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by lobobrandon

If your kid learns to love maths in the first grade, then surely there wouldn't be any problems later on - So make the basics a fun experience and you won't regret it!

First Grade Maths may just be the beginning, but it's the most crucial stage as this is the foundation of your children's future. If they take a liking to Maths today, then they'd do really well even in the higher classes - because, interest is the spark to all learning processes.

Kids aren't under any stress at this age and therefore, they could easily grasp knowledge through fan and game. Anything that's enjoyed is easy to remember and hence they'll grasp the concepts easily.

This article has a list of various things that you could do to make this learning curve more of an adventure rather than a chore. Take a look at some of the best workbooks, online games, Android games as well as free math games that you could play with your kids.

Cool Math Games for Grade 1

The first grade lays the foundation for all future mathematics, be it accountancy, engineering, stats, bio-medical fields or just simple calculations that your child may come across later in life.  

Even though these things may seem simple to a parent, adding 1+1 could be really challenging for some kids. Earlier there weren't many math games, but we did study and even master the subject right? However, those were the days when parents had the time to teach their children. 

Times have changed, the competition has increased, the level of mathematics too keeps increasing.

Maths can be enjoyed, truly enjoyed! All you need to do is integrate it into the daily activities of your kids. This is especially needed for children just getting into a new subject (Or should I call Mathematics a complete language?)  So, let's take a look at some of the games that could help your child master these very basics:

Fun with maths for first graders using Workbooks!

Workbooks are a great way to introduce your child to books and through fun and games. Using workbooks for all subjects would be a great way to teach your child, but since we're only talking about maths, let's stick to the topic.

First Grade Big Workbook - Cool Math Games on Paper

This book is 320 pages in length and it doesn't cover just math, but all the subjects that your child may have to encounter in his first grade. 

Math can be made fun with this book!

About this book:

  • The book is really easy to understand and if your child has a strong foundation in basic math from kindergarten, this book should be a walkover. 
  • It is advisable that you either use this book before your child enters the first grade as it will brush up his basic skills, if he's not had a strong kindergarten teacher.
  • This book is full of activities and can keep your child engaged when you're not around. So, if your waiting to get some work done yourself, go ahead and let your child enjoy the book on his/her own.
  • If you're a teacher looking for books to help you in the classroom, this is a no-no! They're basically fun activities for kids to learn math on their own or with their parents.

Math Made Easy - A first Grade Workbook

Whether your child goes to a school or you're home schooling them, this workbook is one of the best out there, ranking very high among the plethora of Maths workbooks that say they're good. Of course there are plenty of other workbooks that may be excellent. But, the thing about this book that stands out, is the fact that it's in accordance with the curriculum of your kids school. Therefore, a home schooling parent would be teaching their child the right stuff if this book is used. 

More info about the book to help you decide:

  • It's over 150 pages which may seem a lot for a first grader, but it's filled with fun activities incorporated into the learning process. Teaching and learning couldn't be any better.
  • Begin with the easy problems and work your way through to the slightly harder ones. This paves a strong foundation for your child as they'll build up on confidence.
  • This book is surely a great way to learn, but it's not a teacher on its own accord. Therefore, you'll need to be there and if possible use the existing examples and make some up on your own. It's first grade maths and should be really easy to come up with examples.
  • There's a lot of coloring and drawing that needs to be done in this book which makes takes time for a first grader and the book is in different shades of grey. If it were colored it would be all the more better.

Math Games For Kids - Brain Quest Workbook for Grade 1

It's not just maths

Math Games need not be games! You can define math games as - having fun doing math! Games does mean fun as well - doesn't it? So don't get me wrong when I call it a game even though there are just a few games in these books. 

This book isn't all about maths, it helps kids improve in all subjects, so it's a cool addition to add to the library of your child. t's written well and helps both parents and kids in the learning process as it's simplified for easy understanding. 

Since it includes all subjects this book is a whopping 320 pages! But, it does cover addition, subtraction, time, counting and money. All the basics a first grader needs to be familiar with.


