Finally, the perfect garden hose nozzle

by teddletonmr

Found it, the perfect garden hose nozzle, all brass construction, cleans, rinses, mists, has a lifetime guarantee and best of all it doesn’t leak

After an exhaustive search for the perfect garden hose nozzle that took me through the wall mart, home depot and lows garden centers. Where after much consternation, looking at, holding in my hand and imagining using their many offerings for my gardening and cleaning jobs. Although there were many choices of which to choose, that dreaded feeling of frustration set in in earnest. You see, the garden hose nozzle that would meet my needs, wants, and desires eluded me.
Then out of know where it occurred to me, check out what was available from amazon. Eureka, there it was. Finally, the perfect garden hose nozzle. Follow along as we focus on what makes this hose nozzle the one to buy.

Must have garden hose features

The perfect garden hose nozzle must be durable, easy to, and stay adjusted for cleaning, watering, and misting jobs.

The biggest gripe I believe we all have with the cheap pieces of crap garden hose nozzles, the darn things leak like a sieve. Simply put, cheap hose nozzles give us a good Soaking. For starters, our socks and shoes, pants and everything in our pockets, possibly worse yet depending on your sensibilities, soaking the front of our shirt, leave us looking like a wet t-shirt competitor.

The thing that separates’ quality well-made garden hose nozzles from the cheap junk sold at WalMart and other garden centers, all brass construction, O-ring seals that eliminate leaking problems, and adjust ability that stays put.


The perfect garden hose nozzle

Garden hose nozzle gardeners need

Easy to adjust, to a fine spray and shut off with leaking

garden nozzle easly adjusts to fine sprayGardeners like you and me, need a nozzle that adjusts from a fine mist, to a good soaking spray easily, and stay adjusted that way when we need to water our garden plants. I will argue equally important, having at our disposal the full power and water volume our water system provides is paramount.

 In other words, we absolutely do not want nor need some water saver feature fooling around with us. When we need to fill our favorite 2-gallon water can, 3-gallon garden sprayer, fill a five-gallon bucket, or wash our wheelbarrow and garden tools. That water saver feature do-dad is a waste of valuable gardening time, and does not save a drop of water.

All brass construction rugged durability

Made in the USA, heavy-duty brass construction works great and has a lifetime guarantee

brass garden hose nozzle inner workingsRoutinely dragging the garden hose across the driveway, dropping it on concrete sidewalks, the patio, or a front porch will not destroy this made in the USA garden hose nozzle. Unlike cheaply made nozzles that break under normal conditions, scratches, dents, and dings only add character to this ruggedly built indispensable garden tool.

In the photo to the left, you will see the inner workings of this durable adjustable nozzle. Simplicity at its best, fewer moving parts makes this soon to be favorite garden tool. Easy to connect your garden hose via the ¾-inch female hose connecter, turn the water on, adjust and water or clean to your heart’s desire.


Better gasket surface stops leaking garden hose and nozzle connection,

better gasket surfece means less leaks
better gasket surfece means less leaks

Garden hose easily adjusts without leaking

No tiring trigger to pull, no oversized awkward handle to squeeze and hold

The perfect garden hose nozzle parts Adjusting this brass hose nozzle is quite simple. All you need do first remember righty tighty, and lefty loosey.

The nozzle consists of two basic parts, the inner part, and the outer part. Ok, for those of you that looked at the picture, the inner part has two O-rings. One  that shuts off the water when the nozzle is closed, and the second that keeps water from leaking where it is not supposed to when the nozzle is opened for business.

Righty tighty, holding the portion of the nozzle where it screws onto the garden hose with your off hand, and turning the outer portion of the nozzle to the right until it is tight, shuts the water off completely.



Adjust from a fine mist to a soaking spray

Soaking spray Lefty loosey, turning the outer portion of the hose nozzle to the left, opens the nozzle and makes adjusting the water flow possible. Barely opening the nozzle, allows only a small water volume flow producing a fine mist.

Further opening the nozzle, turning to the left a bit more, will allow a little more water to flow from the nozzle producing more of a soaking spray.

Turn the nozzle a bit more to the left, produces a more powerful stream or water. That concentrates the pressure and volume of your water supply. Maximizing your home or business water supply’s cleaning potential desirable for cleaning garden tools, window screens spider webs and other such cleaning jobs.     


Easy way to clean garden tools, windows and spider webs

harness the cleaning power of your garden hose
harness the cleaning power of your garden hose

Buy the perfect garden hose nozzle here today, you will be glad you did.

Hose Nozzle High Pressure for Car or Garden - Solid Brass Fittings ...
Updated: 09/20/2013, teddletonmr
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Garden hose nozzle chat and comments

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teddletonmr on 10/06/2014

WriterArtist this is a great garden hose nozzle feels good in the hand, is easy to adjust and use. Just one word of caution, do not leave it laying in the direct sunlight on the garden bench, or patio table, the brass nozzle gets damn hot, delicate fingers beware.:)

WriterArtist on 10/06/2014

This certainly looks good, the quality and robustness of nozzle will make it a perfect garden accessory.

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