Find Your Wedding Dress that Matches Your Personality

by RobertKeith

Before you choose you wedding gown, you must know who you are. That sounds kind of funny to say, but many brides can not express who they are.

Knowing your likes and dislikes is great, but you need to be able to put that into words. Your bridal consultant can help you choose the perfect gown to match your personality, if you put it into terms she can understand. Here are 6 types of brides and suggestions to help you find the perfect wedding gown for your special day.

The Comfy Bride

The comfy bride is all about comfort. She wants pockets in her gown; the gown is not complete without them. She wants to be able to breathe, always a good choice for any bride. She desires to look beautiful, as long as it does not interfere with her comfort level. Blinged out tennis shoes are more important than high heels. A tight lace up back dress is far from her perfect gown. The A-line dress is a good fit for this bride. 

The Princess Bride

The princess bride is the one wearing the fancy tiara. She typically wants the ball gown, and the bigger the better. Layers and layers of under skirting are important. Having plenty of bling is mandatory for this bride. This is her day to be a princess, and she wants to take full advantage of the opportunity. She is not looking for short gowns. She wants the full picture of what a traditional princess looks like, and will not be contented until she sees herself in the mirror dressed as such. 

The Wedding Day
The Wedding Day

The Shy Bride

The shy bride wants a beautiful dress, minus anything bold. White or off white are her colors of preference. A well tailored gown would work well for this bride. A classic wedding gown with petite details will work too. She is not interested in anything big or bold. Forget the huge bows, loud colors, or massive sized ball gowns for this bride. She may be shy, but she will not wear a dress that makes her feel uncomfortable in public. 

The Artsy Bride

The artsy bride wants something different. The dress does not have to be symmetrical for her to like it. She may even want a pop of color. This bride loves style, not necessarily fads, but creative styling. She loves textures mixed together. She is not afraid to try on something different, even just for fun. This opens up her choose selection. She wants her gown to make a statement, and that statement is "I am different." 

The Social Bride

The social bride is all about fashion, and the latest style. She cares what celebrities wear. She wants to wear something fresh and new, not the average gown typically seen. Posh is the goal. This bride cares what other people think about her gown. She will bring an entourage to the dress fitting appointment. The mermaid style of dress may be a good choice for this bride. Making sure she is satisfied will be a work in progress. 

The Classy Bride

The classy bride wants a dress that is timeless. She may even want to wear a gown that is passed down from the generations. As she looks throughout the ages of wedding gowns, she is drawn to the ones that still remain chic. She would rather have a small real diamond accessory, than a big fake gaudy one. She is all about elegance in her style. She wants to be remembered for having a gorgeous dress with meaning behind it. Her dress may even have a history, a story that goes along with it. 

Being able to explain to your HoneyWed consultant who you are, and want you want is key. You may be a mix of a couple of these types of brides. Read through the list a few times, and narrow down who you are. Remain open to trying on gowns that at first you don't like. Remember a dress on the hanger is different from a dress on the body. When all is done, you will have a dress that matches your personality, and you will be a beautiful bride.

Updated: 05/19/2018, RobertKeith
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