Film Review of A Kiss for Corliss: Shirley Temple Reprises a Comedic Role in Her Last Film

by DerdriuMarriner

Diaries and divorce impact characters played by David Niven and Shirley Temple in the 1949 film version of "A Kiss for Corliss."

A precocious, pretty teenager deplores her boyfriend sneak-dating a rival. A thrice-divorced man sends her romantic gifts and messages. What will she do when pranks seem to corral her into an unwanted marriage in “A Kiss for Corliss”?

In 1949 Shirley's last film in a storied career mirrored reality, for Shirley's personal life also was themed with divorce. On December 5, 1949, two and one-half weeks after the premiere of "A Kiss for Corliss," Shirley divorced her first husband, John Agar (Jan. 31, 1921 – April 7, 2002), on grounds of mental cruelty. The wealthy scion of a Chicago meat packing dynasty already had a problem with alcohol, which worsened in the fishbowl of the couple's high profile marriage, with Hollywood first favoring Shirley's career over his and then favoring neither of them.

1949 was a year of dramatic changes for 21-year-old Shirley Temple:

the end of her film career, after 17 years, and the end of her first marriage, after 4 years 3 months
Shirley Temple, c. 1949
Shirley Temple, c. 1949


It can be daunting to become wife #4 in A Kiss for Corliss by writer Howard Dimsdale; producer Colin Miller; and director Richard Wallace. Robert DeGrasse, Frank Doyle, and Werner R. Heymann handle cinematography, editing, and music. Filming showcases California’s General Service Studios.

The 88-minute comedy boasts characters from Frederick Hugh Herbert’s (1897-1958) Corliss Archer stories. It follows the 1945-released comedy Kiss and Tell. Its distributor was United Artists. Its Des Moines-premiere and USA-release dates were November 16 and 25, 1949.

The movie begins with Kenneth Marquis (David Niven) and Attorney Taylor (Richard Gaines) discussing divorce settlements with Mrs. Marquis’ lawyer, Harry P. Archer (Tom Tully). Seventeen-year-old Corliss Archer (Shirley Temple) gets past Secretary/Miss Hibbs (Barbara Billingsley). She interrupts Kenneth’s complaints against wife #3 getting:

  • Minks (blond, rainbow, silver blue);
  • Money;
  • Pearls;
  • 50-foot/15.24-meter schooner.

Corliss claims to be down to her last $1.50. Harry insists that she wait outside. Kenneth volunteers gifting or lending Corliss what she needs. Harry refuses.

Harry alerts Corliss to boyfriend Dexter Franklin (Darryl Hickman) bringing a date to the Penguin Club restaurant. Corliss confides in BFF Mildred Pringle (Virginia Welles) at their slumber party. She gets Kenneth’s gift and message “May this brighten a youth blighted by parental stupidity and miserliness.” Janet (Gloria Holden) warns against returning the gift since Harry eats a candy.

Corliss contemplates bashing Dexter. She decides to invent romancing “sweet Kenny-boy.” Mildred’s brother Raymond (Robert Ellis) will leather-bind Corliss’ diary. He will show Dexter the Kenneth-related passages.

Corliss and Dexter get caught in the Penguin Club during a back-room gambling raid. They get locked in the basement. They manage to escape through a window at 5 a.m. They observe police (Garry Owen, Max Wagner) at Corliss’. Corliss purports not remembering anything since age 9.

Harry and Janet begin reading diary passages aloud to jump-start Corliss’ memory. Kenneth buys advertising space in Raymond’s newspaper after seeing copies of Corliss’ diary. Raymond provides diary excerpts for magazine reporter Hal Frisco (John Wald) to publish front-page.

Kenneth displays lingerie from his and Corliss’ purported night together. The newspaper publishes their engagement. Kenneth refuses to issue a denial because of breach-of-promise and stockholder suits. Harry thinks about issuing a retraction for Glimpse’s 6 p.m. or special editions.

The movie ends with:

  • Navy chaplain/Uncle George (Roy Roberts) conducting a wedding rehearsal, with Louise (Kathryn Card) playing;

  • George contemplating throwing his antique rock collection at Kenneth;

  • Dexter discussing being blackmailed for Corliss spending the night with him, not Kenneth;

  • Raymond exposing Kenneth’s bribing Mildred not to mention the fabricated romance;

  • Kenneth getting ejected;

  • Corliss and Dexter reconciling.


Growing up on the silver screen:

"Kiss for Corliss" was Shirley Temple's swan song, the final film in a career which began for her at age 3 and ended at age 21.
film poster for Shirley's last film
film poster for Shirley's last film

A Kiss For Corliss Trailer

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the end which is also the beginning
the end which is also the beginning

"A Kiss for Corliss" was also released under the title of "Almost a Bride"

Almost a Bride

Shirley Temple Black's autobiography

Child Star: An Autobiography

Shirley Temple in 1949: the year in which her film career and her marriage ended

Shirley Temple

Poster for 4th of 8 shorts released as ensemble title, "Baby Burlesks": Shirley's first onscreen appearance was in the 1932-1933 satirical series.

L to R: besotted Nightclub Owner (Eugene Butler); Nell with stage name La Belle Diaperina (Shirley Temple), and Nell's boyfriend, Elmer (Georgie Smith)
Glad Rags to Riches

Me and my purrfectly purrfect Maine coon kittycat, Augusta "Gusty" Sunshine

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DerdriuMarriner, All Rights Reserved
DerdriuMarriner, All Rights Reserved
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