More about this book:

  • One of the best aspects of this book is the colors. Kids love colorful books - who doesn't? Unlike the previous book - Math made easy, this book is colored. However, it can't replace that book on its own. But, that book could very well replace this.
  • Topics a
    re color coded for easy navigation.
  • The book does move from the easier math to a bit harder math so your child can easily move on with the flow.
  • This is more of a workbook and less of an activity book, so you won't find plenty of games such as connect the dots, mazes and coloring. So, if you're planning on buying something to get the kid off your back, this surely isn't what you're looking for. Because, you're going to have to be with them for most of the time whilst they study from this book.
  • This book has some fonts that may not be understood by a first grader, this is one of the most felt drawbacks.

Learn Maths and enjoy every moment of it with Beginning Math

Compared to the other books, this book is really small. It's just around 64 pages in length. But, the good thing about this book is the fact that it concentrates on just a single subject - Maths! It surely does grasp the attention of the tiny tots and there are very few moments when they take their eyes of this colorful and enjoyable book - it's a fun learning process!

More information about this Workbook:

  • It consists of addition and subtraction, comparing and learning to put numbers in a sequence as well as basics in graphing and shape recognition.
  • Plenty of activities that kids do enjoy right from puzzles to various other kids of games.
  • Along with this book, you'll also find included 140 color stickers that you as a parent or teacher could use to track the performance of a child. 

Learn First Grade Maths on your Android

No matter what you're in search of, you will find plenty of apps on just that! Well, there are apps for your kids to learn Maths as well. That too, a few of them are damn good. Let's take a look at some of the popular Android apps.

Complete Guide to First Grade - Learning Games on your Android

For just under $2 this is surely worth every penny. It's an amazing app to have if you have kids around. It's got 10 games, including the math games. 

Not just Math, learn all subjects

If you're busy and want to leave your child to him/herself this app would surely do the trick, while at the same time you're helping them grasp the basics.

Moreover to make this app even better, there's a helpful voice narration that not only helps your child through the games; but, also increases their attention span and fondness towards these games. The Math games included in this wonderful app are: Ordering, Patterns, Advanced Counting, Addition and subtraction as well as fractions.

Animations, colorful pictures, sound and music make it all the more better! Download it within a minute and you'll see it yourself.

CardDroid Math Flash Cards - Wait! What?

Yup you read it right. Flash Cards need not be cards on paper, cardboard or plastic anymore; they're gone digital! 

It's Magic!

Take a look at this cool app, that has given flash cards a place on your android device. It's really cheap and less than a dollar - WOW! isn't it?

There are plenty of built in problems that appear on the flash cards, it's not generated by an algorithm. Even though there are plenty, eventually they will repeat. However, this app has a trick of its own. You're allowed to add your very own problems - ain't that great?

If you don't have a Android, you could also use this app on your Kindle Fire. The app also helps keep track of the number of mistakes your child makes, so that you can focus on their weaker sections. You don't need to be there to notice the mistake though - which is an advantage.

Free Math Games - Board games at home!

There's nothing that's absolutely free, but this could be considered free as almost everyone would have some board games lying around the house. Kids often play games that include boards such as: Snake and Ladders, Ludo, Sum Swamp and many others. 

All these games include addition and Sum Swamp includes both addition as well as subtraction. So, when they play these games, kids are also learning math and brushing up their skills! Similarly, there will be lots of other stuff that you could do to make your child learn maths for free - maybe measure the distance of the school from your home using the meter on your car? 

Or you could even help them learn to count money and pay the paperboy! There's so much that we do that consists of maths - And yes, we can make it fun! So, put on your thinking hat and I'm sure you'll come up with some crazy ideas (Yes crazy is fun!)

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blackspanielgallery on 11/03/2015

Learning through games is a good idea.

lobobrandon on 06/20/2012

Oh thanks for the addition of Tux Math, I love Maths and always loved it :)
Thanks for the detailed comment and it's nice to know that you teach your students Maths as well.

Tolovaj on 06/20/2012

Learning math is very important because solid base in math will give you confidence for all natural sciences (so called hard sciences) and also support your thinking skill for understanding all other (e.g. social) sciences.

When I was working as substitute chemistry teacher I always repeated: math is your best friend, it never lies, you can always count on it, it will work the same wherever you go and we spend about half of time in class just for math (this includes logic), the rest was mostly experiments.

I agree, math for first graders should be fun and if I may add another interesting game (it is free and open source) for learning math: Tux Math.

It is easy, it is fun and it works:)

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