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Can I get some feedback, please?

Requesting feedback on my first article here :)

on 12/18/2011


I wrote my first article on and therefore request constructive criticism please :).

How to find the median

I dunno what to say about my writing style and if it is enjoyable to read :).



Christian the writer-apprentice :)

Posts: 10
on 12/18/2011

Even though the subject is WAY out of my brain capabilities, I loved your example of  woodland creatures pocketing hazelnuts :)

Posts: 175
on 12/18/2011

Nice to see some maths on Wizzley! You probably want to take a proof-reading pass through - your odd distribution example is labelled as even and you write quirrels at one point Smile

If you want to explain the median concept simply then an example showing the numbers of hazelnuts in ascending order with the midpoint marked would be very valuable. It's more important that people understand the concept than are able to plug numbers into the formula. (You could also mention why the formula works.) 

You use the terms binned data and classified data as if everyone knows them. I can see from the example what you mean but I'm not sure everyone would. 

I definitely enjoyed the squirrels. 

on 12/18/2011

Thanks a lot for the criticism so far. I'll explain the formula when I know how to put it in English words :). Sadly my English knowledge is very limited and it's very hard for me to express myself in English :(.




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