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Can I get some feedback, please?

Looking for support for your wizzes?

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on 07/04/2012

I have noticed a lot of people came to Wizzley from HubPages. I believe most of them have already heard about Squidoo and I thought it could be helpful to present this site to people who don't know it.

When I have already written my wizz, I noticed there is one very good already published by AJ, with lots of references, but I think both can be of good use, because my is aimed more for beginners, who ask:

What is Squidoo? What can I do there?

My wizz is not too useful if you want to make money on Squidoo, the info I provide is more general and is a reflection of my journey on this platform so far. I don't think it is perfect (platform, not my wizz, of course), but it gave me more knowledge about the huge opportunities on the net than all forums, blogs and sites together I have visited so far.

So if you have any question, I'll answer that and if comments section shows a lot of interest for some specific knowledge I posses, I will write another wizz on that subject. After all we all crave for support on the web and I got my best support right here - on Squidoo.

I will be glad if you give me some useful critique and I know my English is still bad, so feel free to tell me your opinion.

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