  However, unless you want to steal your Dad’s greasy needlenose pliers out of his toolbox, you might want to get your own feather hair extension kit.

Plus, I’m a fan of having the right tools.  If you buy a feather hair extensions kit from Amazon, you will have all of the tools you need to get the job done right -- and even help your girlfriends (or boyfriends)  install their classy extensions.

Who knows.  It might launch a new career for you!

Installing Feather Hair Extensions

Here is a simple guide to installing feather hair extensions:

What you need to install your extensions:

  • Feathers
  • Silicone Bead
  • Needle Nose or Jewelry Pliers
  • A Piece of Thin Wire or Fishing Line or Wire Threader Tool

Feather Hair Extensions Look Best When Matched With Similar Hair Types

Feather Hair Extensions Are Easy To Add With Your Own Kit
Feather Hair Extensions Are Easy To A...
  1. Decide where you want the feather.  It is important to match the feather with the section of hair.  If you add a fluffy feather to a section of long hair, you end up with an ugly clash where your hair looks like, well, like you have something fluffy in it.  Match the hair section and feather type with each other.
  2. Put the bead on the wire threading tool.  Or, if you are using fishing line, then put both ends through the bead, forming a loop through the bead.
  3. Take a tiny section of hair where you want to install the feather and insert it through the loop of the wire threading tool.  Slide the bead off of the threading tool and onto your hair. 
  4. Thread the feather through the bead.
  5. Here’s where its is nice to have an extra set of hands.  Using your jewelry pliers, crimp the silicone bead over the feather. 

Components In A Feather Extension Kit

A complete feather hair extension kit needs three major components:

Silicone beads.  Multiple colors are nice if you will be installing feathers for your friends.  You want the beads to blend well with your hair color!

Jewelry pliers. These pliers are smaller than other pliers, making them easier to handle -- especially if you are trying to crimp a tiny silicone bead!

Wire Threader. Probably the most critical part of installing feather extensions.  If nothing else, make sure you get this component. 

Choosing A Feather Hair Extensions Kit

There are a lot of feather extension kits out there that you can buy.  And, if you want you can get kits that also include a nice selection of synthetic or even natural feathers.  The kits that included synthetic feathers can be especially fun to get for a feather hair extension party.  

Often, for under $20, you can often get a kit that includes a bunch of synthetic feathers and all of the equipment to install them.  A lot of people have started getting these kits and throwing hair extension parties for little girls birthdays. Its like a makeup party, only less messy.

Buying A Feather Hair Extensions Kit Cheaply Online

There are a lot of great, reputable places to buy your feather hair extension kits online.  I would reccomend checking Amazon or Ebay for some of the best prices.

Updated: 04/06/2012, sciencestudent
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