Fitbit Personal Health Monitoring Devices

by blackspanielgallery

A Fitbit can monitor your exercise,and the quality of your sleep. This is done with a small, fashionable wristband. The device can interface with computers and many Smartphones.

I must confess I am not likely to be among the first to hear about new technology. Earlier today my wife mentioned she would like to purchase a Fitbit. The whole name for this device is Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity and Sleep Wristband. My son already has one, which was news to me. So, I asked what this small device might be used for. It was about the size of a wristwatch, and has a band that could pass for a watch band or bracelet. So, I was brought up to the rest of the world on this incredible product.

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A Fitbit Monitors You for Health Reasons

A Fitbit can monitor a number of significant aspects of your health and fitness.  It can function as a pedometer and measure your steps while keeping track of the distance you have traveled and the number of calories you have burned.  This is useful information indeed, and can be used to determine whether or not you will do additional exercise.  But, and possibly more important, it monitors sleep.  It can record how many times you awaken during the night, and the quality of your sleep.  Sleep apnea is serious, and one can be alerted to have testing performed if snoring is excessive.  But, if a person lives alone there might be no one to hear that snoring.  This device might be the only way a person would know that testing for sleep apnea is needed.


Some units function as a watch, provide heart rate continuously, elevation climbed, and even can become a GPS system.  The higher priced units have more features.  

A Nice Added Feature

A Fitbit can have a vibrating, silent alarm, so you can awaken without noise, allowing others to remain asleep.  This might not be as important as the other things a Fitbit can perform, but it is a nice plus for the unit.

Fitbits Are Wireless

Interface with Your Technology

The Fitbit is able to connect to a computer via a wireless connection, and download your data.  This allows record keeping and tracking of your exercise and sleep.  And, it can be connected wirelessly to many Smartphones.  It has been designed to integrate with your existing technology.

A Fitbit Can Be Fashionable

The device is small, the one I saw a small device that is practically unnoticeable on a fashionable band.  The band is what is can be seen.  Bands in different colors are available.  In fact, the bands are so inexpensive that an entire palate of colors can be bought in one purchase, with the bands averaging from just under one dollar to just over one dollar each.  This allows you to change the color of the band to match your wardrobe as often as you like.  Of course the bands must be compatible with the Fitbit you have chosen, so check the specifications.


Other Fitbits include, and look like, a wristwatch.  They can be difficult to distinguish from a digital display watch.  

The Recharging

The Fitbit can be recharged using a USB cable and connects through your computer.  It does not have to accommodate heavy batteries.  

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Updated: 06/10/2017, blackspanielgallery
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