The Ever Popular Floppy Straw Hat For Women

by dustytoes

With wide brims and light weight construction, the floppy straw hat is a staple in the summer wardrobe and the perfect accessory for the gardener.

We love the sun. Sunny days cheer us up and help our gardens to grow. But the sun is damaging to skin and eyes when it's overdone. For those of us who spend as much time outdoors as possible, a floppy straw hat is a necessary accessory to the wardrobe.

I've been shopping around for a great gardening hat and will share my finds on this page. These hats can be worn anywhere, such as the beach, on a walk, or in the backyard. Maybe you will also like the selections shown here. And if you've never considered buying a floppy straw hat, you may be convinced that you need one!

Hat Reviews Are Tough to Weed Through

I always read reviews of products at Amazon and take some with a grain of salt.  Hat reviews are difficult to discern, as our heads are all different sizes.  Women with thick hair will get a tighter fit than those with thin.  Not only that, but some people simply look cute in a hat, and others don't.  I am in the latter category, so I look for comfort over cuteness.  I will wear my hat in the yard and while gardening.  

What one hat reviewer may see as a problem, might not bother another.  These hats come in one-size-fits-all, or more likely "will fit some".  I am looking for quality and sun blocking abilities.  I would also like to buy hats made in the USA, but it doesn't always say on the Amazon site.

Many of these hats pictured offer other color options.  Personally I prefer a light color, or natural tan / brown instead of dark colors for summer.

Floppy Brim Straw Hat by Home Peter

Pick a color - and its foldable for packing.
Chic Ladies Womens Straw Sun Hat UPF50+ Wide Brim Floppy ...

Wide Brim Hat in Pretty Colors

A more dressy version of the straw hat.
Home Prefer Women's Wide Brim Floppy Straw Hats with Brai...

A Hat With Quality Construction

How much can we trust reviews?

I don't want to buy a hat that falls apart after a few months out in the sun.  Even though most of these hats are fairly inexpensive, I'd like a quality product.  Price helps when searching for quality.  We assume that the more we pay the better the hat will be.  Not always true, but usually. 

The trouble with reviews of the hats is that people buy them, put them on and go write a review.  Therefore, long term dependability goes by the wayside.  We never know if they lasted a long time or not.

I have not read every single review, but I've chosen hats with a high 5 star percentage at the time of this article.  I hope that means good things overall for those of us who purchase.

Crocheted Straw Hat With Beaded Band by Turtle Fur

This one comes in 5 colors, including purple, bright green and navy blue. It's open-weave construction will not block all the sun.
Vermont Collection - Women's Chara, Crocheted Straw Sun Hat with Be...
Turtle Fur

Wide Brim Hats With UPF

Some hats do a better job of shielding the suns harmful rays than others.

Many woven straw sun hats will not offer a UPF factor.  That is the Ultraviolet Protection Factor which is given as a number to tell us how well the bad rays are blocked while wearing the item.

The Coolibar company is well known for its summer sun wear and they offer wide-brim hats with a high UPF factor.

The hats below DO have sun protection built in, and they get good ratings from customers.

A Sun Hat With UPF, And it Folds For Travel

The Coolibar company makes this sun hat.
Coolibar UPF 50+ Women's Marina Sun Hat - Sun Protective
Only $39.0

Pretty Pink Hats - Affordable with fabric tie, and crushable Wallaroo For Smaller Heads

Women Straw Hats Anti-uvWallaroo Women's Petite Victoria Sun ...

Hats With Sun Protection

Any hat will be a help against the strong summer sun.  Many companies offer pretty straw hats with UV / UPF protection built in which is an added plus.

Most hats are made to be folded or flattened to pack for a trip or in a backpack for a hike.  With all the hats out there for sale be sure to buy from a name brand and not a knock-off, cheap company.  Read the description and the reviews to determine if the hat is right for you.

Updated: 06/22/2016, dustytoes
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candy47 on 06/23/2016

I've had the same straw hat for about 10 years. I change the ribbon now and then. Maybe it's time for a new hat!

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