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Can I get some feedback, please?

First article after a long hiatus

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on 07/13/2017

I haven't published here in a long time, but I felt inspired today and published my first article in a while.  I'd be curious what others think.  It's titled:

The Shaming of Femininity and Elevation of Masculinity

These are all ideas I've heard expressed before, but I tried to collect them together in one place in a novel way.  It's loosely based on a YouTube video I recorded and published recently, which I embed towards the end of the page.

I'd be curious what others think!  Thank you!

Alex Zorach, editor of RateTea and co-founder of Why This Way
Posts: 144
on 08/12/2017

I found your article very interesting and thought provoking.

Posts: 79
on 08/19/2017

Submitted comment Aug 19, 2017.  They are pending.  Welcome back!  Smile

Treathyl FOX aka cmoneyspinner.  Medium Contributor.  Please visit!
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