First Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas - Simple Romantic Gifts For 1st Year Wedding Anniversary

by VioletteRose

Buy online simple, cute and most romantic 1st year wedding anniversary gifts for her, him or a couple, like cool romantic figurines or traditional paper gifts like paper roses.

Paper gifts are traditionally the first wedding anniversary gifts, but you have a lot of choices in today's world when it comes to choosing gifts. Here you can see some cute paper roses and romantic figurines which are great for a first wedding anniversary. These gifts are not too expensive, but they are really beautiful, romantic and simple gifts.

Roses, especially the red and pink ones, are always among the most romantic gifts in the world, as they symbolize love and romance. Red roses stand for passion, love and intensity and they are perfect for your loved one on the special day.

Since paper gifts are thought to be the traditional gifts for first wedding anniversary, red paper roses make a great romantic gift for couples celebrating their first wedding anniversary, especially if you are looking for traditional gift ideas.

Paper roses are simple traditional gifts, yet romantic and cute. Since these are made of paper, they make perfect traditional gifts for a first wedding anniversary.

You know your partner's likes and dislikes more than anybody else, so if you know he/she likes roses and flowers in general and if he/she is the one who surely appreciates floral gifts, this is a beautiful gift choice you can make.

The pretty red rose made from paper is attached to a quality floral stem, which will make a beautiful desk gift for your first anniversary. It is beautifully anchored in glued pebbles in a small, white terra cotta pot.

Here is another paper rose gift that comes with two pretty red roses with stems in a beautiful wooden vase made of oak. You both have a pretty red rose with this gift, so naturally this is a bit more expensive than the first one. But if you are looking for two roses, this is a sweet gift choice.

Also, if you are not someone looking a gift for your own wedding anniversary, but if you are looking for a first wedding anniversary gift for someone else, the paper rose gift with two roses will be a wonderful gift to the couple who is celebrating their first wedding anniversary.

The beautiful gift consisting of a bunch of red paper roses that you see on the right side, is a romantic floral bouquet that comes with 12 beautiful red paper roses.

This floral bouquet made of paper is perfect for the first wedding anniversary, whether you choose this for your own love, or if you choose this for someone celebrating their first year together.

Cute teddy bear with paper rose

One of the best romantic and surprise gifts here, for your loved one on the anniversary day! The cute and adorable teddy bear is made of soft fur, and it carries a beautiful and romantic red rose. A happy anniversary message is also printed in the white T shirt of the cute teddy bear!

Beautiful Romantic Figurines

Romantic figurines make a sweet gift for the couples. The lovely figurines are made of porcelain material, so they are not the traditional paper gifts. But these figurines are definitely among the most wonderful anniversary gifts, as they are so romantic and cute, loved by mostly everyone.

If you are looking to buy gift for your husband or wife, or if you are someone looking to buy the special gift for the couple celebrating their first wedding anniversary, the romantic figurines are perfectly suitable as sweet gift choices.

The figurines are made of porcelain and some of them come with sweet and lovely messages. They are wonderful keepsake gifts forever!

Above you can see two sweet and romantic figurines for those who celebrate their first wedding anniversary together. They both look so lovely and will make beautiful gifts for the loving couple, who are committed to spend all their lives together.

True love is rewarding and everlasting when both the persons involved are committed to the relationship and stay true to each other, during both beautiful and difficult times. These figurines really show the deep love between true lovers, and remind them of the vows they made during the marriage. They are precious and beautiful keepsakes for the committed couples, which they can keep at their home forever.

Here you can see one more beautiful and romantic figurine.

The figurines I have displayed here are just a few of the most beautiful ones, that I found suitable for the first wedding anniversary. There are many more romantic and cute figurines available in amazon, perfect for those who are in love. Enjoy exploring the beautiful gifts and choose the best ones you like!

Do you think the beautiful paper roses and romantic figurines make great gifts for the first wedding anniversary?

Updated: 08/18/2016, VioletteRose
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VioletteRose on 01/14/2015

Thank you so much for reading WriterArtist! I too love roses :)

WriterArtist on 01/12/2015

I love roses, they never fail to impress and are the most romantic gifts that I love.

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