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Can I get some feedback, please?

Feedback for travel related article please

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on 02/08/2012

Hi, can I have some feedback for this article please Prague Airport Transfer? I found it surprisingly difficult to write because I know the topic so well and had difficulties seeing it from a prospective readers perspective that arrives for the first time at Prague airport and needs to get into town. So my main question would be, if you never have been to Prague, does this article makes sense to you? And if not, what is missing or could be approved?

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on 02/08/2012

Hi Sam:

I just read your article. When I travel to a new place, I always check the web to see about how to get from the airport to where I am going. Therefore, I pretended I was going to Prague to see how it would be for me to land on your page.

The first thing I noticed is that some of the English didn't flow too well.

The second thing I noticed is that it was a bit hard to get through.  I like the beginning and the end - the table comparing the different ways of transport was very clear and easy to understand. The summary was also perfect. I would like to suggest (but maybe others feel differently) that you change the order of things in the middle and rearrange according to the person's destination. For example: To get from the airport to such and such train station; to get from the airport to such and such other train station; to get from the airport to . . . . etc. and give information for bus, taxi, etc.

Perhaps outline the bus route if it stops at particular tourist sites that might be good to know in advance.

I would have another module on: do you have a long stop-over in Prague? Then take this bus or taxi into town and then why not write another article on what to do during an 8-hour stop-over in Prague? (Having coffee with you might be a nice option and if you offer, I'll take you up on it!)

A few photos of Prague would be nice also.



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on 02/08/2012

Ah the map problem - if you can find an answer to that one let me know. 

I'd add in some photos - not of the sites but of important stuff - a photo of the bus stop at the station - a photo of the airport bus / trams etc. 

you' ve also not mentioned that all flights into Praha come to the same airport - that is unusual in Europe! 

I'd also add in rental cars ... 


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on 02/11/2012

Thanks Sheri and Lissie!

I tried your approach Sheri (how to get from airport to ... ) in my first draft and it all became very repetitive and confusing. I might write up a series of shorter articles that tie in with the main article, addressing that. As for my English not 'flowing', I think I blame my husband, lol. I used him as a proof reader, he is the native speaker of the two of us, and he insisted that it is 'more English' to use shorter sentences ;-)

The bus doesn't stop at any tourist sites btw. But I might add some articles about 'How to get to ...' for the main tourist sites later on. Thanks for the idea.

Same for the what to do when you have a stop over, that is a great idea for another article.And yes, you are always welcome to stay with us in Prague, ask Lissie, we are quite hospitable ;-)

As for photos, absolutely right, at the moment we are at -15C / 5F here, so no way I travel out to the airport to do a photo shoot, but it is on my list of things to do!

I will also add that Prague has only one airport, good point Lis!

Car rentals are actually not a big tourist thing here, funny enough, our 'average, English speaking, tourist stays between 1 and 5 days and doesn't venture away from Prague very often. And driving IN Prague (and finding a parking spot) is an absolute nightmare.

Again thanks for all your feedback, I will make some changes to the article now!


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