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Can I get some feedback, please?

Number of days to create a Wizzley

on 09/07/2012

Hi everybody,

I've been away a while because I just couldn't think how I wanted to use Wizzley, but finally came to a point where I made a decision, so it's all systems go now! 

So here's my question. I take hours an hours to o these things because I o a lot of the artwork myself. I often fin I can't do it in one day an then publish early and come back and finish it later. I prefer not to do that.

There is no button for 'save' and in the past I've lost work when I've logged out. Can you please explain to me how I can work on something for two or three days without losing my work.


Thanks Tess. :)

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on 09/07/2012

Hi Tess, welcome back!

You don't need to publish an article in order to save it. As long as you save your individual modules after entering content, everything will be saved in "draft" mode. You can log out and come back later to continue working on your draft until you are ready to publish.

No need to save an entire draft article. It is done automatically.

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on 09/07/2012

Okay, thanks! :)

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on 09/07/2012

Just to add something that Ann might not be aware of - Wizzley is also great at saving your work when you haven't 'properly' saved a module.

I've got an old, over-worked and decidedly dodgy graphics card, which occasionally causes the BSOD.  I've had it happen mid-article before, then come back to find that my work had saved, despite the crashing PC.

It's not something to rely on, but it does happen.  Happy days for us all. <3

And welcome to Wizzley!

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on 09/07/2012

yep gone are the days where you had to think about saving your full article- they do a full page save every time you save a module, so unless it crashes mid module edit- your good.

on 09/07/2012

Good to know. It means I won't put my stuff up in a rush! :) 

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on 09/08/2012

Great to have you back Tess 

Katie McMurray
on 09/08/2012

Hi Katiem,

Yup, I was trying to figure out what I wanted to write about... :)

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on 03/22/2013

Great question and ALL excellent responses, based on your experiences.

My experience has been I can manage to save an Intro and one text module.   If I try to go further the system locks up on me and I can't save anything!

I've tried this twice!  In the end I give up and go publish my content at Squidoo.

Wizzley looks like a great publishing platform and I would really like to give it a go.

But if this keeps up, I'm just gonna go bye bye!

Maybe it's my computer.


Anyway i'm going to try again later.  Right now I'm frustrated

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on 03/22/2013

I'm not sure I understand your problem correctly, but here's how our system works:

1. After filling out the initial window with title, description, and intro, you write and save your first text module.

2. From the sidebar to the right, you then click on any kind of module you wish to add to your page - it will pop up at the bottom of your current article window. Open up to edit, fill in your text, then save that module.

3. After you save your module, the whole page is saved automatically. You may click away if you want, and access it later again from your author dashboard (under "My Pages").

4. You can view your page in "Page View" (button on top) before publishing it. Click on that button again to return to "Edit".

Our system works for everyone else, so it must be something on your end. Have you tried emptying your browser cache, restarting your computer, and then restarting your browser? This little trick often takes care of minor glitches.


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on 03/23/2013

Wizzley works fine in Chrome (my main browser) and Firefox (secondary browser on the same machine). However, if I try logging in at work using IE-whatever-version-it-is-they-have-us-use, forget it.

It's my pet niggle about the office system, that I do not have control over which browser I use.

I'm with the others who suggest to clear your cache, restart your machine and then I'd add load another browser to try and see if that works.

Hope you can get this fixed. I know how frustrating not having a site work properly can be, as I suffer with the IE at work when most sites are optimized for Firefox or Chrome.

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on 03/24/2013

Hey thanks for all those great responses.

I figured it was something screwy on my side of the fence.

I'm thinking there's no way everybody else can publish and I can't!

Like I said, I didn't give up on Wizzley.

I WILL publish an article.  Eventually.  :)

Treathyl FOX aka cmoneyspinner.  Medium Contributor.  Please visit!
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on 06/13/2015

Why does it have to take hours?  I write in Microsoft Word, and when I am finished I open Wizzley and Amazon and/or Zazzle.  I choose an image, and make it the right size.  Now, and only after I write and proof read my work, do I cut and paste text modules one at a time, adding my image, Youtubes, Amazon and Zazzle modules as I pass where I want them.  The process takes about a half hour if you look up Amazon and Zazzle items in advance and use product codes.  So, having an article open a long time adding it into the Wizzley form is not an issue here.

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