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AHHHHHH... I can't stop writing 12k word articles!

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on 03/30/2012

I know, some of you think, so what's the problem? Just cut them into 12 1k word articles!

(I'm just sharing my excitement with the community here)...

I've moved over 4 hubs so far from hubpages, The truth about Caffeine, Building Rapport With anyone, Cancer, How Modern Times May Be Killing You- What You May not Know...Why we say Bless you!...

These were basically long hubs in the first place (all but the bless you one), roughly 1-3k words each. I wanted to edit them and format them but as I edited I started to add to them only to find I spent 18 hours (on each one), and now have 12k word articles created. I even hit the module "Limit" of 76 modules in a single wizz! (I had to do some cleaver maneuvering to clear up one text capsule so I could add my conclusion paragraph!)...

I don't think spending 18 hours per article is going to be an effective way to move my hubs over... granted I think the 3 of 4 that were published were well done, look great, and are informative- I have reservations that people may not read all of it...(that's what the toc is for right? pick what you want to know and go right there, it's like a site inside a page)....

I'm just venting my personal frustration here- nothing bad, I'm just like OMG why can't I just write or edit an article quick and to the point? lol... I think the issue here (a non issue) is that this sites so dam fun to format (pages) and as I format I get inspired, as I get inspired more words flow out of me and well, I'm having a hard time getting off the ride haha.

I've come to realize something fascinating about Wizzley vs. Hubpages building (hubs vs wizzes). Hubpages doesn't really give you much leeway to get creative visually or with your capsules- there are limitations that frustrated me, but wizzley gives me practically free rein in how I make the page look, down to the background color and pattern!

With this much "creative control" my brain is overstimulated with excitement and power, empowerment really- the very way you let us do so much actually incubates creative flow, ambition to write and make it really cool, and it seems to stimulate parts of my brain that I thought were dormant. It seems platforms can be cumbersome and stifle creativity- but Wizzley- this platform is a writers wet dream- forgive my french :)

Just wanted to share my insight- I am writing up a wizzley community hub right now that goes into this further, but it may be years before I finish it- it's already going to be chopped into three different articles with similar but different explanations... Thanks Wizzley for being so awesometastic- I'm going to root down and make this my "home" writing site- even if HP lets me back in, which I'm confident they will, All new stuff will go here.


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on 03/30/2012

Interesting. I've found the opposite with Wizzley. I find that I write less and I'm more to the point with the tools here. 

When I first started writing online I felt the need to cover every corner of a subject in huge detail and fiddle with the tools a lot. 



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on 03/30/2012

Personally, I think you are better served with writing direct to the point articles that are very specific.  You can always break them down to part 1, part 2, and link them together.  Most people scan for what they are looking for online, don't really read in depth.

Paula Atwell (aka lakeerieartists) is the owner of an online art gallery, Lake Erie Artists Gallery and a freelance writer
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on 03/30/2012

It's a matter of personal branding, Jerrico.  Smile

Do you want to be known as...

1. That nice guy, who writes with lots of heart and passion. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to read a "book", when all I need is some quick information online.

2. That nice guy, who writes with lots of heart and passion. I love to read his articles because they tend to provide me with answers within the first 20 seconds of reading.

Now is the time to organize your ideas into easily-digestible chunks, streamline your content so readers won't shy away at first glance ("'s so long...I might have to come back to this later"), and thus set your reputation for the future

Achim "Chef Keem" Thiemermann is the co-founder of a pretty cool new platform, yeah -
on 03/30/2012

why aren't you making some of these into e-books?

Do what makes you happy- I write and create Hubpages
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on 03/30/2012

@ Lake I agree, I'm in long winded rehab I start tomorrow :)

@Chef Good point! I think I can easily turn these into series, so each peice is stand alone but also a continuation of the last- thus more smaller articles that can bring in more traffic and give them the opportunity to pick and choose their poison (potion?)

I tend to like to read longer articles if the topic is of high intrest to me but your right, most people want the quick answer... I used to write "hubs" that nailed the entire article in the first 400 words then I added a more "indepth" version to a new "hub" and linked the two (i.e. for a more indepth look into ___ click here). This, for me, resolved both problems and the longer one would itself not be more than 1k words, but would be cut into 1k word chunks with a link at the bottom that said the next chunks premise as if it were a totally different but related article.

Thanks for making me think about it, I think I know the solution just have to do it.

@bizilady, because eBooks sell for only so long before they're pirated, copied to the web (meaning I can't later decide to reuse the copy because of dupe issues and rewriting is tedious)... I know all about the eBook market I was in it for a minute and ducked out to write for sites instead, many of my "articles" written this long became entire sites of which I had 48 until recently- those became hubs (soon to be wizzies)...

Although I'm authoring 3 different books at the moment that consolidate some of my best psychology concepts like "The Luck Source" a book about how to stop whining about not being lucky and just activate your resources, networking, and creating your own luck- you can read the write up here (book is not yet completed): The Luck Source (source is a play on words as the "source of "real" luck and the "source code" of luck which is what the book is... I wrote one hell of an ebook on hubpages earning power (which included uniform rules for writing on any page i.e. LSI etc... which I may release on HP if I'm let back in as 20+ hubs... One day I'll write the wizzley version... I take notes, keep journals of posts and what not to refer back to later...

(since my book/site is currently in limbo this is not (hopefully) self promotion- just wanted to give examples). I've been asked many times from people reading some of those long psychology of this and that hubs (decoding____) why I don't just write books and make a living as an author- but the book publishing industry, at least right now doesn't seem to be a lucrative income, but who knows, I'll find out with the luck source when it comes out.


Thank you so much everybody for your input- this community rocks!

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