FitFlops Toning Shoes

by Thamisgith

FitFlops toning shoes will help you to get a lower body workout without setting foot in the gym.

The FitFlop range of toning shoes includes sandals, slippers, sneakers, clogs and boots. They are bright, colorful and chic - and they will help you to get into shape with every step that you take.

What Are FitFlop Shoes?

FitFlop shoes are a range of toning shoes which include sandals, slippers, sneakers, clogs and boots. They are bright, colorful, funky and fashionable - and you'll be able to wear them with a wide variety of outfits.

FitFlops look so good that you would probably want to buy them even if they weren't toning shoes. If you don't know what toning shoes are, they are just shoes that have a special design of sole which helps to tone your legs and trim your bottom when you walk in them.

That's a pretty appealing prospect right there. Get into shape with every step that you take just by wearing a different pair of shoes as you go about your daily business.

However, as good as that is, it isn't the only great thing about FitFlops. Read on to find out more.

FitFlop Women's Frou Sandals

The Toning Benefits Of FitFlops

FitFlop Microwobbleboard soleFitFlops use something called a "microwobbleboard" sole to deliver their wonderful toning benefits. This was specially developed at the London South Bank University (LSBU) in the UK and is specially shaped and manufactured from three different densities of material.

As with other brands of toning shoes, the theory is that the injection of a small element of imbalance into the walking process stimulates the lower body muscles a little differently than would be the case if you were walking in normal comfort shoes.

The muscles in the legs and butt try to re-establish the body's natural equilibrium. The result of that is that they work a little more than normal - and the result of that is that you get a lower body workout just by walking around as you would be doing anyway.

Every step that you take when you're wearing your FitFlops will help to:

  • Trim your bottom.
  • Tone and trim your legs.
  • Enhance your muscle tone.
  • Increase muscle activity and improve your circulation.
  • Burn calories.

The Comfort Of FitFlops

The trimming and toning benefits of FitFlops' magic microwobbleboard sole are pretty impressive - but there even more benefits for FitFlop wearers to enjoy.

In addition to creating imbalance, the FitFlop sole is specially designed to provide additional support to the foot, especially in the area of the arch. It also helps to maximize the contact area between the sole of the wearer's foot and the footbed of the shoe.

FitFlop Pressure MapIncreased contact area means that the average pressure exerted by the weight of the body of the sole of the foot is reduced (see pressure map). That means that FitFlops are wonderfully comfortable to wear and to walk in.


The Security Of FitFlops

FitFlop APMA seal of acceptanceThere are plenty of different types of toning shoes available on the market for users to choose from these days. As with any product, some are better value than others, some are more effective than others and some are safer than others.

There are some cases of toning shoe wearers claiming that they have suffered injury as a result of wearing toning shoes - and some law suits have been raised. If you don't have any pre-existing problems, especially with balance, and you follow the manufacturer's instructions, you should be safe enough.

However, you can rest assured that FitFlops are "foot friendly" and safe to wear. They have been awarded a seal of acceptance by the American Podiatric Medical Association.

Note, that seal does not imply any endorsement of the claimed toning benefits - but it should certainly give you confidence that you can wear your FitFlops in good health. 

FitFlops Are Great Value For Money

FitFlop women's Fiorella sandals

One of the best things about FitFlops is the fact that they look so good. They come in a variety of styles and colors, for both men and women, and they look absolutely nothing like fitness footwear.

Apart from being fashionable and chic, that means that you will be able to wear you FitFlops with outfits, and in social settings, where sporty type shoes would look out of place.

You will get more wear out of them and better value for money into the bargain. You will also get more toning benefits from your FitFlops - just because you can wear them more often.

Updated: 05/26/2018, Thamisgith
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katiem2 on 07/19/2012

I got a pair and must say I like them other than the fact they could have a lower heel, being 5'10" I like a low heel, but they are comfortable and create a stretching effect which i heard on Doctor Oz helps make your arteries more flexible or pliable thus wards of heart attacks and block arteries. Good for many advantages. :)K

Tolovaj on 07/07/2012

What a clever idea! I've heard about gyms being handy, but these are one step further (pun intended). Gyms being footsy?

katiem2 on 06/06/2012

These toning sandals are much prettier than I expected. Sounds wonderful and looks even better. Thanks for the product review, I love a good shoe :) K

PeggyHazelwood on 04/09/2012

I should wear this all the time, it sounds like! I'd never heard of FitFlops. Hmmm. Very interesting.

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