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Can I get some feedback, please?

Bus Designs? Income Dead End?

on 09/21/2012

Please put your thinking cap on for me. At heart, I am a science and systems geek with a bit of a love for decor and beauty. None of it makes money.

I love buses. Can I make money out of writing about them? I can't see the way. Can you. Please take a look through and tell me if you can see something.


Thank you. :)

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on 09/21/2012

It's a nice page for sure, but definitely not easy to monetize in the traditional sense. A quick scan of your page with the Google Keyword Suggest Tool brings up terms like Greyhound and London Buses, mostly in connection with tickets and schedules.

To monetize this specific topic, I would first look at Amazon for 

  • Public Transport City Maps
  • Historic Photo Books for collectors 
  • "Travel by Bus/Rail" kind of travel guides
  • Children's Books on buses
  • Die cast bus models for collectors

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on 09/21/2012

Just a few ideas:  but do a search on for die-cast buses

eBay through VigLink (I know you don't like it but) should have collectibles for collectors - bus tickets, bus timetables etc

Use the search term: 'diecast buses affiliate'. I found:

BBC shop is covered by Viglink.

What about writing about great bus journeys and link to travel sites that offer the trip.

When you say buses do you also include coaches? Coach tours (again through Viglink affiliations) could be offered on your articles.

Basically anything can be monetized if you think laterally and hard enough (and use the monetizing options at Wizzley, or join the affiliate programs that offer products that relate to the subject you are interested in writing about in some way.

on 09/22/2012

Thanks, everybody. I'll take a look at that over the next few days. Today I'm busy as I'm interviewing someone for a magazine and have to do background research now so that I ask the right questions



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