Foam Dots Frog Pointillism Activity for Kids

by CherylsArt

Pointillism can be created with media other than paint. Come find out about a unique and fun way to create a pointillism frog using foam stickers.

Are you looking for an activity to do with kids, that is relatively clean and neat? Making a pointillism frog, or any other animal or thing, using foam stickers is pretty mess free. It is a colorful activity that develops hand and eye coordination, fine motor skills, and the finished product can also be suitable for framing.

The supplies that you'll need to have on hand to create the pointillism frog are

Colorful foam stickers, preferrably dots or else an assortment of shapes, and corkboard.

If you have found colorful dot shaped foam stickers, you may not need any other supplies.

However, if you need more dots in different colors than what was supplied, you may also need to have scissors on hand for cutting out additional dots.

If the little sticker papers have come off of the dots, you may also need to have some craft glue on hand as well.

When I searched for foam dots on Amazon, they only came in white. If you want to do an activity that goes quicker, you might use sponge paint markers on white paper instead.

The colors in this foam sticker assortment may not be the exact colors that I used. But it should work and also gives you an idea of what to get.

The corkboard should be small enough and large enough for your child to work on.
Color Splash! Foam Shapes W/ Adhesive, 1,100 Pcs.

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School Smart Washable Sponge Paint Markers - Set of 6 - Assorted Colors

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The first step is to have a general shape of a frog.

You can draw a frog free hand, or you can search online for an image.

For this project, I decided to search online. I used the terms, without quotes, "free coloring pages leaping frog." Quite an assortment came up.

Once I found a basic image that I wanted, I increased the size to better fit the cork board that I had purchased.The image I decided on came from frog life cycle.

Once you have a large enough image on the paper, you will need to cut the frog out, while still keeping the surrounding area in tact.

I positioned both papers on the cork board and taped down two diagonal corners of the outer piece of paper.  I placed the various dots on the frog portion to make sure I had enough for the project. I had to use some of the larger shapes to cut additional dots.

Frog foam stickers 1

Additional supplies that you might need are scissors and craft glue.

I found curved scissors easier to cut out dots.
Tweezerman Cuticle Scissors

These scissors have a sharp point and should be handled by the adult.

View on Amazon

Elmer's Craft Bond Tacky Glue, 4-Ounce, Clear

The glue is in case the paper backs came off of the stickers.

View on Amazon

I tried to moved the paper frog once I had the dots in place, without sticking them. Quite a few dots fell off. So you may want to place the dots on the frog, away from the corkboard area that you will be working on.

Leave the outer edge of the frog cutout taped to the board.

Your child can then start placing the dots in the cork area of the cutout. They can use the frog part that you cut out for reference.

They should only pull the sticker paper off once they're sure where they want to place the dot. I started with the feet and the legs. I then did the eyes and nose holes.

Frog foam stickers 2

This is an activity that can take awhile, especially if you need to cut out any additional dots.

I found it helpful to have music playing in the background. You might also want to plan a lunch break or a snack around half way through.

Once finished, you can tell your child that they created a frog in pointillism, meaning they used dots to create an image.

Frog foam stickers 3

For extra fun, you might want to add some flowers, etc. This part went much faster, as there weren't any designated lines to stay inside of.

The picture now became a mosaic. Do you know the difference between pointillism and a mosaic picture?
Combination Pointillism Mosaic Picture of a Frog by Cheryl Paton
Combination Pointillism Mosaic Pictur...

To learn more about Pointillism,

visit Pointillism Techniques.

Pointillism Techniques
It is a page that I made on Squidoo.

Updated: 06/05/2013, CherylsArt
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CherylsArt on 03/25/2013

Evelyn, making dots with a hole punch is such a convenient idea and offers an alternative. Using the foam also offers a raised texture for a different feel and look.

evelynsaenz on 03/25/2013

I would love to do this project with my kids. I think I would use construction paper scraps or possibly paintings that my children have made on paper. I would use a hole punch or possibly whole punches with two different sizes of holes. What a delightful project. I can hardly wait to make one.

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