Find a Gorgeous Chinese Vase - The Perfect Asian Decor Home Accent

by Digby_Adams

Chinese porcelain and pottery has been cherished for thousands of years. Don't miss this chance to add it to your own home.

Decorative vases are an easy way to add to your home decor. They can just sit in the sunlight and look beautiful or you can add a bunch of flowers. Chinese vases add an exotic touch to your home. Regardless of your home decor, from country to mid-century Modern, there's a Chinese vase that will look lovely in it. Because it so easy to add to any home decor, it's the perfect gift to give. Take one to a housewarming, wrap it up and send it as a wedding gift, or bring it along as a Christmas gift. Everyone will love it and it's a unique gift that I don't think many people think of giving.

Blue and white Chinese porcelain vases are what I picture in my mind, when I think of a Chinese vase. I see an intricate mountain design or a floral pattern that might include birds. I love Chinese antique vases because of the wonderful shapes that they have. Combine them with the exotic prints and themes and you'll definitely step up your home decor when you add one to the mix. Don't be afraid to add something like this to your home accessories. Take a blah corner where you don't have much going on. Find a small corner accent table and put the vase on it. Voila, you've just added a punch of visual interest. Asian decor can also be quite minimalist, so don't fee that you've got to add anything else to this vignette. Although, I love to doll things up, so I would add flowers to the vase and scatter some of the blooms on the accent table. If it's the Christmas Season, I'd probably add some white lights to the arrangement. If you're really feeling your oats, then buy several blue and white Chinese porcelain vases and group them. Fill them with white flowers to create a unifying theme. Don't worry the prints and blues don't have to match. The more varied the vase shapes, the better. They'll look great!

Blue and White Chinese Vases

Chinese Porcelain on eBay

Qing Dynasty Vase

Chinese ceramics on eBay

Cloisonne is an art style where gold becomes part of the design. So you'll have a mosaic-like pattern of several colors of enamel, porcelain, or pottery. In between the colors you'll see an outline of gold. It is a very rich art-style, that will add a luxurious vibe to any home decor. Vases are one of the most versatile of home accessories. They can stand alone or hold flowers. They can hold silk, dried, plastic or yes even real flowers. They can be minimalist or brimming over with oodles of flowers in different colors and textures. Please don't forget how wonderful it can be to add a natural scent. Not the kind that comes out of cans, but the kind that comes out of flowers. I love to use these vases in conjunction with Holiday decorations. The gold in the design makes them very festive. But when you take real flowers and dust them with a spray of gold paint it really brings out the luxe. Of course you can use dried flowers, which may make the spray painting easier. The take some pine cones that have been painted gold as well and arrange these at the base of the vases. I know that I can just walk down the street and find pine cones, so it's an effective and cheap way to decorate.

Chinese Cloisonne Vases

Chinese Vases on eBay

Chinese Chrysanthemum Vase

Buy Chinese Pottery Online

Antiques give our homes a timeless quality. I think that it makes it look like we've lived in our home for years and have carefully been amassing antiques and collectibles for decades. I admit that I love to go to antique stores. Whenever my husband and I go on vacation, I always leave time for checking out the local antique shops. But sometimes I can't visit everything that I want to. Lately I've taken to window shopping and buying quite a few things on eBay. Many antique shops even put some of their inventory on eBay, to open it up to an entirely new market. If you've never shopped on eBay, you'll love how simple and easy it is to use. If you think it's hard to figure out which seller it trust, it really isn't. Each eBay seller has a Positive Feedback Score. This shows you how previous buyers have been treated. You can even read some of the comments. Most eBay sellers I know work very hard to maintain a perfect rating. If you're still not sure, then stick with eBay Top Rated Sellers. These folks have a proven record. They sell a lot of items on eBay and consistently meet eBay quality standards.

Antique Chinese Vases

Asian Antiques on eBay
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Sheri_Oz on 12/11/2012

I love your selection here and your explanations of the vases and sellers.

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